Faltu Starlife update Wednesday 22 November 2023

Faltu 22 November 2023: The Episode starts with Ayaan taunting Faltu and leaving. She thinks its good he didn’t know about my fast. Kinshuk asks Suhana to make the video well, he has to send it to Ayesha. Ayaan and Tanisha do the Rudra abhishek. Faltu looks on and thinks I shouldn’t think of him. Goving signs Harsh. They go and make thandai. They enjoy the thandai. Kinshuk joins them. Pandit asks all the couples to come and do the aarti.

The men come back. Kumkum asks where were you, pandit was calling. Harsh says thandai, its Mahashivratri. All the couples do the aarti. Tanisha feels her hand is burning by the diya and drops the plate. Faltu holds it in time. Tanisha fumes. Sid and Sumitra smile. Tanisha comes ahead and holds the plate again. Faltu leaves. Ayaan turns to see Faltu.

Its morning, Tanisha and Faltu get ready. Tanisha says I have to talk to you all and take Ayaan’s permission. Ayaan asks for what. Tanisha says I want you to take the condition back, you know, even if she works here for years, she can’t pay back the favor. Faltu says I promise, I will return the money when I become a big cricketer. Tanisha thinks I won’t let you become a cricketer. Kinshuk says if you get selected, then you will get money. Ayaan says she has to become a good person first, she can’t become that. Faltu greets everyone.

Everyone wishes Faltu all the best. Ayaan leaves. Faltu touches the ground where he stood. She thinks I didn’t get his blessing. Tanisha recalls Kanika’s plan. She asks Faltu to come with her, she will introduce her to everyone. Faltu thanks her. Tanisha says I will drop her and come.

Janardhan says Tanu has a big heart, she always helps Faltu, we are really lucky to have her. Ayaan says I should be happy that she left, why am I getting angry. He breaks things in his room. Sid says Tanu took Faltu to the academy, our plan failed. They see Ayaan at the door. Ayaan asks what truth are you talking about.

Tanisha brings Faltu to the academy. Kanika meets them. She asks Faltu to play the trial match well, if she gets selected, then good will happen with her. She says I m with you. Faltu thanks her. The other players see Faltu. Sid lies to Ayaan. Ayaan goes. Sid worries and says their married life will begin, then I can’t get Faltu back in Ayaan’s life, we have to do something. Sumitra asks him not to worry. Kanika asks the girls to do as she will tell them. The girl says we will make her life hell, don’t worry. Tanisha asks shall we meet Vishal. Kanika says yes, let Faltu meet him first, are you sure Ayaan will come here. Tanisha says yes, I will get him, he will see Faltu in wrong light. Kanika says she will run away in a week. They smile.


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