Divya Drishti update Monday 8 January 2024

Divya Drishti 8 January 2024: Sunny comes close to Divya. She says I am your bhabhi. He says you don’t look bhabi type. You are young and hot. she burns him with floating water but e couldn’t see it floating. She says I am hot shot right. Shekhar comes.

He says what happened. How did you fall? Sunny says just fell. Divya says you want something? He says I will make it. divya says I will make it for you.

Rakshit and Dirshti come to office. everyone surprises them with flowers. rakshit says thanks for everything but work is important too. Drishti says thank you so much. I wasn’t expecting all this.
Divya says to Shkehar how is the cereal? He says okay. She tastes and says it tastes so bad. How did you eat it. He says because you made it.

Drishti brings flowers in Rakshit’s room. he sneezes and says I allergic to flowers. She says I will place them somewhere else.

Pisachini comes to kitchen. Divya says you here. Pisachini says you will get tired don’t work so much. Divya says I made breakfast. Divya hits a cabinet. Pisachini has hidden something there. Diya says I will cook. Pisachini says no I will help you. Divya says I will do this don’t worry.
Divya sees something in the photos Mahima gave to scan.
A guy in office tells Drishti he donates half of the revenue to a charitable organizaton.

Rakshit sits in a meeting. He says our base is most important. I want our local designers to have the opportunity to work on it not international designers. Rakshit gives the contract to Drishti. Divya comes to the office. Drishit says you here. Divya says see the video. She says mahima is wearing the same locket. Drishit says how is this possible. Divya says that person was wearing the locket. The person who killed our locket was also wearing this.

Roomi comes and says seeing it wont change reality. Drishti says roomi what are you doing here? She says divya he is my brother roomi and Roomi this is Divya. Dviya says why did you tell him about us? Drishti says you can trust on Roomi. Divya says you can’t trust everyone. Roomi says she didn’t tell me anything. I always knew. Divya says what. Divya says then why didn’t you tell us? Roomi says I got to know in the wedding. I didn’t get a chance. Divya says di you can’t trust her. Divya floats things at him in anger but a power in his hands stop everything from coming to him.

Dviya says he knows magic. How does he have powers? Drishti says what is all this Roomi? He says I dont know anything. He says Cheranjeev uncle told me these things. He was my guru and he knew about you two. He didn’t want you two to come know about each other. dirshit says why? Diya says who is he to decide that? Roomi says he thought that was better for you.

Drishti says we have to meet that cheranjeev uncle. Roomi says I never saw him again after your wedding. He said that woman has come. After that she never came back. I think he died. He says cheranjee uncle gave me something to give to you. Its a lightening star.

Rakshit is looking for Drishti. Divya says show this to me. roomi says control please. Divya says shut up leave me. rakshit comes in. Roomi and divya hide. Everything is on floor. Rakshit says what is all this? She says here is the contract and its copy. I slipped and all this fell. He says come with me clients are waiting. Roomi says to dovya we have to go from here.

Scene 2
Drishti and Rakshit come home. Drishti says you go I will spend some time with roomi. Rakshit says I want to spend some time with you. I want to talk about some things. She says i want to speak to chacha chachi. He says using such lame reason to run away from me? She says but chacha chachi.. He says then go. I was just saying fix my meeting with client. I dont’ have to waste my time with you.

Pisachini tells Mahima to do something. Mahima comes downstairs. She says you look tired Rakshit. rakshit says Drishti is tired too. Mahima leaves. Rakshit says you never tried making this relaiton. She says thank you for at least calling it a relation. He says you can go where you want.

Drishti comes to Roomi adn Divya. Divya says it was the same locket. I doubt Mahima. Drishti says she is very nice. Divya says she isn’t nice to you. Roomi says I even think Rakshit is heling her. Divya says she won’t agree because she loves rakshit. Drishti says I dont’ love anyone.

Rakshit comes. Divya hides. He says you are speaking to your family here in store? You spoke to chachi? She says yes. He says I met chachi and she said she hasn’t seen you since morning. Don’t lie. What were you planning? She says we are siblings. We just wanted to spend time together. He says I can see things. Lies in your eyes. Do better acting. He leaes. Diya says now say Drishit. He comes everywhere we are. He is doing something. You have to keep an eye on him. Drishti leaves.

Scene 3
Mahima says Ojaswani come with me. Mahima says to Lava and Ojaswani we have to change the furniture. She picks carpet. Ojaswani says what are you doing. Dviya and roomi see her. she says this mahima is acting weird.
Drishti comes to her room. Rakshit says met your family? He says you lie all the time. You married me with a lie. She says you wanted to marry me. He says then you said no and then married me by deceiving. She says I have my reasons. He says every time I try to stand for you and trust you, you prove me wrong. He leaves.

Lucky says is everything okay? Rakshit left in anger. Aren’t you two really close? Drishti says what are you saying. Lucky says this is your lottery. Dirshit says I didn’t marry him for money. Lucky says become his wife for real. He will leave you. I wont take you back home with me. Divya calls Drishti.

Mahima opens the cabnet. She sees the deadbody there. She covers her in carpet and takes her out. Divya says what is mahima doing in kitchen. Divya collides with ojaswani. Ojaswanu says mahima is doing weird things. She asked us not to come to kitchen. Mahima moves the body out. Drishti says do you need help? Mahima says I don’t need anyone’s help. Mahima goes out. Drishti finds a ring on the floor. Mahima takes the body to the car and leaves.

Pisachini says my work is done. Divya comes to Drishti adn says what was she upto? She is acting weird. Drishti sees someone dragging a body. Drishti says something wrong. Dviya says we will find out. Shekhar looks at them and says what were they talking about? Are they hiding something??

Shekhar comes and says Pisachini I want to tell you something. Pisachini says are you falling for her? He says okay I wont tell. Pisachini says you aren’t helping anyway. Shekhar leaves.

Bichu comes to Ojaswani and says Mausi has arranged a party for everyone. she sent this dress. Ojaswani says thank you.
Roomi and dovya are looking at the start. Bichu comes and says Mausi sent these dresses. She wants you two in party.

Drishti says aren’t you ready? He says I ready for your lies. She says I am talkin about the party. He says I am not going. She says everyone is waiting for you. Drishti says you accused me so many times. Drishti is leaving. Raskhit says don’t dare doing. Drishti says so should I stay here? I am leaving for the party. He says why

don’t you leave forever. So we don’t have to see each other’s face. Drishti is leaving.
Everyone comes downstairs. The party starts. Pisachini says we will be celebrating love today. I want to arrange this party for the newly weds. Pisachini says Drishti why are you alone? Drishti says he has some work. Pisachini says we will have so much fun today. Lucky says I will dance toda too. Lucky says Rakshit isn’t here. Who will dacne with Dristi. Mahima says to Pisachini I have taken the body tere. Sunny says I can dacnce with drishti. Divya says we can all be individuals. Shekhar says I have to keep an eye on this Drishti. They are upto something.

Everyone dances. Sunny says to Drishti drink? She says I don’t drink. He says once please. drishti shoves him. The glass falls on his foot. Divya says this is what happens to people like you.
Lava comes to Rakshit and says hi. Do you need compnay? He says what are you doing here? SHe says what are you doing here? Rakshit says this is my house. Lava says my partner is with you only. Rakshit says that’s why you ran from the party. I am married now.

Drishti and Divya are upstairs. Shekhar sees Divya and Drishti together. He says what are they doing together. Lava says my foot hurts. Rakshit says go to party and dance. Lucky comes. Lava says can’t you knock. Lucky says he isn’t your husband. Your husband is waiting downstairs. Lava leaves in anger. Lucky says rakhsit drishti is alone. She is upset without you. Rakshit says I am busy. Lucky says I love Drishti like my daughter. Rakshit I recognize people. You only love her for your selfishness.

Divya and Drishti are looking at the star. Shekhar looks at them. Roomi comes and says what are you doing here? Keeping an eye on your wife? He says no I was just here. SHekhar leaves. Divya says let me see. drishti says let me see first. The star falls and gets stuck in Pisachini’s clothes. Divya drishti run downstairs.
Rakshit comes downstairs too. Pisachini dances. The son dil bara bayeman plays. Lava dances with Sunny. Divya dances with Shekhar. Pisachin says come on rakshit your trun. Rakshit says I don’t want to. Mahima says let him be. Pisachini says drishti come one bring your husband. Drishti says he can’t dance. He will embarrass me. Rakshit pulls her. Rakshit and Drishti dance.

Police comes to the party. He asks where is this girl? Rashi says that’s maniya our friend. Inspector says we found her body. He says we have to investigate in this house. Her body was found in carpet that was from this house. Divya wonders she saw Mahima taing the carpet. Mahima says I took the carpet to change it. Rashi says someone must have gotten it there. Rakshit takes the inspector outside. Divya says see.. Her son is trying to protect her. I knew Mahima would do this. Drishti says why would Mahima do this.

Lava finds Maniya’s ring on the floor. drishti saw that ring when Mahima was leaving.
Divya says to Drishti I told you this mahima and rakshit are susipicious. She killed that girl. Drishti says calm down. divya says I will tell police.
Dviya goes downstairs. Drishti follows her. Divya says sMahima killed a girl right in front of me. I couldn’t do anything. Drishti says we have to calm down. Divya says someone killed our mother and we couldn’t do anything. that woman comes here. That woman is Mahima. I will kill her. Divya goes to Mahima.. She throes a sword towards Mahima. Drishit saves her. Everyone comes. Rakshit comes and picks them both. Chachi says you shoved mahima why? Rakshit says she saved mom from that sword. Shekhar says the stuff must have fallen with them. Shekhar looks at Divya on the door.

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