Divya Drishti Starlife update Wednesday 13 March 2024

Divya Drishti 13 March 2024: Shekhar sits down to open the locker. It opens everyone says yayy. Drishti looks at him. Drishti says how is this possible? How did the locker open? Pisachini says he is the real Shekhar or what? Pisachini makes him fall. Rakshit says Shekhar are you okay? Drishti picks a lense from the floor.

Ash says are you okay? Drishti says he is fake Shekhar. He was wearing these contact lenses to open the locker. Pisachini says everyone will be against him. Shekhar says this isn’t my lense. I am the real Shekhar. Drishti says did you really live in the village we found you in? Is your name Murali? Divya says what is she asking? Was your name Murali or not? Ash says what is happening here. Shekhar says no. Neither did I live there. I was.. Ash faints. Rakshit says you lied to us. Drishti says he came from hell.

Everyone is shocked. Ash says what? Shekhar says this is true. I was in hell and that is where I came from. Drishti says you are prisoner 401. Pisachini says they will ask for the poster. I will get them the poster as well. Drishti says that is your name right? Shekhar says yes.

Divya says you lied to us right? Shekhar says I am the son of this house. I was sent there. Ash says this can’t be true. Shekhar hugs Ash and says I am your son. Pisachini throws the poster. Mahima sees it and is shocked. Mahima says is this your reality? Drishti was right. Rakshit sees the poster as well. Rakshit hits him and says you lied to us. I didn’t trust Drishti over you. You played with our trust. Pisachini says so he was real Shekhar. I got him trapped on right time. Drishti says you fooled us.

Rakshit says you are from hell. You can fool us anytime. Drishti says I saw an animal. Shekhar says that’s no. I didn’t attack her. It wasn’t me. Drishti says we should lock him before he harms anyone. Shekhar says Divya I didn’t do anything. Divya it was Vicky. Please listen.

Rakshit shoves him in the store. Rakshit says you’re an animal. Shekhar says no I am not what you think I am. Vicky is the animal. He is doing all this. Drishti says you came from hell. You attacked me. Only you were there. Divya says you were everywhere and you’re blaming Vicky. That night too, he heard growling from your room. He says I am real Shekhar. Please listen. Mahima brings the rope and they tie him. Shekhar says I am your son mom. As is crying. Shekhar says Vicky is the beast here please listen. Rakshit locks him. Drishti says we won’t repeat the mistake of trusting you again. Shekhar says don’t do this, please. Divya please listen.

Pisachini says was he 401 real Shekhar? Kaal comes there and says you hid it from me? He was my fled prisoner. You made a mistake by hiding. Pisachini says you didn’t tell me either that he was your 401 and that he was your Shekhar. Piaschini says who sent him to hell if Kaal and I didn’t?

Divya comes to her room and cries. She recalls all that happened. Drishti comes to her and hugs her. Drishti says cry all you want. We have all been fooled. Diya says why does it happen to me every time. Everyone comes to my life and fools me and its gets too late. Drishti says nothing wrong would happen now. If you don’t want to get married then say no. Divya says no I will marry him. We want a fourth hand for the past. Drishti says it would be someone you love with all your heart. Divya says who? That fake Shekhar. Divya says I have to get ready. Rakshit must be really hurt too. Drishti says take care of yourself.

Drishti comes to Rakshit. He says you were right. Drishti says I wish I was wrong. Rakshit hugs her. He says Ash is crying. She is suffering for the third time. She saw her son when he was five for the last time. Why didn’t my heart say that it was fake Shekhar. I am sorry I didn’t trust you. Are you okay? You were attacked as well. I am so sorry. Drishti says I am fine. He says promise me, you will tell me everything.

Divya comes to Shekhar. Shekhar says please tell me you trust me. I am not lying. I am real Shekhar. Divya says you are fake Shekhar. You fooled me. He says please trust me. Divya says why should I? Divya says I started liking you. I could feel my emotions once again. Shekhar says please listen. Divya cries. He says I really like you as well. Please feel my honesty. I don’t know. Divya says don’t try to fool me. You can’t trap me. I will marry Vicky. Shekhar says no Divya. Please don’t go. Please listen. Divya leaves.

Drishti sees a vision. She is running in the jungle and Shekhar is also running. Drishti says I will be back. Drishti says what was that? Shekhar was being attacked too? What is happening?

Drishti comes to Shekhar. Drishti says you were outside. Shekhar says Vicky isn’t a human. He is a beast. Please make him wear the silver locket and see his reality. Drishti says why should I do this for you? He says do this for Divya, please.

Drishti comes to Divya. She is ready as the bride. Drishti says she is wearing the same clothes I saw in the vision in which she was running. Drishti asks Vicky are you ready? She says yes. Drishti says I have a gift for you. Thsi locket. Vicky is shocked. Rakshit says you did right. He says thank you so much. I want everything to be perfectly matched. I will wear it but not today. It won’t go with my sherwani. Pisachini says how should I save him. Drishti says you’re right. But please keep it with you. Rakshti says to keep it. Drishti gives him the locket. He holds it in his palm. He says thank you so much bhabhi. Get ready, please. Drishti wonders if he is wolf or not. Drishti leaves. He throws it away His hand is burnt. Pisachini says well-done wolf. Give them similar pain. I am very happy. Go get married.

Everything is prepared in the house. Simran says to Ash please smile. Mahima asks Pandit ji is everything ready? He says yes. Rakshit brings Vicky downstairs. Drishti looks at him. He says I am wearing the locket you gave me. Drishti says thank you. He says you are my sister in law. Drishti goes to her room.

Drishti says to Shekhar he wore the locket I gave him. I was wasting my time. He says I am Shekhar. Please. Drishti says stop fooling me. He says if I was evil I would have used powers to get out of here. Bhabhi please save Divya.

Everyone is celebrating and happy. Shekhar says I have to save Divya.

Divya recalls her moments with Shekhar. The song judaai plays. Divya is in tears. She gets ready. Shekhar tries to get out of the ropes. Divya sobs.

Pandit ji says to call the bride. Drishti goes to bring Divya downstairs. She recalls what Shekhar said. She says why is he saying all that. Drishti sees the locket she gave to Vicky on the floor. He is wearing a fake one. Mahima says Drishti brings Divya downstairs. Drishti says yes I am bringing her..

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