Divya Drishti Starlife update Thursday 14 March 2024

Divya Drishti 14 March 2024: Drishti comes to Shekhar and says this real necklace is not affecting you. Shekhar says now you know I am not the wolf. He is. Drishti says you came from hell anyway. You lied to us. Shekhar says please go and save Divya. He says please release me. Drishti goes downstairs.

Divya comes downstairs. She sits in the mandap. Drishti comes. She is scared. Mahima says Drishti where were you? Are you worried about something? Drishti says I will tell you. Pisachini laughs and says she will cry after the wedding. Rakshit asks Drishti where were you? She says this is the last time I am doing something without telling you anything. Drishti says I would tie the know. She comes close to Divya and pours something in the fire. Drishti says to Divya tonight is Poranmasi you have to be careful.

The smoke fills in the room. Everyone coughs. Everyone open the windows. Vicky says what should I do. He gowls but no one listens. He is unable to control himself. Pisachini says pandit hurry up.

Drishti gives Divya’s hand in Vicky’s hand. Pisachini says the moonlight is coming in. No one can stop him from becoming a wolf now. Vicky says to Drishti move your hand. She says I won’t. Vicky howls. Rakshit says what are you doing Drishti? She says the bride’s hand is given to a guy not an animal. She takes off his sehra and everyone sees his face. Everyone screams. Ojaswani says Shekhar was the wolf? Drishti says no Vicky is. Vicky is about to attack Divya. Drishit says run. Shekhar howls. Everyone is scared. He breaks everythign. He drags Divya. Drishti runs after him. she says my divya.. He took my divya.

Drishti and Rakshit run after him. He drags Divya in the jungle. Ash comes to Shekhar. Romi says Vicky took Divya. He was a wolf. He says I am from hell but I am innocent. I am your shekhar. Please let me go, I have to save her. I came to this house as a disguise but then I realized I am the real Shekhar. Please, ma let me go. I have to save Divya. They release him.

Divya says save me di. Drishti runs after them. She says I won’t let anything happen to you. Divya shoves Vicky and runs. Drishti says I am coming. The wolf runs after Divya. Drishti and Shekhar run after them.

Pisachini says I have to do something to stop all this. She makes a statue of Vicky and says you life would be in my hands. Shekhar comes to Divya and stands in front of her. Divya says you.. They see the wolf on the floor. Rakshit says who sent you? Who are you? Drishti and Divya stop him with their powers. Pisachini says your life is in my control. I won’t let anything spill out. Rakshit says I considered you my brother. Who sent you y here? Vicky says I won’t tell you anything. Rakshit says I will kill you right now.

Rakshit stabs him on the shoulder. Rakshit says tell me who sent you. Pisachini says that secret won’t ever come out. Only death will. Vicky says lal chakoor. No one can be safe from it. Divya says what does he mean? He is trying to show us something. Suddenly it blasts. They all fall somewhere. Rakshit says Drishti. He sees a woman tied there. rakshit says who are you? Who tied you here? These wires? Where am I? She screams he is here. A lot of women come there. They surround him. Rakshit says who are you? Drishti. Pisachini says he died.

Divya and Shekhar are together. He says where did they go? They fell from the cliff. He says are you okay? She says what do you care? He says I begged ma to let me go and save you. Divya says you are still calling her ma? I am here to find Drishti and Shekhar. Don’t talk to me. Divya falls. Shekhar saves her.

Rakshit says what is happening here. He says I am not from this place. Some wild-looking men come as well. He says yes you’re not from here. But you are sent here. He says my wife.. Rakshit says my wife Drishti. He says you will get a wife.

Drishti gets up. She is injured. They tie Rakshit. The man says this is my daughter. She will be your wife. Rkashit says I am already married. He says Drishti. Drishti says Rakshit where are you? Rakshit says Dirhsti. Drishti looks for him. Drishti says where are you? Divya. Rakshit says Dirshiti come here, please.

Shekhar says give me your hand. You’re hurt. She doesn’t. Shekhar pulls her up. He says sorry. she says for your lies> Divya says you fooled us. You broke all relations in a moment. We were fooled. We all gave you love. They did so much for you but you used them. Shekhar says I am Shekhar. I knew nothing. I was in hell since I opened my eyes. I don’t know how did I end up there.. Divya says I have to find Rakshit and Drishti. She leaves.

Drishti sees Rakhit. She says what is happening here. The man says you will get married. Rakshit says I am already married. The man says this is our rule. The woman says God sent you. He says we fell from the cliff. She is psycho she will kill you all. Drishti says you.. Rakshit says let me go.

Mahima says their phones are off. Where did they go? Pisachini says you let your son go right? This ash released her son. Where are they all? Ojaswani says please tell her where they’re. Romi says this is our family matter. Pischini says you’re nothing to this house. Ash says he is our son. Ojaswani says we are all family you ge tout.

The villagers plays music. They all get around Rakshit and dance to start the wedding. Drishti also dresses like them and dances around him. He says what’s the plan? Drishti says you’re getting married. She says I am opening your hands. The man says she isn’t from our village.

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