Dream girl update Sunday 27 February 2022


Dream girl 27 February 2022: The Episode starts with Manav telling Karan that he will fire him if Laxmi does not come today. Manav scolds her as Karan is responsible for the contest and contestants. Manav says how Laxmi supported him by meeting him at his home after her lip enhancement going wrong. Karan gets puzzled and asks him did she not put the blame on him. Nidhi says she informed Laxmi’s Bua ji too. Manav says just find her, I want her right now, she took the blame on her and cleared your name, and the good part is she did not tell you. Karan is shocked and thinks how Ayesha lied to him and what he did with Laxmi.

Samar keeps the samosas in the temple and says he will just go and pray for a friend. He prays that Laxmi wins. Bua ji calls Samar and tells him that Laxmi is not at office, and asks him to see. He says he is at same temple and he will find her. He calls Sania.Sania says she did not come, even Karan is not here, contest will start now, if she does not come, she will be disqualified. He says fine, I will find her and calls out Laxmi and Karan. Laxmi coughs by the smoke. She comes near the window and throws the lucky charm outside. Samar asks people about Laxmi. She bangs the door and faints.

Samar says did anything go wrong, they did not reach office. The competition starts. Manav tells Ayesha that Laxmi did not come, she is the most deserving candidate, she should win this contest, this contest does not mean anything about it. If this contest has any problem, we will lose our name, people will say we could not do a small event.Manav says Laxmi is after three contestants, if she does not come in 15mins, we have to disqualify her. Ayesha thinks where did Karan go. Karan is on his way back to the temple. He calls Laxmi and says there is no signals there.

Samar hears the lucky charm pendant music and thinks he has gifted this to her. The kids say they got it near the room there. Samar goes there and looks for her. Laxmi says someone save me and falls down. Samar shouts Laxmi. She hears him and says Raj….. She comes to the door and says Raj. He finds the door locked and sees her phone there. He sees the smoke coming and hits the door. Samar tries to see Laxmi and breaks the lock and the door. He is stunned seeing Laxmi and asks her to open her eyes.He gets worried. Karan gets stuck in traffic and rushes. Samar lifts Laxmi and calls for help. He brings her out and says everything will be fine. The contest goes on. Ayesha smiles.

Sania is called next. Manav says there is 5mins break and then Laxmi’s turn, where is she. Ayesha says you have done a lot for her, what can we do if she does not care for her career. Sania does a maid act. Ayesha says she is doing right, she is careless. Samar says we will go to hospital and takes her in auto. He asks the driver to come fast. Samar asks Laxmi to open eyes and get up. He puts water on her. She gets conscious.He says thank Lord you are safe, why did you go in temple’s storeroom, someone locked you. She says don’t know, it was smoke there, Karan would be finding me. Samar says office people are finding her.

She says someone did this so that Karan and I do not reach there, take me to navrang. He says we have to go hospital. She says you know dream girl contest is my life. He says you are having breathing problem, we will get checkup done and go navrang. She says no, please Manav will be waiting. He says fine and asks auto driver to take left.Karan comes to temple and sees the room empty. He says what did I do, Laxmi did not reach navrang, she had dreams and I snatched it, she would be not fine now by this smoke, how could I do this, and gets angry on himself. He cries and falls there. Manav looks for Laxmi.

Sania says she will come. Ayesha says those who have talent, does not have passion, Laxmi does not have sense to come here, she can get disqualified. Sania says she will come. Ayesha says these rules are of navrang, I also want Laxmi to come within 15mins. Laxmi says what you wish and that to not happen…. How can this happen? Manav and Ayesha see Laxmi. Ayesha is shocked seeing her.Laxmi taunting Ayesha and going to get ready. Ayesha calls Karan and asks how did Laxmi come here, she is getting ready for the round. Samar calls Laxmi and asks did she reach on time. Laxmi says yes, thanks. Samar flirts with her and she asks what is he saying.

He says I said I will drop you, but you wanted to go with Karan. Laxmi asks about Karan. Sania says she did not see him. Laxmi ends the call and says where did Karan go. Karan comes to office and asks Ayesha did she see Laxmi, is she fine, he is worried for her. Ayesha takes him to her cabin and pushes him.She asks are you alright, you are worried for her, is he playing game with her again, and reminds him that she is the one who tried to ruin his career, and she saved him. He says enough, I understood why I m unsuccessful, successful people just cheat, we are same blood and you cheated to become successful, you act always.

She asks what nonsense. He says enough, and argues with her, by defending Laxmi. He scolds Ayesha.He says now Laxmi will win. Ayesha pushes him in anger and scolds him. She says she can ruin his career. He asks who is she, does she think she is Lord, she is so insecure, she is dependent on Manav, he is challenging her that he will make Laxmi the Dream girl. She asks does he love her, what does he see in her, he worries for her and did not think of his career, he is in love with her, Karan stops and looks at her. He leaves. He goes to meet Laxmi. Laxmi asks where was he, someone locked her in temple and she came here by any way, did anyone harm him too.

He is stunned seeing her concerned for him. She says she will go for her performance and asks did Ayesha do this. She says she had mannat that she will give 101 prasad, its good he has come back. She says today’s performance should go well. He thinks after all this, she worries for me, which his family also did not do till now. She asks am I looking good. Karan says very pretty, all the best.Karan comes to know that her dad is in ICU. Karan says fine, don’t share this with anyone. Laxmi hears this and asks what happened to dad. Karan says nothing. She says tell me. He says I came to know now, go for your performance, she has to focus.

She says I can’t, I have to go to my dad. Sania asks her to come. Laxmi calls Raj and cries, telling about her dad. Bua ji gets worried and asks what happened. Laxmi says I want to go to dad, he is in ICU. Bua ji gets shocked and talks to Laxmi. Samar asks Laxmi to focus on performance. Laxmi says I can’t, I want to go home.Samar says I will arrange tickets, it will take time, perform and come. Laxmi says I can’t perform like this. He says your dad has kept his dreams and ethics at stake, how will he feel if he knows she left everything, he can’t see you lost, your success can give him peace, its actor’s big test to hide their real tears and smile, she can do this, think you are saying this to your dad, tell me you can do it.

He says he will be proud of you, he wants to hear you, put phone on loud speaker and go to perform. Karan sees Laxmi going to perform. He goes after her and sees her performing. Ayesha gets tensed seeing Laxmi.Samar says he spoke to his friend and arranged the tickets, they can go after the performance. Laxmi acts like a little child and makes everyone laugh. Bua ji and Samar smile hearing her on phone. Manav laughs along with the crowd. She tells about her dad, and she does not have any mum. Bua ji gets emotional and cries. Karan is amazed seeing her. Laxmi describes her dad and how much he loves her.

She says I should be with him, but I m here. She gets sad. Samar and Bua ji ask her to make them smile, this is her test. Laxmi sits crying and starts laughing.She entertains them and Manav and Prem smile. Everyone clap for her, while she cries. Manav claps for her. Bua ji hugs Samar. Karan, Prem also clap. Ayesha holds her anger and claps, thinking this will bring her bad times Laxmi.

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