Destined by fate update Saturday 27 May 2023


Destined by fate 27 May 2023: Kanha notices Sayuri venting out her anger on the clothes while washing them and asks why she is doing this, why didn’t she apply sunblock or have lemonade, and why she is washing clothes. Sayuri says she was feeling bored at home and hence is washing clothes. He continues to show his concern for her and helps her wash clothes.

Destined by fate 26 May 2023

Ho Rabba Dil Haadan…song plays in the background. They both finish washing clothes and walk inside the home. Kanha asks her why she was washing so many clothes. Sayuri lies that she was getting bored and hence was passing on time by doing household chores. Kanha gets suspicious. Sayuri walks away.

Kanha then notices Saroj and asks her if she ordered Sayuri to do household chores. Saroj stands silent. Kanha says since she doesn’t consider Sayuri as her DIL, she shouldn’t dump household chores on her.

Saroj angrily looks at Sayuri and shouts. Sayuri stands shocked. Saroj throws a knife toward her and asks her to kill her like she killed Chiru. She further alleges that she is trying to take Kanha away from her and hence it’s better if she kills her.

Sayuri scared of her drama runs towards her house. She remembers her mother is already very tensed, wipes her tears, and enters the mother’s home where the whole family gets happy seeing her. Indu says she noticed her doing household chores and asks if Saroj dumped her so much work out of frustration.


Sayuri nods no and says she was getting bored and hence was doing work. She then asks Rashmi to bring her water and drinks it hurriedly. Indu gets worried looking at her condition.Dhanraj notices Kanha upset and asks him the reason. Kanha says Saroj is trying to trouble Sayuri to relieve her own pain.

Dhanraj says its time to set everything right. On the other side, Sayuri feels concerned regarding the financial issues at Indu’s house and asks Rashmi how will they manage this month’s expenses. Rashmi assures her that everything will be alright. She then says she discussed with Nakul about Anjali and is happy to know that Anjali understood the situation.

Sayuri blames herself for Anjali and Kanha’s separation.After some time, Sayuri returns home and tries to sleep. She gets shocked seeing him. Kanha changes his clothes and rests on a sofa. He mumbles in sleep that he wants to sleep with Chiru and walks near bed. Sayuri gets nervous seeing that and switches on the lights. She asks Kanha what is he doing. Kanha gets into his senses, apologizes, and walks away.

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