Destined by fate update Thursday 30 November 2023

Destined by fate 30 November 2023; Sayuri breaks down seeing Vikrant torturing her baby. She recalls getting ready for a pilgrimage and getting a news from her doctor that she is pregnant. She is surprised and asks doctor if he is sure that she was told she can’t get pregnant again. She thanks doctor and thinks of informing Kanha about her pregnancy once they return from pilgrimage. She further recalls wake up in Vikrant’s house after falling from the cliff.

Vikrant’s mother tells him its not right to keep this girl at home. Vikrant says he will keep her until she gets well. Sayuri in a subconscious state asks where is she. Vikrant says she is at his house and asks her to rest. His mother senses his intentions and asks him to send Sayuri from there. Vikrant gets angry and says he is taking care of her and she has to get well for him.

Sayuri further recalls regaining some strength and waking up after a few months. Vikrant and his mother support him. Sayuri finds her stomach empty and asks where is her son. Vikrant says their baby is fine and calls her Sachi. Sayuri asks who is he and warns him to stay away from her. Vikrant says he saved her life and is his wife Sachi from hereon. Sayuri says she has a husband and a family and wants to return to them. Vikrant says she has to stay there as his wife and threatens to kill her baby girl if she tries to leave. Sayuri collapses saying her husband will not spare him if he finds out about his atrocities. Out of flashback, Sayuri thinks Kanha doesn’t know her problem and what she is going through.

Sayuri further recalls trying to escape when Vikrant’s mother catches her. She pleads Vikrant’s mother to unite her with her baby. Old woman shows baby on a computer screen and says baby will be fine until Sayuri stays with Vikrant. Sayuri asks why are they doing this. Lady pushes her down. Vikrant emotionally blackmails and threartens her that her baby would be with his mother always if she doesn’t agree to become his Sachi. Sayuri agrees and dresses as Sachi. Vikrant then introduces her to his daughter Kuku. Sayuri acepts Kuku as his daughter. Out of flashback, Sayuri hopes she gets her baby and returns back to Kanha.

Vikrant fumes recalling Sayuri’s dancing with Kanha. He recalls Sayuri trying to complain against him to police inspector when he manages the situation somehow. He thinks he will not let her go at any cost. Kanha and Sayuri miss each other. Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai Subah Hai.. song plays in the background.

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