My heart knows update Tuesday 1 March 2022

My heart knows 1 March 2022:  The Episode starts with Ketki coming to Kalyani’s room and says I heard that you fought with Shark alone. She stops her glucose drip and says you are a superwoman. She asks her to tell all story else you know what I will do. She takes out her oxygen mask and asks her to tell the story. She then makes her wear it again and says I need you very much. She says if you lie down here then who will make arrangements of Sarthak and my wedding. Kalyani feels suffocated and takes heavy breaths when she takes out oxygen mask again. Ketki makes her wear oxygen mask again. She gets a call and tells someone that she can’t go from here, until she gets that thing and says then only she will go out of this house.

Malhar comes there. Ketki hears him coming and goes from the other door. Malhar asks Anupriya to see her and says I can’t see her like this. He says my ears are yearning to see Malhar ji from her mouth. Anupriya says I will pull her ears after she wakes up, I can’t see her condition. Malhar asks Kalyani why she is troubling her mother and asks her to see what he brought for her. He says bollywood news. He starts reading newspaper about Kareena Kapoor and then says you don’t need to lose weight. He then reads about Sara Khan and Karthik. He cries and asks her to get up. He recalls Kalyani telling about Hritik Roshan and Tiger Shroff doing a movie. Fb is shown, Malhar asks her to read about supreme court case. Kalyani says you also don’t know many things.

She asks him to give paper and says John Abraham is doing a movie. He asks who is he? Fb ends. Malhar asks her to get up and promises to read news with her. He asks why you are not listening to me and cries. He gets Pawar’s call and goes. He comes out and asks Pawar if Vaman told something. Pawar says no. It shows that the man is hearing them. Something drops down from Malhar’s pocket. The man comes to him and gives the thing saying it fell from your pocket. Malhar says I didn’t see you before. The man says I came to cut the grass. Malhar says ok and asks Pawar to come.Pallavi taunts Aparna for marrying Vaman again and says we got saved from your husband.

The man says I will cut the grass and asks for the money. Pallavi says we don’t need anyone. The man keeps his grass cutting knife and takes out his fake beard and moustache. He looks at Aao Saheb’s house.Sampada takes Moksh to the backyard of the house and says Kalyani Aai is unwell, so you will be with me. Ketki comes there and snatches Moksh from her, pushes Sampada. Sampada asks her to return her son. Ketki says you can get your son back for life and says if Kalyani don’t get up and sleep for forever. She says you have to help you a bit and then your Moksh will be yours. Sampada asks what you want me to do. Ketki says Maai has hearing aid and asks her to give it to her.

She says once I get it, then I will send Kalyani to her mother, then Moksh is yours. Someone peeps inside Kalyani’s room and goes. Anupriya cries sitting at Kalyani’s bedside. Kalyani wipes her tears and opens her eyes. Anupriya is shocked.Anupriya says you gained consciousness. Kalyani says I am fine and is acting to be unconscious. Anupriya asks why did you act and says we were so worried. Kalyani says I can’t see tears in your ears and can’t bear tears in Malhar ji’s eyes. She says I have no other way to search Papa and prove him innocent. She says Ketki is sure now that I am unconscious and tells that she will get time to search Atul and tells that she is sure that Ketki has hidden him somewhere.

Sampada comes there. Kalyani says I am not alone, Sampada is with me in this plan. She says Sampada is with me and says when I was alone with Ketki, she got a call and she said that she can’t go out of house until she gets the thing. Anupriya asks what? Sampada asks did you have the hearing aid? Anupriya shows it. Sampada says yesterday Ketki came to me when I was with Moksh and tells everything. Kalyani says she will search her Papa. Sampada asks what is in this hearing aid?Kalyani saying now they will know the truth. She says she is sure that Ketki knows about Atul. She says she is sure that Ketki is connected with Vaman and helped him in this operation.

She says what is in this hearing aid, it looks normal. Anupriya says we shall handover it to Malhar. Sampada says yes. Kalyani says Malhar will not agree as it is a big thing that Ketki is involved with terrorist gang and it is difficult for him to believe this. Sampada says what shall we do then? Kalyani asks her to return it to her. Sampada says then why you are doing this. Kalyani says may be we can know her truth or get proofs against her. She asks where is she? Sampada says she is with Sarthak. Kalyani asks her not to make her believe that it was easy for her to get hearing aid from Aai and says nobody shall know that she is a part of terrorist gang until we searched Papa. She then asks Sampada to stop or postpone Sarthak and Ketki’s marriage. She tells that she can’t see Malhar in pain and says she will say him sorry once after finding Atul.

She hears shank sound and asks what is the function today. Anupriya says today is janmasthami and says Aao Saheb will pray for her. Sampada says we will search Papa. Sarthak asks Ketki not to blackmail him and says you don’t know Malhar. Ketki says nobody knows Malhar except me and tells that he shall be happy to get a young and beautiful wife, although he loves Anupriya. She says marriage will happen after 2 days. He raises her hand and then stops. She asks him not to forget that he is doing this to save whose life. She shows him video in which his men is torturing Atul making him wear polyethene. Sarthak asks why are you doing this? She says marriage didn’t happen and I have to make such videos to scare you.

he asks what you will get by marrying me? She says she didn’t plan to marry him and tells that she couldn’t figure out when Malhar gained consciousness when she confessed love to him. She says she took his name randomly and then her goons go to him and threatened him to lie to Malhar. She says she got Atul shot by her men wearing the jacket like him etc. Sarthak says I am ready to marry you, but don’t do anything to Atul. Ketki says you can hear sad songs in Maayi’s memory. Sarthak opens the door and sees Anupriya standing. Ketki asks him to shave his beard next time when he comes to meet her. She asks Anupriya if she is spying on them. Sarthak asks if Kalyani gained consciousness. Anupriya says no.

Kalyani takes Moksh in her hands and says my billu will become bal gopal. Anupriya shows Billu’s clothes and says it is same like you told. Kalyani says it is good. Someone knocks on the door. Anupriya makes Moksh leave Kalyani’s hand and asks her to lie down. Kalyani lie down on the bed with oxygen mask on her neck. Anupriya opens the door and sees Malhar standing with nurse. He asks about the clothes. Anupriya says it is chosen by Kalyani for Moksh. Malhar asks Kalyani, how? Anupriya says she has showed me this pic when she was fine so I ordered it online. Malhar says online. Anupriya says she showed me. Malhar smiles and takes Moksh from her. He asks Nurse to do dressing of her wound. Nurse comes and does the dressing. She then asks Malhar to change her clothes and take off the oxygen mask for sometime.

Malhar gets shocked and says but. Nurse goes. Malhar looks at Moksh. He closes the door. Kalyani thinks why he closed the door, why filmy situation is happening with her. She thinks Malhar shall call her Aai to change her clothes.Malhar asks her to get fine fast and says Moksh is yearning to hear your voice, even Aai and says you can understand how I am feeling now. Kalyani thinks he is talking romantically when she is unconscious and thinks she has to be unconscious many times to hear him talking about romance. Malhar holds her hand and takes off the oxygen mask and glucose drip. Song plays…Kaash tu meri aankhein bharde..He makes her sit, takes the dress in his hand and changes her dress covering her in blanket.

Kalyani looks at him. Malhar cries and kisses on her forehead. She looks at him and closes her eyes when he looks at her. His tears fall on her face. She touches his tears with her hand after he leave.Sampada gives hearing aid to Ketki and asks what do you want to do with this. Ketki says I don’t like you to question me and says I will fulfill my promise and you will get your son back. Ketki knocks on Malhar’s room. Malhar opens the door. Sampada and Anupriya look at her hidingly and come there. Ketki sees Moksh and says Moksh shall sit in Sampada’s lap. Malhar says Kalyani is his only mum. Anupriya asks Malhar to think and says if Kalyani could speak then she would have said the same thing.

She says Sampada is also his mother. Malhar says ok and goes. Ketki asks Anupriya not to interfere and says once I marry Sarthak then you will have to pack your bags. Kalyani gets angry. Anupriya thinks if Ketki sees her.Anupriya is doing Janmasthami puja while Sampada makes Moksh swing the cradle. Atharv comes there. Pallavi makes him sit. Sampada asks Moksh to swing it like his Aai swings his cradle. Malhar smiles. Anupriya and Sarthak look at each other. Ketki tells Malhar that they have decided to marry just as Kalyani gained consciousness and asks him not to call her kaki. Malhar says as you both think right. He gets a call and goes. Ketki goes from there. Anupriya signs Sampada to follow her. Sampada sees her and messages Kalyani.

Kalyani gets up reading the message and thinks to go out through guest house window. Anupriya makes Moksh do the aarti. Ketki comes to the room, sees the hearing aid and smiles. Malhar talks to Pawar and asks him to reach Police station, says he will come. A man is spying on them. Kalyani is coming out of her room. Ketki activates the hearing aid with something and it beeps. Malhar thinks to go to Kalyani, thinks she is alone. Anupriya thinks Kalyani must have left from there. Malhar opens the door and looks on. He gets inside. Anupriya is tensed and comes near the room. She sees Kalyani on the bed and thank God. She thinks Kalyani can’t go out, how to find out what Ketki wants to do with that hearing aid. Ketki hides the hearing aid under the mattresses.

Anupriya comes there and asks her to come as puja is still happening and Malhar is waiting for her. Ketki says ok and comes to hall. Anupriya says I will call Malhar and goes. Pallavi asks Ketki to swing the cradle. Anupriya comes to Ketki’s room and thinks to do something before Ketki returns. Ketki asks Sampada to tell Malhar that she will be back and goes from here. Sampada says ok and calls Anupriya, saying ketki left from there and might be coming to guest room. Malhar looks at Kalyani and feels bad. Anupriya thinks to hide before Ketki sees her. She hides under the bed. Ketki comes to room and keeps her foot on her hand. Anupriya writhes in pain. Ketki says I got the device and will talk to you through this device. She drops the water bottle from her hand.

Anupriya is recording her in the video and the water bottle falls on her mobile. Anupriya takes her phone. Ketki picks the bottle, but doesn’t see her. She says there will be no change in the plan and goes from there, locking the room.Anupriya tries to open the door and thinks to call Sampada for help, but realizes that her phone is not working. Ketki comes back to puja place and takes Moksh from Sampada. She says very soon I will be married here and then you have to eat from my hand. She takes Moksh to Kalyani’s room and says I will make you eat butter and teases him. He says you cries a lot and says I will make you sleep like made your Aai sleep. Kalyani gets up angrily. Moksh cries.

Kalyani comes to Moksh and asks Ketki to move from there. She asks Moksh if he is fine and asks if Ketki has done something to him. Moksh cries. Ketki says it was easy to expose you and says you did this act to stop Kaka and your marriage. Kalyani says yes, I did this to stop your and Kaka’s marriage and will not let you ruin my Aai’s life. Malhar comes there and sees Kalyani fine. He gets angry. Ketki asks Malhar not to scold her and says she is small. She tells that Kalyani acted so that Sarthak and I don;t marry, and says she is thinking to postpone the marriage for few days. Malhar asks Ketki to go and says he will talk to Kalyani.

Ketki asks him to promise not to scold her and asks him to promise her. Malhar asks her to leave. Ketki goes. Malhar looks at Kalyani. Kalyani says I wanted to tell you this truth and didn’t do this intentionally. Malhar says did you know how I was feeling when you was on the bed unconscious, says I didn’t sleep since two nights. He says you don’t need all this and breaks the life support system things. Kalyani tries to stop him. Malhar says let my anger vent out on it. He says I was crying infront of you and was seated all night by your side. Kalyani cries. Malhar says if something had happened to you then…

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