Guddan update Sunday 27 February 2022

Guddan 7 February 2022:Guddan knocks in AJ’s room. He is in a bathrobe. Meher slips. AJ holds her. AJ says you don’t love me, but you came in my restroom? Guddan says I knocked you didn’t listen. I didn’t come fr this view.

He says what’s wrong with this view? She says why was the door open? He says my room, my wife, why would I shut the door. You slip in my arms all the time. Guddan says go do this flirt with Antra, not me. She saw your shoes. I asked you to be careful. Guddan says go fix it now. AJ slips.. Guddan holds him. Guddan says can’t even walk properly? He says thank you. Guddan says I would save anyone. He says liar.

Antra comes to Honda’s hotel. Saru says he isn’t in the room. Antra says something is wrong. Honda comes out of the restroom and says I was doing online shopping. She says you forgot your shoes home. He says you keep an eye on me. These shoes aren’t mine, they are AJ’s. I know you must be thinking.. I gifted these to him and made him wear them. I got him the same shoes as mine. See these same shirts, same jackets. I got everything two. So you doubt your husband or flirting with me? Antra says no nothing. He says lets get tea in suite. ANtra says we have to go. He says I want to give you a gift. He gives her a car key. He says this Ferrari is yours now. Antra says what.. I can’t accept it. He says giving from all my heart. Antra takes it.

Guddan is waiting for AJ in lobby. aJ says I handled everything perfectly. Guddan says you created all this problem in first place. Antra and saru come there. AJ and Guddan hide behind the curtain. Saru looks in their direction.. AJ kisses her so their faces are hidden. Guddan says you could think of another way. AJ says your taunts are like an appreciation to me. Guddan leaves.
Saru says please give this car to me. Laxmi is there. Antra says that Ferarri is yours now. Antra says Laxmi see how generous she is. All you get from Guddan are lectures. Laxmi leaves.

Saru says I think Honda likes you. Antra says he likes me and I live him too. But I will marry AJ only. My mission is to destroy Guddan’s life. Saru says I wish we could use him more, I mean not close his chapter. Laxmi hears everything. Antra says I will take mroe from Honda but marry aJ only.

Laxmi tells everyone Antra’s plan. She says Antra is only marrying you because she wants to hurt you. Guddan says people who were close to me are enough for that. Guddan says she has all the property. AJ says I know what to do. I have a plan. Guddan says this plan wont’ work. Laxmi
says this plan will work. Guddan says okay if majority agrees. Dadi says hope tomorrow morning brings a good day for my kids.

Guddan welcomes AJ with band baja. He says you arranged all this Antra? Guddan says no I arranged all this. we weren’t introduced well. I am AJ’s ex wife. She makes him wear garland and says welcome to this house Honda. AJ whispers it feels so good to hug you. He says Guddan thank you for welcoming me with this hug.

You have welcomed me so well.He says this chain is yours now. Guddan says thank you. He says it feels so good. Guddan says then keep brining me gifts? He says I would. Honda gives Guddan a phone. Saru and Antra are jealous. SAru says we he is getting close to her. antra says she is AJ’s ex wife. Honda says she got my heart at least. Guddan says come spend time with us. I have made our favor dessert. Hsi servant brings gifts and says these are for you.

Guddan holds his hand, he says let’s have a good time at tea. Dadi says isn’t she being too close to him..

Guddan cooks dessert. Laxmi says sasu ma this isn’t right. You are trying to come close to him. This isn’t good. You are wrong here. Guddan says you can’t give me lectures like this. Saru is hearing. Gudan says I will do what I want. Honda is young and rich. Laxmi says I feel sorry for you. Guddan says I will now do what I want. Please go from here, I have to make this halwa for Honda. SAru leaves. Guddan says in heart, I fooled you saru.

Guddan comes to Saru. He says it smells so good Have you mixee your love in it? Guddan says this is your favorite halwa. He says you are my fav. It is so good. Now I know why aJ married you.
Guddan says I hope you wuold love this suji halwa. AJ whispers you know i hate it. She says try it. AJ says you sit with me and make me eat. Guddan says honda, I want to fly with you in your private jet. Honda says I can take you anywhere I want. Guddan makes him wear the halwa. He says this is so good. DAdi says this Guddan is so shameless. He says shahjahan cut his labor’s hands after they made taj mehal. I want to kiss your hands. Gudddan says really? He says give me your hand. AJ kisses her hand.


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