Destined by fate starlife update Friday 22 December 2023

Destined by fate 22 December 2023: Daadi Mausi asks Rashmi if she didn’t go yet. Rashmi thanks god that Daadi Mausi didn’t hear hher murmuring and says she is just going. Chaudhrys attend republic day celeration and enjoy it. Vikrant tells his dead wife Sachu that if she had not threatened to leave him, he wouldn’t have killed her and tried to blackmail a woman and tried to marry her, their daughter Kuku is missing her mother, he will bring another Sachu.

Destined by fate 21 December 2023

He recalls walking on road with pregnant Sachi expressing their love for each other when a few goons pass on lewd comments on Sachu. After a few years, Sachi shifts Kuku’s unused lampin store room. Vikrant asks her too go and comfort crying Kuku.A few more years pass. Sachi gets to store room to get some stuff and is shocked to see a goon who bullied her earlier dead on floor. She shouts in fear. Vikrant rushes to her. She says a goon in floor. Vikrant says he killed the goon as a punishment.

Sachi panics and says she will not stay with a criminal and will leave with her daughter right now. Vikrant says he loves her immensely and can’t live without her. Sachi slaps him and gets adamant to leave. Vikrant murders her. Out of flashback, Vikrant tells Sachi that he had to kill her as she had not let any option for him. He describes how he has confined Sayuri and has fallen in her love and will free Sachi only he marries Sayuri.

Kanha recalls Rashmi lying to him that she had asked Nakul to forget his differences with Kanha and behave like before, but Nakul doens’t want to and is just acting as good. He thinks how can Nakul change so much. Sayuri asks Vikrant if he is not going to clinic today. Vikrant says today is republic day holiday and he is going for some other important work. Sayuri asks him to visit a tailor shop on the way and ask him to bring her prewedding dresses. Vikrant agrees and reaches republic day celebration disguised as an artist.

Sayuri calls him and says tailor hasn’t reached yet. Vikrant says he informed tailor who will reach her in some time. Sayuri hears background music and asks where is he. He says he is at a republic day event where her old family is and will finish Kanha once for all and not let him trouble them again. Sayuri pleads him to let Kanha go. Vikrant asks if she still loves Kanha. She says no. He says then she shuldn’t bother and disconnects call.

Sayuri gets tensed and thinks how to alert Kanha. A lady tailor wearing burqa visits her. She asks tailor to come inside and help her try the dresses. Tailor agrees. She gives money to tailor and walks out wearing tailor’s burqa. Vikrant heads towards Kanha holding a knife.

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