Twist of fate update Friday 5 January 2024

Twist of fate 5 January 2024: The Episode starts with Manpreet asking Akshay to talk to Ranbir and take a decision later. She tells Mihika that Akshay loves her being her brother. Mihika takes Ranbir out and asks if you are married. Ranbir says no. He tells that he was married earlier, but his wife left him. Mihika says like my boyfriend left me. Vishaka asks them to talk later and asks Prachi to welcome them. Prachi comes to Ranbir and Mihika and does their tilak and aarti. He takes the aarti. Vishaka asks them to get inside keeping their right legs inside. Divya and Neha bring the kalash and says Mihika said she will do this ritual. Prachi stops them and tells that this is grah pravesh rasam and says this is done by the girl after her marriage, as marriage is permanent.

Ranbir says just like Akshay and your marriage. Prachi says surely, when I had come here, I had kicked the kalash and entered here. Vishaka says Prachi is right, this is rasam and not a game. She tells that he is our would be damad and not damad. She asks Prachi to pick the kalash. Prachi picks it. Vishaka asks them to come inside. They come inside. Akshay tells Ranbir that he wants to ask him something. Ranbir says I know you and many people here want to question me. Ashok asks why you didn’t call us. Ranbir says I am sorry, I couldn’t call you. Akshay asks what happened to your wife. Mihika says what? He has just come inside. Ashok says we will talk to him later. He says Ranbir will stay with us for few days, we didn’t know that the guy is Ranbir.

Mihika says even I didn’t know.They ask Ranbir to come inside and stay in guest room. Divya says we have done dance too. Ranbir tells Mihika that he is very happy that her family accepted him, until they reject him. He tells that he wants to dance and seeks Prachi and Akshay’s permission. Mihika asks the dhol guys to play it aloud.

Ranbir starts dancing and dances with Mihika. Abhay, Divya and Neha dance with them. Prachi looks on sad. Later in the room, Prachi asks Akshay to say something, and says I am in tension seeing you like this. She asks if he is worried for Mihika and asks him to give her a chance. She says you don’t know Ranbir, and don’t trust him. Akshay says I like Ranbir a lot, I was angry as I felt that he is married, but he is not married. Prachi says the girl whom he married is…Akshay says right now he is single. Prachi says previously he was….Akshay says you only said that everyone has the past and its is ok. Prachi says we shall give her a chance.

Akshay says it is ok, until past doesn’t come to present. He tells Prachi that Mihika becomes aggressive in love, and tells that she does something unthinkable. He says I will ask Ranbir, with whom he was married to, and who was his first wife. Prachi asks why? Akshay asks we shall know if he is trustable or not. He asks how do you feel for him. prachi asks what to say? Akshay says when you look at him, then what you feel, what your heart says. Prachi says Ranbir…I feel that he is not the same as he appears. Akshay asks why you feel this? Prachi says she feels that Ranbir is a play boy/Philanderer.

Mihika tells Ranbir that she feels that Bhai is doubting her, as he wants genuine guy for her. She asks if he thinks her bhabhi doubts too. Ranbir says your Bhabhi is good, and says he will go and make a call. Mihika thinks to go and talk to Prachi, and ask her not to doubt their relation. Akshay tells that he is a guy and understands Ranbir. He asks why she is against Ranbir? Prachi tells that she is a woman and understands. Akshay says you are innocent and doesn’t understand people. He says you don’t know Mihika’s flaws. Prachi says sometimes we have to ignores the flaws of the people and tells that Mihika is your own sister and tells that they shall see her good points and not flaws. Akshay says you said right, but I will go and talk to Ranbir and Mihika, and asks if this is truth or Mihika’s new plan. He goes.

 Ashok telling that he doesn’t like Mihika and Ranbir’s relationship. He asks Akshay, if he likes them as a couple. Akshay says he feels that Mihika is faking her relationship. Vishaka asks Manpreet if she has done arrangements for the Teej festival. Manpreet says yes. Vishaka says she will make Mihika do such rituals to find out if she loves him or not. Akshay says it is good and tells that he fears that Mihika might marry Ranbir in her stubbornness and then will divorce him. Vishaka tells Akshay that she will handle everything. She asks Prachi to ask Mihika to be at home tomorrow. Prachi comes to Mihika and asks if she has any traditional clothes. Mihika tells that she doesn’t have as she didn’t buy. Prachi says she will arrange traditional clothes for her, as tomorrow is Teej festival and the puja which a married couple do of Shiv ji. Mihika says she is nervous for Ranbir, as Bhai thinks him wrong. She asks if she thinks him wrong like Bhai. Prachi says Akshay knows him and even me…She recalls their moments and is about to talk to her about him, when Mihika gets a call from Micky, and she tells Prachi that she has to pick the important call.

Ranbir thinks if he shall go. He sees Akshay on the terrace and asks him to say if he wants to say something. Akshay says if they have met some other place, then he would be happy. She says he doubts that if their relation is real or not. Ranbir says even I can say that Prachi and your relation is not real. Akshay gets nervous. Ranbir thinks why did he get nervous, if I am right. He tells that the two person who are in the relationship only knows that if their relation is genuine or not. Vishaka comes there. Akshay tells her that Ranbir helped him propose Prachi and she agreed, and says he is his love guru. Vishaka asks her to take his help and says you need his help. Akshay signs her and tries to stop her. Ranbir asks if there is any problem. Mihika thinks if Ranbir left, until when he will bear. She comes to Prachi and tells that she is afraid that Ranbir has run away. Prachi says Ranbir will not go even if he wants to go, but he will not go. Mihika says until when he will bear, as Bhai asks him so many questions. She then thinks if Ranbir left as he can’t handle her.

Vishaka tells Ranbir that Akshay sleeps on the terrace many times, leaving his beautiful wife. Ranbir says she is chickchiki and talks much. Akshay says he will not hear anything wrong against her and tries to defend Prachi. Prachi comes to terrace with Mihika and says you are here. Ranbir says I will not go so soon. Akshay says he has so many questions to ask him. Vishaka asks them to make arrangements for Teej which is tomorrow. Ranbir thinks he will find out the truth of Prachi and Akshay’s marriage, if their relation is strong like our relation. Prachi thinks you will not know anything. Mihika takes Ranbir with her. Vishaka asks Prachi who is Akshay? Prachi says my husband. Vishaka asks her to keep him in the bedroom, so that he don’t come here and sleep.

Prachi thinks of Ranbir and asks God what is this game, whom I dont want to see, comes infront of me, from whom I am running away, he comes infront of me. She asks God why is he sending him again to her. She says she feels pain when he is far, but she bears it somehow and when he is near, she can’t bear the pain. She cries and gets teary eyes. Song plays….Akshay tells Vishaka that Prachi will feel bad as if we are hiding from her. Vishaka says she knows well and will not feel anything. Akshay asks what do you want? Vishaka says I know you more than yourself and asks what is going on between Prachi and him, in their married life. Akshay says Mihika said that Prachi has love wala glow on her face.Vishaka says today’s kids praise anyone. Akshay asks if you don’t see glow on her face. Vishaka says she wants her to have love wala glow on her face, and says until you both gets closer like husband and wife, till then love can’t happen. She says I am your Bua, and can’t bear this anymore. She says this girl is lucky to get you. Akshay says even I am lucky to get Prachi. Vishaka says you will get crores. She says she will go to Prachi. Akshay stops her and tells her that they have come closer as husband and wife, and says if you go and ask her then she will understand that I did on your saying. Vishaka asks if you are saying truth. Akshay says yes. Vishaka hugs him. She says if you are lying then your lie will be caught during the Teej rituals.

Mihika tells Ranbir that she felt that he left due to her family and searched him everywhere. She says she then saw him on the terrace. Ranbir says if you got peace. She says and asks Ranbir what we will do tomorrow on Teej. Ranbir says like we have passed today, we will pass tomorrow also with flying colors. Mihika says sure? Ranbir says yes and shakes hand with her.

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