Timeless love update Tuesday 1 August 2023

Timeless love 1 August 2023: Arjun asks Dev to help him choose the gift for Vidhi, nose ring or earring. Dev says I am jealous of you, I mean with your generation, you people express your feelings easily. Arjun says I have imagined Vidhi in both these gifts and she looked good in both. Dev says Vidhi is happy to eat pani batase at road side stall rather than having coffee in five star hotel. Arjun says he wants to give something. Dev says there shall be a moment, in whatever you give to her. He recalls Vidhi gifting him a shirt and reminisces the moment. He asks him to give it with his heart. Arjun asks if someone is in your heart. Dev asks you came to ask for my help or to question me. Arjun asks him to choose. Dev chooses earrings. He asks didn’t you feel awkward, thinking what Vidhi will think if you give this thing to her, if she will not feel bad. He says I couldn’t think of this when I was of your age.

Arjun says you couldn’t think even now. He says everyone likes to take gifts and says she will not feel bad. He says he will not give up even if she feels bad and tells him that he had hugged Vidhi on first day and she had pushed him.He comes to Vidhi and asks her not to ask why is he giving, don’t ask its price and don’t say that you can’t take it. He says you are my teacher and that’s why it is Guru Dakshini. Vidhi takes it and thanks him. He asks her to open it and see. Vidhi opens the box and likes the earrings. Arjun asks her to wear it. Vidhi wears it. Anaya and Golden looks at them. Dev also looks at them from far. Vidhi wears it. Arjun says beautiful and says they shall take selfie, so that he remembers that he has given her a gift.

Vidhi refuses to take selfie with him. Arjun says ok. Anaya gets upset with Arjun and says he shall be sorry. Arjun asks shall I take your Solo pic. Dev calls Vidhi and asks her to come for lunch. Vidhi says we shall do later. Dev says he has to go for a meeting. Vidhi says ok. Arjun couldn’t take the photo.Amba asks the courier guy to get the parcel delivered today itself. Abhimanyu asks everyone if they are ready for pot luck. They say yes. Abhimanyu says you will make all your colleagues taste the dishes, and they will give honest review. He says this exercise is amazing as food connects people. Dev says you have pressurized us with pressure cooker also, along with work pressure. Everyone shows the food, they have made. Anaya asks Dev if he has made himself or kept proxy for him. Dev says he made it. Abhimanyu asks Vidhi to try and tell him. Vidhi tastes the dal and says it is amazing Sir. Dev gets happy. Golden tries and says it is so spicy, her throat is burning.

Dev says you should have given honest review. Abhimanyu says full marks for your try. Vidhi takes out her tiffin. They ask why they are wrapped in paper. Vidhi says it has fortune message with everyone’s name written. She tells Arjun that it has his fortune message in the cookie. Abhimanyu says the fortune message is not known to anyone and shall be picked randomly. Rishabh says it is Gujiya. Vidhi says she didn’t have oven so. Dev says you have improvise. Abhimanyu gives her full marks for her innovative idea. Kanika asks her to remove the names and let everyone pick randomly. Vidhi thinks Dev Sir Gujiya can be picked by someone else. Dev notices her worry. Anaya goes to everyone holding Gujiya plate. Dev and Vidhi looks on. Dev picks the Gujiya which Vidhi kept for him, before Arjun could take it. They all read the fortune messages. Arjun reads and says he wants to rule on one heart and looks at Vidhi. Dev looks at Vidhi. He reads his fortune message, listen to your heart.

Dev is about to go. Vidhi asks will you listen to your heart. Dev says he has important work and asks her to come to his cabin. Vidhi goes there. Dev gives her envelope. Vidhi checks and says it is scholarship for Dev. Dev says I have promised to get scholarship from company. Vidhi thanks and hugs him. Dev is surprised. She says sorry. Dev thanks her for whatever she has done for him and the company. He says I wanted to give you something which stays with you forever, and that’s why I gave you this. He tells that in your generation, materialistic gifts matters, but you shall not think about it and shall be focused. Vidhi says ok. Dev says in my Gujiya, it was written “ Listen to my heart” so I thought to give you this today. He says all the best and asks her to work hard. Vidhi says he doesn’t understand heart language.

The courier guy came to Hariprasad’s house and gives him courier. Hariprasad reads the letter kept with the short dress, that they like her face and wants her to do modeling for them. Hariprasad and Bimla are shocked.Hariprasad reads the letter sent by Amba as the mysterious company, who wants Vidhi to do modeling for their brand. Vidhi comes home. Bimla asks what is it? Vidhi says I really don’t know what it is. Bimla says surely this might be done by someone who kept the poster. She says she will call Dev. Hariprasad says all this is happening due to Dev’s office. He says I am her father and has the right to handle this matter. He says if you think that I don’t have the right then go to Dev.

Abhimanyu tells Satyavati that Golden ran to pantry tasting the dal made by Dev. Dev reminisces Vidhi tasting it. Dev says he will be relaxed now as all the staff loves Abhimanyu and he will take up all the responsibility. Abhimanyu says I have joined and will not take over. Satyavati tells about Bhai Dooj’s gift for Chitra. Dev plans world tour. Priya calls Chitra and asks her to come for the celebrations. Chitra asks for the gift. Priya says it is a surprise. She asks her to ask Amba about her feelings for Dev. Vidhi is upset that Amba sent the dress for her.

Chitra asks Amba if she knows Dev from before. Amba asks her to ask gift from Abhimanyu. Chitra looks on. Kalumal asks Hariprasad not to go to Police and think about Vidhi. Vidhi tells Bimla that she didn’t do anything. Bimla asks her to think from his perspective and says his anger is justified. Kalumal says when we send our daughters out and give them liberty, we take risk, but can’t lock them at home. He says we don’t know what challenges they face outside, we shall not discourage them, but shall motivate them. He says if you turn your face, then she will search support outside.

Bimla asks Vidhi about new earrings. Vidhi says it is gifted by arjun as I helped him. Bimla asks why did you take it? Vidhi says she will return it. Bimla says keep it safely. Vidhi gives it to her and says she wants to talk to them.

Chitra asks Amba what I shall get from Abhimanyu. Amba says you have to hear Mahabharat story first. She tells about Bhishm and Amba’s story.Hariprasad sees scholarship letter. Vidhi says Dev sir gave for my scholarship. She says I want to study further and do this course, and can’t think of marriage for 2 years. She says if you don’t want then can tear the paper, I will not complain. Hariprasad folds the paper and give it in Vidhi’s hands. Bimla hugs Vidhi.

Chitra says it is very heart wrenching story. Amba says Amba’s love was very deep and stubborn. She says Bhishm has to pay the price for it. She tells Chitra that Devrath, your brother is bound by the responsibilities, I am Amba and has same qualities. She says she wants to get Dev and wants to marry him. Chitra asks do you love him? Amba asks will you talk to Abhimanyu about settling Dev house. Chitra gets happy and calls her Amy Bhabhi. She says she has to go and talk at home.

Abhimanyu is cooking in the kitchen. Satyavati asks Priya if all these things are at home. Priya says she don’t know. Satyavati says she shall know everything. Priya says why you want to push me to kitchen and asks why don’t you ask Chitra, what is in her kitchen. Satyavati calls Chitra. Chitra comes there. Priya asks Chitra if she knows what is in her fridge. Chitra asks Satyavati if she thinks her training can fail. She tells what is in her fridge? Satyavati gets happy. Chitra says she wants to discuss with Abhimanyu about Bhai Dooj gift.

Chitra does the rituals of Bhai Dooj. Dev gives her world tour gift from Abhi and his side. Chitra says she wants something else. Abhimanyu tells that Chitra wants your happiness and not hers. He says Chitra wanted Amba ji and you to get married. Dev, Satyavati and Priya are stunned.

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