Destined by fate update Tuesday 5 December 2023

Destined by fate 5 December 2023: Kanha feels disheartened recalling Nakul’s misbehavior and thinks why his brother who used to love him so much hates him now. He tells Sayuri’s photo that her devar/BIL has changed. Daadi Mausi hears him and says a lot has changed. Kanha says Nakul is just upset and still loves him though. Rashmi provokes Nakul against Kanha. Daadi Mausi says everything was fine till Sayuri was handling the house and since Rashmi started heading the house, everything is shattering. Rashmi continues to use her emotional blackmail and provokes him against Kanha and whole family.

Daadi Mausi asks Kanha to have faithon god as Nakul is just misled and would be back on track soon. Kanha recalls his and Nakul’s bonding and smiles. Nakul also recalls same.

Kusum packs her and Yash’s bags and tells Yash they shall leave Chaudhry house. Yash asks her to calm down as its not a big issue. Kusum says he can’t tolerate Rashmi’s misbehavior towards him. Yash says other family members love him, Rashmi is immature and she shouldn’t other about Kusum’s words; Kanha needs them at this time. Kusum gets adamant.

Yash asks her to take the bags out while he meets Kanha once. Kusum walks out and informs Saroj that she is leaving house. Saroj requests not to go. Daadi Mausi says she shouldn’t bother about Rashmi’s words as rest of the family loves him. Kusum says Saroj give her immense love and respect, but she can’t tolerate Rashmi’s misbehavior anymore. Yash informs Kanha about Kusum’s decision and promises to help him handling Vikrant’s issue. Kanha hugs him and says one brother is angry on him and another never left his side. Yash says soon angry brother will also return to him. Kanha goes to drop Yash and Kusum.

Rashmi overhears their conversation and thinks she needs to find out why Vikrant is holding Sayuri. Kusum says good bye to Saroj and others and walks out of house. Kusum grins. Daadi Mausi notices that. Kanha loads Kusum and Yash’s bags in car and requests Kusum not to go. Kusum requests him to respect his sister’s decision and hugs him. Yash drives away saying he will meet him at temple tomorrow.

Vikrant with Sayuri and Kuku visits temple and tells Sayuri that he invited her first husband without informing her. Sayuri gets tensed. Vikrant says he loves cutting feathers of people who fly high, Kaha was trying to meet Sayuri often and wanted to get her out of his grip, so its necessary to teach Kanha a lesson. Sayuri pleads to let things go as they are going and break Kanha’s heart. Vikrant says he would have killed Kanha long ago, but would love to break his heart now. He says once Kanha reaches here, he will hold Sayuri’s hand and take her to panditji to fix their wedding muhurat. Sayuri gets upset and prays god to protect Kanha from pain and tells god that he knows why she is hiding truth from Kanha.

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