Destined by fate update Tuesday 21 November 2023

Destined by fate 21 November 2023: Sachi tells Virkant that she feels Kanha is a nice man and is hiding big sorrows behind his smile. Vikrant says they can’t trust any stranger so easily, she thinks everyone are good as she herself is too good. She nods okay. He tries to kiss her. She notices poha burning and turns away, leaving him disappointed. Kanha interacts with Kuku and asks her when did she click a photo with her parents. He befriends her by offering chocolate to her and asks why she looks so silent while she is laughing in picture. Vikrant walks in says Kuku lost her voice after an accident. Kuku gets afraid of him and runs away.

Sachi walks in with snacks and tea. Kanha asks since how long they have been married. Vikrant says 8 years, but they look so young. Kanha asks if they have their wedding

photo. Sachi says they just recently shifted here and haven’t unpacked properly. Kanha asks if they are from Gujrat or shift often. Sachi says they are from Gujrat. Vikrant says he is getting late for work and says they will meet again next time. He takes Kanha out. Kanha greets Sachi and walks way. Kaun Mera Kya Tu Lage… song plays in the background. Kanha tells Vikrant that he forgot his key which he came for. Vikrant hands him over key and sees him off. Kanha thinks the reason he came here is not fulfilled, he needs to get Vikran’ts details as he doesn’t seem to be a good person.. Vikrant calls someone and asks him to find out details about Kanha, thinks he will not let Kanha near Sayuri and Kuku.

Kanha returns home. Rashmi shows her fake concern towards him and says even she imagines Sayuri. Kanha says she must be imagining Sayuri, but he already saw her directly. Rashmi is shocked and pleads him to take her to her sister. Kanha refuses to divulge any details and walks away. Rashmi panics thinking how can Sayuri be alive when she herself pushed Sayuri down the cliff. Indu and Bhani notice her tensed and tries to calm her down. Rashmi thinks a dead person cannot be alive, she will follow Kanha and find out whom he is thinking as Sayuri.

Kanha follows Vikrant and gets suspicious of him. Vikrant calls his aide and asks him to find out Kanha’s details soon. He leaves with Sachi and Kuku in a car. Kanha follows him again. Rashmi follows Kanha after downloading a live tracker in his house. Nakul notices his baby with Indu and asks where is Rashmi. Saroj says Kanha looks tensed these days, so Rashmi went behind him. Nakul gets angry on Kanha. Saroj scolds him and shuts his mouth. Daadi mausi brings a few girl’s pics for Kanha. Saroj says they shouldn’t talk about alliance with Kanha now. Daadi Mausi asks why. Dhanraj says they should trust Kaha if he saw Sayuri and wait for some time. Daadi Mausi gets adamant and says they should be worried for their son and free him from Sayuri’s memories. Vikrant takes Sachi and Kuku to a temple. Kanha reaches there.

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