Dream girl update Friday 29 April 2022

Dream girl 29 April 2022: The Episode starts with Ayesha talking to Manav’s pic and crying. She misses him and says she does not have him with her now. She says she took Navrang’s responsibility, maybe Lord wanted her to take care of it. She asks him not to worry, she will tell family on right time, else they will think she is happy with his death. She keeps his photo upside down. Karan talks on phone and delays the movie release. He tells Prem that we will make Manav’s dream true. Their legal advisor Gupta comes and says he was shocked seeing the news, sorry for their loss. I heard the person who is going to die knows about it, so Manav realized it and gave Navrang’s responsibility to Ayesha. They get shocked.

Karan asks what is he saying. Gupta says yes, Ayesha came and transferred Navrang’s 54 % shares, she had Manav and all director’s digital signatures. Aarti looks on shocked. Gupta says I transferred as everyone gave their permission. He leaves. Prem shouts and says Ayesha was doing this, she cheated us and has stolen our signatures, she wants to become owner of Navrang, greedy and selfish woman. Prem says I m Manav’s father but I have to say, its good Manav died before seeing all this. Sona cries. Karan gets a call and is shocked. Aarti looks on.

Its morning, Ayesha sees the news of new movie release, which is last one from Manav. The public response is not good, and media regards it a big flop. Ayesha gets shocked seeing the small opening, it will ruin Navrang, and have a loss of 100-200 crores, if Manav is not alive, how will Navrang pay for the loss, Navrang studio is over after Manav’s death.Ayesha gets investors’ calls. She gets worried. She assures that movie will do good, its Navrang’s movie. She gets angry and ends calls. She says how can she give money, is it her mistake, she did not promise them, Manav was going to give them money, go and take money from Manav, annoying people.

She says Sareen family will handle this for making a nonsense movie. She sees news about Karan giving an official statement in the press conference at Navrang.Karan addresses the media. He says you will get answers, but not this way, I called this press conference to assure investors that they will not bear the loss, Ayesha Sareen will answer for this, as she has the major stake on Navrang after Manav died. Aarti walks in Navrang as Ayesha. Ayesha gets shocked seeing her.Karan asks Aarti to do this for Manav’s sake. Aarti tries to smile, and walks confidently like Ayesha.

Ayesha looks shocked seeing her on tv. The reporter asks Aarti, asking Ayesha will sell all her property to pay for the loss.Aarti addressing the media as Ayesha Sareen. Aarti promises as Ayesha, that she will pay all the loss to the investors. Ayesha gets shocked. She goes to Manav’s pic and asks why did he invest money in flop film. Aarti comes and says you are paying for your bad intentions. Ayesha says how dare you do this and raises hand to slap her. Aarti holds her hand. Karan comes and says Ayesha cheated everyone and this is what she is bearing for her deeds. Ayesha says Aarti will be always same. Aarti says I m just Aarti and will control my life.

Ayesha asks her to shut up and go to her room to play with toys. Sona looks on. Ayesha shouts on Aarti and says if you don’t go, else. Aarti says you cheat yourself, you hate yourself, when you see me and realize to lose your existence, you get mad by anger and punish me. Actually you punish yourself. She asks whom will you control now, its all over. Ayesha asks how dare she argue, and scolds Aarti. Aarti asks her to see herself in mirror. Aarti says I m your elder sister, remember this, I m not the Aarti whom you scared, I m Aarti whom Manav made by his ethics and values, I m in his place now. Ayesha gets shocked and leaves.

Aarti gets shaken up. Karan asks Sona to get water. He asks Aarti is she fine. Sona gives her water. Aarti holds Sona’s hand and cries seeing Manav’s pic. She says Manav made me capable to manage myself and this family. I m strong Aarti now.Ayesha is on the way and drives really fast, being angry on Aarti. She says Aarti can’t take my place. The girl gets tensed and says I have done all investigations, if you return all money to investors, your account will have nothing. Ayesha asks her to say how to come out of this situation. A lady crosses road with her baby.

The girl asks Ayesha to see. Ayesha screams. She applies the break in nick of the time. The lady gets terrified and goes. Ayesha thinks she wasted her life because of Manav, there is be someone who will value me and respect Ayesha Sareen, someone with whom my life will get fine.Karan tells Sona that investors called, Prem is not here. Laxmi’s dad and Bua come there. Karan asks about Laxmi. Prem says she is not having food. Sona says her life got ruined. Laxmi’s dad says you have more right on Laxmi, but I was thinking to take her home for few days. Sona sees Laxmi and asks her to go. She apologizes as they could not give her happiness. Laxmi says don’t say this and hugs her.

Laxmi cries seeing Samat’s pic and packs her bag. She recalls Samar and their marriage. Aarti comes to her and asks are you going. She hugs Laxmi and asks her to be strong. Laxmi says take care of everyone. Laxmi hugs Karan and cries. She leaves with her dad and Bua.

Aarti looks at the sky and talks to Karan. She says she heard when people die, they become a star, did Manav also become a star. He says yes, he is watching us, he is proud of you, like I m proud. Aarti says she can’t act like Ayesha always, she was scared. Karan says you won’t do wrong, you are not selfish like Ayesha.

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