Destined by fate starlife update Thursday 7 March 2024

Bhanu confronts Kanha for divorcing Sayuri and deciding to marry Chaman. She reminds how he had gone mad without Sayuri and says she never expected he would leave Sayuri like this.

Kanha says no papers or law can separate him from Sayuri and recalls Sayuri insisting him to sign divorce papers as Chaman is mad behind him like Vikrant was behind Sayuri and can go to any extent. Out of flashback, he says he saw the same fear in Sayuri’s eyes again and is playing a drama to get rid off Chaman from their lives forever. Bhanu apologizes for misunderstanding him. Kanha asks her to pray that his plan gets successful.

Sayuri packs her bags and recalls Kanha stopping her from going on a college trip and insisting to accompany her. Bhanu walks to her and asks her to help Kanha in her plan for Kanha’s sake. Sayuri says she will ago from here for Kanha’s sake. Chaman walks in and says she cannot go today as there is a surprise for the whole family. Sayuri fears what must be Chaman up to.

Kanha calls Nakul and asks him to meet his friend and execute his plan soon. Nakul asks if he is still with Sayuri and was just acting. Kanha says he will explain later and asks him to do just as he says. He then walks to living room and finds family ready in their best attire. Saroj says Chaman ordered them to do so. Kanha thinks what Chaman is up to now. Tingu walks to him and says Chaman ordered him to stay at home and get ready soon. Kanha asks where is Chaman. Tingu says he doesn’t know and stops him from going out.

Nakul waits for Ammu. Ammu walks behind him recalling Kanha requesting her to stay away from Nakul. Nakul notices Ammu in a bike mirror and thinks if he was imagining Ammu. Tingu walks in with musicians. Family asks what is happening. Tingu says its Chaman’s order. Chaman walks in wearing a bridal attire and says she has decided to marry Kanha right now. She asks Sayuri to bring 2 garlands for them and warns her to accept that she has divorced Kanha and cannot get him back. Kanha says they can’t marry right now without finding a wedding muhurath. Panditji walks in and says today is the most auspicious day for wedding. Chaman rejoices while Kanha stands tensed. Chaman says he had promised to marry her. Kana says he did. She asks him to get ready and become his husband.

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