Destined by fate update Saturday 5 August 2023

Destined by fate 5 August 2023: Kanha invites Sharmas home for breakfast. Saroj frowns seeing them, but controls herself. Others feel happy seeing them. Bhanu asks about Saroj’s health. Saroj says she is fine now. Sayuri asks Kanha why he called them. Kanha says its awkward, but wanted to have breakfast with whole family. He describes his own one liner and family stays together and eats together. Kusum says he is right and did right by inviting Sharmas. She invites Sharmas to have breakfast with them. Saroj frowns more.

Sayuri thanks Kanha for respecting her maika and maintaining a decorum between maika and sasural. Nakul and Rashmi get lost into each other. Saroj gets more jealos seeing that. Dhanraj and Tej miss Balwant. Bhanu and Indu also miss him. They all 4 discuss how Balwant used to love sitting in a living room and having snacks and chat with both families. Kanha and Sayuri also remember their childhood. Nakul and Rashmi ask why don’t they remember anything. Kanha say because they are late comers. Kanha then announces to celebrate janmasthami festival with both families tomorrow. Saroj plans something tomorrow and prays Krishan ji to help her.

Sayuri gets romantic with Kanha and teases him. Bhahnu and Indu return home and feel happy after Saroj calm behavior. They look at Balwant’s photo and describe what happened there after so many years. Sayuri, Rashmi, and Kusum make preparations for the festival. Dhanraj says he didn’t know that Rashmi also is expert in all this like Sayuri. Rashmi says she is her sister’s shadow. Saroj thinks shadow has to stay where the person is, so she has planned something for them both.

Next day, both families celebrate janmastami festival at their home temple. Saroj’s sari burns during aarti. Sayuri sets off fire with her bear hands and apologises recalling Saroj slapping her last time during a similar incident. Saroj says thank you. Sayuri feels happy seeing her changing. Nakul and Rashmi interact and feel shy. Kanha walks in. Nakul walks away seeing him. Kanha says Nakul has taken a tough path which he has to walk on at any cost and not back off just like him. Sayuri asks Rashmi if she is sure that she loves Nakul. Rashmi asks why is she asking this.

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