Anupama starlife update Friday 4 August 2023

Anupama 4 August 2023: Kinjal breaks down seeing Anupama. Anupama comforts her. Kinjal asks if something happens to Toshu. Anupama assures that nothing will happen to Toshu and asks her not to lose hope. Anuj returns from doctor’s cabin and informs that all the reports haven’t returned yet and doctors can better diagnose the problem once reports come. Vanraj breaks down next. Anuj comforts him and assures that they will not let anything happen to Toshu. Doctor passes by and says he can conclude only by the morning. Next morning, Anuj prepares pancakes for Little Anu talking over phone with Anupama and enquiring about Toshu’s health. Little Anu walks to him with her school project and asks about Anu. Anuj says Toshu is ill and hence she is in the hospital. Little Anu prays Toshu’s speedy recovery and asks who will help her complete school project now. Anuj says he will, checks project and says its complicated. Little Anu says mummy would have finished it easily. Maaya walks to her and says maa will help her complete her project. Little Anu feels happy.

Shahs eagerly wait outside ICU. Anupama confronts doctor to reveal what happened to their son as they are waiting since last night. Doctor informs that Toshu suffered a paralytic stroke. Anupama comllapses hearing that. Family holds her. Vanraj says how is it possible as his son exercises daily. Doctor says sometimes one suffers a paralytic stroke due to mental stress. Vanraj sits frozen Doctor says they can’t say the seriousness of stroke, they can’t say when will Toshu recover fully or may not recover at all. Anupama recalls Toshu’s atrocities and asks how can he get a stroke. Adhik comforts her. Anupama questions why he troubles them so much for being his parents, what if is daughter troubles him. She pleads him to wake up and not give such pain, etc.

Anuj gets Kavya’s call and he informs Ankush that Toshu suffered a paralytic stroke. Ankush asks as mild or severe? Anuj says doctor can’t say anything so soon. Little Anu comes ready for school. Anuj says he packed her bag and tiffin, informs Ankush that he will visit hospital on the way. Little Anu insists Maaya to visit her school. Anuj says some other day as he has to visit hospital. Little Anu insists and takes Maaya along. Maaya sits in front seat with Anuj. Anupama returns home and stands heartbroken seeing that. Barkha asks if everything is fine. Anupama says Little Anu went to school. Barkha says Anuj went to drop her and even Maaya went with them. Anupama says she will freshen up and return to hospital. Ankush asks her how is Toshu. Anupama cries that Toshu’s condition is serious. Dimple asks her to rest for some time. Anupama says she needs to return to hospital immediately. Dimple asks her not to worry about Little Anu. Barkha says even Maaya is there. Anupama says she is not worried until them and Anuj are there. Ankush asks Barkha if Maaya’s mention was necessary. Barkha says she is just showing a reality.

Anupama returns to hospital. Anuj calls her. Anupama breaks down. Anuj video calls her and says he will come there right now. Anupama asks him not to bother as he has to take care office and Little Anu and cries that she is unable to take care of Little Anu. Anuj asks her not to worry about anything else and concentrate on Toshu. Doctor checks Toshu’s reports and informs that patient’s condition is critical. Saathi Re Thoda Teherja.. song plays in the background. They both recall quality time spent with Toshu. They walk to family senselessly. Family asks what did doctor say, if Toshu will be fine. Vanraj informs that Toshu’s stroke can be life-threatening, he wouldn’t have survived if they had not brought him to hospital on time.

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