Destined by fate update Monday 29 May 2023

Destined by fate 29 May 2023: Kanha visits Kusum and consoles her by wiping her tears and reminding her that in childhood whenever he used to get injured, he used to run to her and she used to comfort him. He says sister’s marraige is brother’s biggest dream and he will get her married soon.

Destined by fate 28 May 2023

Kusum asks him not to let his wife Sayuri come in front of the guests when groom’s family visits her. She says whatever people say and howmuch ever the world changes, people will value beautiful face than the nature. Sayuri hears their conversation.

Kahna gets Anjali’s call and picks it when Nakul informs him that Sayuri is not having food. He asks Anjali to wait for a minute, disconnects call, walks to Syuri and asks her not to get stubbornand have food. He touches her and finds her unconscious.

He gets tensed, asks Nakul to gethe car out, and and rushes her to the hospital. Anjali gets impatient when Kanha doesn’t cal her back and thinks if she should call him back or not.Saroj tells Kusum that servant told that Sayuri was having high fever, maybe she is just acting or is bearing her curse for troubling Kusum.

Kusum says whatever they try to defeat her, Sayrui gains attention and support always and wins. Saroj calls Anjali and asks if she is angry at them as she didn’t visit her since long. Anjali asks about Kanha. Saroj says Kanha is busy with his wife as she is acting as having fever.

Anjali asks how is Sayuri now. Saroj asks if she asked Kanha about some file, he may stay out of house with Sayuri whole night and not come home. She then disconnects call. Anjali hopes Kanha would have called her once at least.

Doctor checks Sayuri and informs that she looks severely weak and overexerted. Kanha recalls Sayuri washing clothes. Doctor says due to not having food and taking too much stress and overexertion, her heath has deteriorated and it’s very dangerous for her. Indu, Bhanu, Rashmi,

and Pihu arrive at hospital and get worried seeing Sayuri’s condition. Indu questions Kanha that he promised to take care of Sayuri, then what happened now. Doct says so many people cannot stay in patient’s room. Kanhas says he will stay back.

Everyone walks out.Rashmi and Nakul wait in a car while Kanha serves Sayuri whole night. Sun Zara Soniye Sun Zara.. song plays in the background. Sayuri starts shivering. Kanha calls doctor. Doctor gives her injection. Kanha prays to cure her soon. Kusum informs Saroj that Indu, Bhanu, and Pihu returned home without Rashmi.

Saroj asks why is Nakul also staying there and hopes Sayuri would have died and spare them. Dhanraj hears their conversation and angrily throws away his medicines. Kusum asks why is he throwing his medicine as doctor warned him not to miss even a single dose.Dhanraj says its better if he dies than seeing Saroj’s hatred. Saroj prays god to protect her husband.

Dhanraj says her sins will haunt her. Indu wakls outside the house and taunts Saroj that if she throws dirt on someone, even her hands get dirt.Doctor tells Kanha that they need to minutely observe Sayuri overnight and will arrange a nurse for her. Kanha says he will be with Sayuri whole night. Indu asks Saroj if she can take her driver along to serve tea to Kanha and Nakul.

Saroj tries to humiliate her, but Indu gives her a bitting reply irritating her more. Saroj asks her to get out of her house. Indu says she is standing outside and says she should be proud of her children who are handling the situation so well and says the more Saroj hates Sayuri, the more Kanha will love Sayuri. Saroj stands frustrated.

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