Destined by fate update Sunday 25 June 2023

Destined by fate 25 June 2023: Sayuri feels sad after Saroj humiliating her and her family. Kanha says she doesn’t know that whenever he used to demand for any toys, his father never used to have money and hence Balwant used to fulfill his demand. He says he wanted a remote car like his friend’s, Balwant got a better car from Delhi and always fulfilled his demand; he felt his pain and feeling in Priya and hence decided to help her.

Destined by fate 24 June 2023

He says even Sayuri felt the same pain since childhood, he didn’t give money to Priya but just fulfilled her wish, etc. He says taking or giving money with wrong intention is bad, but not for good intention. He asks if he needs, will she give him money or not. She says yes as he is her friend. He says he will cut her hair to vent out his anger. She smiles and apologizes.

He says they will win Saroj’s heart here and also support Indu’s family. Sayuri agrees. Kanha returns her money. Sayuri gets a call from her college senior who asks if she is going to attend a Delhi conference. She says she is. She asks Kanha if she should go to Delhi for a day. He says she should and fulfill her parent’s dreams. She thinks he should stop her. He thinks he shouldn’t, but says she is chosen among many teachers and hence should go,

he will help her if she needs any help. She walks away disappointed. He thinks how to tell her that he cannot stay without her even for a minute.Kanha realizes that he is in love with Sayuri and dances around her on Lochaye Ulfat Hogaya.. song. He imagines Rashmi, Pihu, and Nakul joining him. Sayuri asks if he wants to say that he is in love with her. He asks if he really is in love. She walks away smiling.

He gets out of his imagination. Nakul asks Sayuri if he can accompany her to Delhi. She says next time as she needs to finish conference and return home. Kanha slowly says I love you Sayuri. Sayuri notices him and signals him. He says nothing and walks to his room.Kanha then dances on I Love You.. song.. Sayuri walks to him. He stands nervous. Sayuri asks him to give her a bag for packing her stuff. Kanha thinks how and when he will express his love for Sayuri as she is going to Delhi.

Kusum informs Saroj that Sayuri is going to Delhi and Kanha may go behind her. Saroj hopes Kanha doesn’t go behind Sayuri. Kusum asks what will she do if Kanha himself wants to go behind her. Saroj as usual curses Sayuri.Sayuri nervously blabbers. Kanha brings a big for her. Sayuri says its small as she needs to carry 2 set of clothes and needs thooth brush, paste, makeup kit, and other stuff.

He asks if she is going to settle down there. Their cute nok jhok continues. At night, while Sayuri is asleep, Kanha walks to Sayuri’s room and says I love you Sayuri. Next morning, Sayuri gets ready to leave for conference. Saroj questions her. Dhanraj asks Kanha to drop her till college. Kanha says he is busy. Nakul says he will drop bhabhi. Kanha thinks what excuse should he give to spend more time with Sayuri.

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