Destined by fate update Monday 31 July 2023

Anupama 31 July 2023: Saroj suggests Kanha to marry Anjali if he wants to be happy. Kanha refuses. Dhanraj asks her why she is giving a wrong suggestion to her son. Saroj says Anjali can go to any extent to get him. Kanha asks her to trust her children. Saroj says its not like that. Dhanraj asks why don’t she trust her son and why she wants to ruin her son’s happiness. Saroj recalls Anjali’s threat to destroy Chaudhry family and its business. Indu and Bhanu worry for Sayuri after she shifts back to Chaudhry house.

Saroj reaches home. Kusum performs her aarti and welcomes her. Saroj is shocked to see Sayuri there. Kanha gets happy seeing that. Sayuri touches Saroj’s feet and says she is here for her husband Kanha and loves him immensely. Kanha gets emotional hearing that and holding her saying even he loves his wife immensely. Kyun Aata Hai Seene Me.. song plays in the background. Sharmas rejoice watching that from their house. Dhanraj plays shank and happily chants Bolo Radha Krishna Ki Jai. Kusum signals Saroj not to say anything.

Anjali angrily pushes Sayuri down. Sharmas notice that and rush towards Chaudhy house. Kanha lifts Sayuri and asks if she is hurt. Sayuri says she is fine. Kanha gets angry and walls towards Anjali. Nakul says Kanha cannot tolerate if someone hurts his mother and wife. Kanha holds Anjali’s hand and says he understood that she is stubborn and blind in love, he fears that she may hurt his family, so he wants to make a deal with her. She asks what. He asks if her problems will solve if she gets him. She nods yes. He says he will be hers from today, but she has to promise him that she will not hurt his dear ones. He says he will be with her always and will not leave her until she orders, he will be her slave from hereon.

Sayuri, Dhanraj, and Kusum say Anjali is not right for him. Kanha asks them to relax and says he knows what is doing. He asks Anjali if he can meet his mother. Anjali says yes. Family tries to convince Kanha that Anjali is not right for him and they all will together tackle Anjali. Kanha says he is worried for his family. Anjali asks family not to force Kanha to change his decision. Sayuri says Kanha doesn’t love Anjali. Kanha says Anjali knows that, there is friendship between them and he is ready to go wherever she takes him. Family repeats not to do that. Anjali shouts at them to stop and says she can live and die for Kanha’s love.

Kanha thanks her for saying that. He gives her a knife and says they both will commit suicide and become one. Family shocked plead him not to do that. Kanha says this is the only way and insists Anjali to cut each other’s wrist. Anjali throws knife and says she doesn’t want to die. Kanha says she already tried to commit suicide for him, why can’t she now. Anjali says she did a drama to get him closer to her and loves herself. Kanha says the truth is out now; how ever strong love is, committing suicide is a criminal offense; they never try to destroy the happiness of the person they love, she troubled his family and him in her obsession and never loved him, so its better she leaves his house silently right now.


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