Destined by fate update Friday 30 June 2023

Destined by fate 30 June 2023: Kanha bakes a cake for Sayuri. Nakul praises his skills. Kanha says hopes Sayuri likes it and says he needs 10/10 marks from Sayuri. Nakul asks him to be careful and not make any mistake. Kanha says there is no room for any mistake. Sayuri walks to Indu’s house recalling Saroj’s bitter words. Indu’s family pack gift boxes for Sayuri’s birthday. They ask her why did she come here instead of staying at her house as they were planning her surprise birthday celebration.

Destined by fate 29 June 2023

Sayuri cries and hugs Indu tightly. Indu and Bhanu get concerned and ask if something happened. Sayuri asks if she came between Kanha and Anjali. Indu asks why is she saying that. Sayuri says she always heard about Kanha and Anjali’s friendship and their families discussing about their marriage many times, but she Kanha married her under pressure; she came between 2 friends and lovers.

Kanha shows his brought special gifts for Sayuri. Nakul praises them. Kanha says he thinks he can’t live without Sayuri. Nakul asks if he is not sure. Kanha says he surely does and says he will surprise Sayuri with a special gift, his love.Sayuri continues to feel guilty that she snatched Anjali’s love. Bhanu says its not her mistake as her fate was not under her control. Indu says when she told Kanha doesn’t love Anjali, why is she thinking so much. Sayuri says Anjali loves Kanha though and she interfereed between 2 lovers.

Indu asks who told her all this. Sayuri says Saroj and recalls Saroj’s humiliating words. Bhanu says Kanha is loyal to her after marriage and doesn’t love Anjali, so she shouldn’t bother. Rashmi backs Bhanu. Bhanu says Kanha’s heart is clear like a heart and he feels and expresses same, so she need not worry at all.

Kanha eagerly counts time to celebrate Sayuri’s birthday. Sayuri gets convinced with Bhanu and family’s explanation and thinks Kanha always tried to justify himself and she should listen to her heart now. Kanha keeps a note for Sayuri in her room and waits for her at the birthday celebration venue. Saroj panics realizing her plan to separate Kanha and Sayuri is failing and prays god to fulfill her prayers and separate them.

Sayuri gets ready in the evening. Her family notices her hiding. Sayuri then finds a note and notices directions. Pihu informs family that Kanha drew a map of the room in which he is celebrating Sayuri’s birthday. Sayuri reaches the room and is astonished to see Kanha’s grand decoration for her birthday celebration. They both dance romantically on Hum Ko Sirf Tumse Pyar Hai.. song.

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