Dream girl update Monday 28 February 2022

Dream girl 28 February 2022: The Episode starts with Karan stopping Laxmi. She says I can’t wait. Manav says good job. She says I have to go to my dad, dad is in ICU. He says I made Karan say this, your dad is fine. She is shocked. He says you did not read the second round tagline the show must go on. He asks her to come for the results. Laxmi tells Karan that she is relieved now. She feels dizzy and he holds her. She says she forgot to have breakfast today. He asks her to have food. She gets Bua ji’s call. Bua ji says it was fake news, don’t know how did this happen, I spoke to your dad. Laxmi says it was part of the round, results are going to be announced now, be on phone.

Laxmi goes on the stage and everyone clap for the top 5. Manav says he wants to say something before the winner is announced, and says the round name is show must go on, actor has many such things, when he has problems and it must not come in between his commitment, so we gave them such situation which is related to their real life. He says we told her that her dad is not well. Samar and Bua ji smile. Manav says we wanted to see will Laxmi go or will she perform well or not, she did it very well. Laxmi smiles.

He says this happened with Ayesha Sareen, her father died while she was shooting, she did not leave the shoot, she completed the shoot and then went for her dad’s last rites, so she is Dream Girl today, hats off, I have seen such commitment in Laxmi, she proved that she is like Ayesha, I m sorry to hurt you by this lie. Prem says I want to say that she has tears in her eyes and everyone laughed on her words, she is a good actor. Manav says she has shown her talent in tough time.

Anu is the second runner up and Sania becomes first runner up. Laxmi Mathur is declared the winner of the second round. Everyone get happy for Laxmi. Ayesha sits in shock. Everyone say congrats to her. Sania says she will just come. Bua ji asks pizza man to put pickles in pizza. Laxmi calls Samar. Samar says I m coming to pick up. She says I will come home with Sania. He says he ordered the pizza. She says they will have it together after she comes. Karan asks BF? She says I don’t have any BF. He says good. She asks did anything happen with him, where was he.

He says nothing. She asks him to say. He says nothing happened, I m fine. She holds his hand and says you can get restless if you hide anything in heart, you can regard me your friend. He says whatever happened… She says its not your mistake. Sania interrupts them and says Manav is calling them. Manav asks Laxmi whats the problem, why did she come late, is anyone troubling her or stopping her from take part in this contest, I promise I will take strict action, who is it.He asks Ayesha…. Ayesha is stunned. He asks her to say, if she knows. Ayesha asks Laxmi to say, who wants her not to take part in this competition.

Laxmi says fine, I will say. She says I went to temple to pray for today’s round, and did food arrangements for poor kids, I went in storeroom and the door got locked, I think someone did not do this intentionally. Manav smiles. Ayesha gets relieved. Manav asks did she not open it. Laxmi says I tried to call Karan, it was smoke inside, so I got late.Manav says its good to be good, but hiding anyone’s evil is not good. He says navrang’s car will pick and drop you. She says no need, I have someone who will pick and drop me, there is no tension. He says fine, Ayesha and I are always there to help. She thanks them and leaves. Manav says I feel there is someone stopping her from coming in contest. Ayesha worries.

Karan asks Laxmi why did she not name Ayesha. Laxmi says I wish Ayesha realizes her mistake, I don’t want to break their relation. Karan says but Ayesha tried to make her leave this contest. Laxmi says yes, but my dad used to say a sage and crab’s story, and she will keep her goodness and Ayesha can do her evil, I promised my dad that I will not compromise on my goodness to succeed. Sania calls her. Karan asks shall I drop you. She says no, we will go. She leaves. Karan thinks Laxmi has much love in her heart.Ayesha performs alone on the stage and dances. Karan comes and taunts her.

She says she does not need support from anyone. He says I m regretting that you don’t value people. She says like you value Laxmi. He says like Laxmi values everyone and praises her. He says Laxmi thinks even for you. He says if she told everything to Manav then…. Ayesha says she can’t dare. Karan says would you be able to face Manav. He asks her to change, its still time. He asks her to think, else she will need the support which she don’t feel right now, time is not same always. She smiles and stops him. He leaves. She says nothing will change, Dream Girl is me, as I m the best.

Ayesha trying to imitate Laxmi. She fails to do so and counters her inner voice, who tells her that she is unable to act like Laxmi, she was innocent and people gave them place in their hearts and now she has changed, she got clever, sharp and evil, she is not the same Ayesha, she is failure, shameless, incapable and bad woman, she can’t tie time, Laxmi will get in her place, time changes always, she is doing wrong, she can take respect and leave her place. Ayesa says go from here, get lost and calls security. She says she can never happen and throws the things.She says everyone loves me, Laxmi can’t take my place, she can make Karan on her side, all this will change with time, I will create such situation that Laxmi’s drama of generous side falls down, and her true side will come out, then you will see Laxmi.

She drinks and sits there worried. Bua ji pays Raj for pizza. Samar says no, its from my side. Laxmi and Sania come home. Bua ji hugs Laxmi and says she made their name shine. Laxmi does her act and says everyone was laughing. She asks where did Raj go. Samar comes and says I got something for you. He says this is from my side, I know you respect my feelings, please accept.Laxmi says tablet. He ask did she think just she can act, and you will b fine having this. They laugh. Bua ji says Raj told you were stuck in room and fainted. Laxmi says Raj is the man of the match, he saved me, else I would have not reached there on time. She thanks Raj. Bau ji also thanks him for this. Samar says he is crying seeing them. He says lets have pizza now, I m hungry.

Karan comes to makeup room and smiles seeing the bag and bottle. He recalls Laxmi and calls her. The number is switched off. He thinks her phone got bad, he has to tell his feelings to her. Samar asks Laxmi to have the crispy cores of the pizza. They eat together. Bua ji says I feel you both are made for each other, seeing you both. Samar says I also feel the same. Laxmi asks for her phone. Samar says it was broken, he repaired it and asks her to on it. She goes and switches it on. She sees 40 missed calls and sees Karan’s missed call at night.

She calls Karan. She asks did he call. He says no. She says I got message alert of your missed call. He says yes, I called. She asks why. He says there is nothing. She asks him to say. He says I remember, I called to ask did she reach safe. She says yes, I m lucky to work under you and Manav, who take care of employees. He says good, message me when you reach home, you are not just employee for me. She asks what. He says I mean you will be becoming dream girl, so its our duty to take care of you, good night, sweet dreams. She gets puzzled. He says I could not tell her my feelings.

Laxmi gives her thank you speech in her sleep. She thanks her family and her best friend Raj. She wakes up and says he is not leaving me even in dreams and does not see Sania. She goes and see Sania and Raj. Samar sees Laxmi looking at them and hiding. He makes Laxmi jealous and gives a massage to Sania. Sania says she is feeling better. Laxmi gets angry. Sania says I slept. He flirts with her and acts to show Laxmi. He shows her the mirror and asks her to see her face, anyone can get peace seeing her. She asks really. He says yes. Laxmi asks whats happening.

Sania says she is fine and goes. Laxmi says you proposed me and flirting with her, why did you gift her the mirror you gifted me. Samar says she is not agreeing, he would have proposed Sania and married her. Sania hears this and gets tensed. Samar says she is perfect for me. Laxmi looks on stunned.

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