Destined by fate update Wednesday 28 June 2023

Destined by fate 28 June 2023: Kanha uploads a vlog and hopes Sayuri watches it. Sayuri’s colleagues show her vlog. Sayuri watches it where Kanha describes his feelings about love. Sayur experiences the same feeling and hugs her tab hoping when will tomorrow come. Kanha also hopes tomorrow comes soon. Rashmi and Nakul plan a surprise party of Sayuri on Kanha’s behalf. They both get emotional thinking about return of happiness in Sayuri and Kanha’s lives and pray for them.

Destined by fate 27 June 2023

Rashmi asks about the theme of party. Nakul mimics proposing her. She accepts it.Saroj hears their conversation and panics hearing Kanha going to propose Sayuri. She thinks she wanted to break their relationship, but they are getting closer each day. She plans Kanha’s birthday to keep him away from Sayuri.Kanha continues to feel ecstatic in Sayuri’s love. Sayuri video calls him. He happily picks her call and asks about her team.

Sayuri says they have gone to India Gate to enjoy the morning sunlight. She further says she needs to stay one more day in Delhi.Kanha gets tensed. She laughs and says he was joking. They both continue to chat and look at each other. Tere Naina Bade Katil Marhi Dalenge… song plays in the background.Saroj tries to contact Anjali and sends Kusum to her house.

Kusum returns and informs that Anjali’s parents are out of town and even Anjali is found nowhere. Sayuri and Kanha’s romance continues when Nakul walks to Kanha and asks what is he doing. Kanha nervously says he is helping Sayuri in her project.

Sayuri also nervously shows a form. Kanha disconnects call and scolds Nakul for disturbing him. Nakul pulls his legs. Saroj gets more jealous hearing their conversation.Indu visits temple and ties a mannat/wish thread to unite Kanha and Sayuri’s hearts. Saroj enters and unties it praying Kanha to separate them. Sayuri learns that the orientation is cancel.

She feels happy and decides to leave for home immediately while her friends pull her legs. Kanha writes I love you on a notebook thinking of giving Sayuri a gift she likes most instead of diamonds or jewelry.

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