Divya Drishti Starlife update Monday 18 March 2024

Divya Drishti 18 March 2024: Divya says to Drishti, first Shekhar said he would get me my red shirt. Then when I went to his room, he said am I your servant? Then tried to force himself on me? Drishti says Rakshit is playing weird as well. Shekhar comes with the red shirt and says I found it. Divya says I just slapped him and he’s acting so normal now.

Drishti says go to my room and ask Rakshit who to invite in the party. Divya collides with Shekhar. He says sorry, I wasn’t touching you. She says what is happening.

Divya asks Rakshit who to invite to the party? Rakshit says what party? Go from here. I want to rest. Divya texts Drishti and says Rakshit got mad and said he isn’t interested in the party. Rakshit comes there and says I will help you with the decorations. Divya comes there and sees Shekhar there. She is shocked. Divya says what is happening. Rakshit is there as well. Drishti says Rakhshit, we have to go to the cave. Drishti says this is the only way to find out if they’re fake. Rakshit says let’s go have fun.

They are in the jungle. Real Rakshit and Shekhar are locked in the picture. Rakshit says I hope Divya and Drishti find us. Shekhar says please get us out of here. We are in the photo. Ojaswani cleans the photo. They scream we are here. Rakshit says they can’t hear us outside.

Drishti says this is the cave. Put your hand on the signs. It doesn’t glow. Divya and Drishti are sure that they’re fake. Divya says they’re fake. Drishti hits them and they both turn into ashes. Divya says where are the real ones? Lal chakoor comes there. Divya says you did all this. Pisacini says we are three friends. Drishti says you’re his slave. Pisachini says go and save the real one.s See someone is here. Rakshit and Shekhar get out of the car. They say where were you? We were scared. So many other Rakshit and Shekhar come too. Pisacini laughs and says who is real? There are so many at home. Chinki says or the ones you killed. Pisachini says there is an army of them at your place.

Ojaswani says Shekhar how is the decoration? So many Shekhars come there. Ojasawni says see there. So many Shekhars. Rakshits come as well. Ash and Ojaswani are scared. They keep talking. Shekhar says when is the party? Ojaswani says what’s happening. Ash says who is real. Romi says step back.

Pisachini says fake Shekhars and Rakshit are in your house. How will you find them? If you don’t find them before new year, they will be gone forever. And you will never open the cave. Pisachini says it isn’t 12. The time has started. Happy new year. Divya says where are they?

Scene 2

Shekhar says how will we get out of here? Divya and Drishti come home. Romi says what is happening here? Ash says which is the real Shekhar? Drishti says we have to save the real ones before 12. Romi says where are they? Lala chakoor comes there. Fake Rakshit says you have to find out which one is real. But if you kill a fake one, one of you would turn into a fruit or vegetable. Everyone is scared. Drishti says let’s go inside the room. Mahima says you went to the cave. You broke your promise. Drishti says we have to go there to find the secret. Mahima says my sons are lost because of that cave. Drishti hugs her and says we are sorry. We will find Rakshit and Shekhar. Please trust us. Mahima says okay. Ojaswani says this isn’t the time to take risk. Drishti says we won’t let any one’s life be in danger. Mahima says you have only time till 12.

Ojaswani fixes the frame. Shekhar screams ma I am here. Fake Shekhar says wow party is ready. Pisacini says you won’t find the real ones and all of you would turn into vegetables. Raksit says to Shekar stand like we are in the photo. Drishti feels something. Fake Shekhar comes to Simran. She says stay away. Divya says I will kill you. He grasps Simran’s hand. romi says leave her. Drishti says we can’t kill them. Divya shoves him. He falls down and dies. Drishti says what did you do? Pisachini says one of you would be vegetables now. Drishti says don’t even dare. She says I told you not to kill the fake one. She turns Simran into tomato. Ojaswani screams. Pisachini says eat her salad.

Ojaswani is crying. She says my Simran. How will we bring her back. Divya says I am sorry. Ojaswani says you tried to save her. How will we bring her now? Drishti says to Divya we have to play smartly. They hear romi screaming. Fake Shekhar is hitting him. Drishti says stop it. Everyone is screaming. Piachini says save him. You have so many powers. Rakshit keeps hitting Romi. Ojaswani says please save Romi. Promise me you will bring Shekhar back to. I am ready tot turn into a vegetable. Save Romi, please. Fake Rakshit and Shekhar hit Romi. Drishti kills him. Pisachini turns ASh into an orange. Mahima is crying. Drishti picks Romi. Pisachini says only 30 minutes are left

Scene 3

Drishti says we will face them together. Mahima says what’s the plan? They all come to the party. Pisachini says cheif guest is already here. Why are you all late. Pisachini says let’s party, only 15 minutes are left.

Everyone is dancing. All fake Shekhars and Rakshits dance with Divya and Drishti. Pisachini has the orange in her hand. Pisachini says to Ojaswani go and dance or I will throw this orange away.

Rakshit says Drishti.. Divya please listen to us. Drishti turns the lights off. Divya says none of these is real. Pisachini says only 5 minutes are left. Drishti says Rakshit had a bruise on his hand. The one who has bruise on his hand would be real. She says we have to find the real one. Pisachini and Chinki are busy. Divya says they must be hidden somewhere. They look behind the doors. Drishti says where are you.. Pisachini says 3 minutes left only. Drishti looks at the photo. In the photo, Rakshit has a bruise on his hand. Pisachini says only 1 minute is left. Rakshit blinks. Drishti says he’s in the photo. All the fake Rakshits and Shekhars come running towards Divya and Drishti. Pisachini counts down, 9.. 8.. Pisachini burns the photo. Drishti puls them out. All the vegetables turn back into humans. Everyone hugs them. Drishti says we saved them before you could do anything. Tell lal chakoor this is who we are. Happy new year. Drishti hugs Rakshit.

Drishti says there’s so much that we have to solve. I was so scared. Your hand was bruised. That’s how I found you. Why are you not talking? Rakshit says this story is about Divya and Drishti. He says my room is there. Your room is there with Divya. You would have to hangout with her. Happy new yer. He leaves.

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