Destined by fate update Sunday 28 May 2023

Destined by fate 28 May 2023: Saroj gets Kusum ready in a sari and asks her to learn to drape a sari as she won’t be coming to her in-laws’ house to help her. She tells that a boy from Canada is coming to see her. Kusum asks what if the boy’s family asks why her younger brothers are married before her.

Destined by fate 27 May 2023

Saroj asks her to let her handle it and says it’s good that Sayuri went to her maika as she doesn’t want Sayuris inauspicious shadow to fall on her and ruin this alliance. Nakul walks in and seeing Kusum in a sari asks if a boy’s family is coming to see her.

Sayuri hears that and excitedly decides to be with Kusum as the boy’s family will ask for Kusum’s bhabhi. Nakul tries to stop her in vain.Saroj serves snacks to boy’s family and shows Kusum to them. Sayuri walks in.

Kanha introduces her as his wife. Guests praise praising Sayuri’s beauty and say if Sayuri was their daughter, the would have got thier son married to her. Kanha asks them not to talk like that as Sayuri and Kusum are feeling uncomfortable. Sayuri describes Kusum’s good qualities and says their son is lucky to marry Kusum.

Boy’s family gets irked with her speech and yell that girl’s fmaily is speaking so much before marriage, they would dominate them after marriage. Kanha asks them not to speak like that. Boy say s girl is having some defect and hence family is trying to cover up. Kanha asks them to leave.

Kusum cruses and yells at Sayuri that she ruined her life like she ruined her brothers’ lives and runs to her room panicking. Sayuri stands upset seeeing that. Saroj curses Sayuri next and says she wants to ruin her family’s happiness and purposely returned home from her maika to ruin the alliance.

Sayuri tries to speak, but Saroj continues cursing her. Dhanraj warns her to shut up. Saroj throws waster glasses on the flor and walks away.Dhanraj and Tej walk to -Kusum’s room and try to explain her that the boy didn’t deserve her. She continues cursing and blaming Sayuri again and says Sayuri has become dearer to them thanher. Dhanraj says if she behaves like this, it will definitely happen one day.

On the other side, Anjali panics fearing she will not get Kanha and dances rigorously recalling Kanha and Sayuri’s words. Kanha comforts upset Sayuri. and says he will support her his whole life and she will be his wife his whole life. Sayuri stands shocked hearing that.

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