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Can you see me 25 March 2022: Suchi knocks door and pleads not to kill shopkeeper. Goons open door. Suchi walks in and warns goons not to harm shopkeeper, else she will file police complaint against them. They laugh and say they will give him poison and he will die slowly within 12 hours in his own house. Pihu thinks if shopkeeper dies, she will not get Pihu’s info. Drama continues..

Suchi pleads goons to spare shoe shopkeeper. They ask her to consume poison herself then. She picks glass and gulps poison. Goons laugh and leave. Suchi asks shopkeeper to tell where her Pihu is. He says he does not know anything. She says she drank poison when he promised he will give clue. Shopkeeper says he said that to save himself. She cries and prays Gopal to help her. Gopal’s calendar flies and fall on her. She holds it.

Shoes and Pihu’s doll fall from cupboard. She realized Pihu is in the doll an d runs towards home holding doll and shoes. Gopal says Suchi risked her life for Pihu and passed every test of motherhood.

Suchi reaches home. Aarav worriedly asks where was she, he was worried. She says she went to meet a friend. He asks which friend and sees her having high fever, he gets more worried. Gulgule says Aarav bhaiya did not have food since morning, worried for her. Aarav says let it be Gulgule, she will not understand, he is just a house owner for her. Pihu walks to her room holding doll.Suchi cries holding doll and thinks how to get Pihu out of it. She falls asleep due to poison and then hurriedly wakes up worried. Gopal does leela/magic and gets antidote on table. Suchi drinks it and gets well. She thinks only Krish can solve her problem, but don’t know where he stays. She walks out of room.

Aarav asks her to tell where his car is as it is gifted by his sister. Suchi says a thief stole it and sold it into pieces. Aarav angrily asks to tell truth and throws her doll. She picks doll back and angrily tries to slap him, but stop. She leaves home. Aarav thinks why she is so worried about this doll, he needs to find out.Suchi walks on road searching Krish and asks people. Krish comes holding fidget.

Suchi reaches hut and knocks door as per Krish’s instructions. An old man opens door. She converses with him and he says he works as a watchman. Suchi thinks she can get Pihu’s clue at the place this man works and requests man to let her work in his place for a day. Man says it is a very dangerous place with moquitoes, goons, dogs around and he was bitten by dogs many times. Suchi insists she will not take his salary and pays him 1000 rs instead. Man accepts and thinks don’t know what problem she is in. Suchi asks his watchman uniform and thinks when she can consume poison for Pihu, she can go to any extent for her.

Suchi returns home and holding Pihu’s doll asks why did Pihu go into Mishti doll. She wears watchmans dress and thinks she has to go and find clue.Aarav speaks to his mother and tells he has to get back that car as it is gifted by his sister. He sees shawl wearing Suchi and thinks her as thief. He shouts thief. Suman and Gulgule join him. Suman asks Gulgule to call Suchi. Aarav catches Suchi. She hits leg with shoes and he leaves her writhing in pain. She picks stick and warns Aarav to move away and hits him. Surprisingly, he does not dare to catch tiny thief and bears trashes. Suchi runs away.

Suman checks Suchi’s room and does not find her, asks Aarav if he did any prank that Suchi is not at home at midnight.Suchi works as watchman in chilling cold and thinks Lucknow winter is very cold. She coughs up blood and thinks she has to find out clue before poison affects her. Inebriated goons walk in laughing and thinking her as watchman chacha ask match box to light cig. She does not reply. They realize she is a female and laugh. They pull her shawl and misbehave with her. She pleads them to let her go.

Goons surround Suchi. Suchi pleads to leave her alone. Gopal helps her and she beats goons and runs behind them. They run away. She then walks towards home and sees an old lady calling her cat hidden in a pipe. She asks what is she doing. Lady says her cat hid in pipe, so she is tempting cat with her favorite food like meat, cheese, rat tail, etc. Suchi asks if cat will come out. Lady says yes. Suchi gets happy that she can use same trick to get Pihu out of Mishsti doll. Lady gives her shawl saying it is very cold. Pihu thanks her and leaves. Lady turns into Gopal who says Suchi is passing every test of motherhood and she has to realize t hat Pihu went herself into doll and is finding difficult to come out.

Suchi reaches home. Suman asks where was she whole nigt. Suchi says a friend’s house. Aarav says her theft is caught. Suchi gets tensed. Suman says a thief had come last night and injured Aarav’s leg. Suchi sees bandage on Aarav’s leg. Babli comes and scolds Suchi why don’t she spare her chidren, since she came into their lives, both Aarav and Mansi are suffering each day. She scolds Aarav why is he staying in this house.Suchi goes to her room and thinks how to get Pihu out of this doll. She reminisces Pihu’s fondness for her mother, Suchi and Pihu’s nok jhok at the beginning of their meeting, etc.

Gulgule comes. Suchi asks him to give watchman uniform to watchman with a thank and tells him address. He cries that Babli aunty scolded him for having laddoo as she told she had kept it for prasad and he spoilt it. Suchi reminisces Pihu’s fondness for her mother’s prepared laddoo. Gulgule says she does not care about him at all, everyone beat him in this house. Suchi pampers him and promises to get chocolate at night. Gulgule leave smiling.

Suchi goes to hospital to meet Anandita. Anandita walking in garden holding support asks where was she all these days, why did not she come to meet her. Suchi says she was a bit busy and says she is having pooja home for Anandita’s good health and wants desi ghee laddoo. Subodh enters and says he will order laddoo for her. Suchi says she wants Anandita’s prepared laddoos. Subodh asks if she is out of her mind, if she wants Anandita to go home and prepare laddoo in this condition. Suchi says she has made arrangements here and asks ward boys to keep ingredients and table. Subodh continues scolding. Anandita says he does not care about her at all. Suchi continues pleads, coughs and collapses. Subodh and wardboys hold her.

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