Deception May 2020 teasers

Deception May teasers 2020: Pooja has to deal with Naren’s split personality and a Psychotic Bella trying to take his life, Meghna is raped before her wedding and Pooja sets out to find the culprit. Supriya’s real son returns home with evil intentions.

Zee world Deception May teasers 2020.

Friday 1 May 2020
Episode 57

Pooja sends Bela packing from the vyas mansion after learning the truth about her Pans. However she feels remorseful and meets her on the road offering to drop her off, Bella goes berserk, She takes out hammer and breaks Pooja’s car front mirror. She tells Pooja that she will take everything which she got from her and also Praveen’s heart. Naren saves Pooja.

Saturday 2 May 2020
Episode 58

Surbhi is excited by the news of Pooja and Naren’s break up.

Sunday 3 May 2020
Episode 59

Bela has won Naren over to her side: she manages to send spiked Laddos to Naren. Pooja and anuj try to stop him from eating but they are too late. Naren have bhang laddoo and gets under its influence. Bela makes ropes and says everyone will be punished now.

Monday 4 May 2020
Episode 60

The Vya’s family finally see that Bela is after Naren and Pooja, she takes Surbhi and Rahul to trigger the situation at home. Pooja comes in the nick of time.

Tuesday 5 May 2020
Episode 61

Bella comes back harder and kidnaps the vyas she threatens to kill the whole family each hour until Naren comes to him. She ends up harming Harsha by slitting her throat. Meanwhile Pooja has locked Naren inside to save him. Pooja tries to be the hero and save everyone but can she stand up against psycho Bella who has shown her true colours and no one can stop her.

Wednesday 6 May 2020
Episode 62

Naren can’t stop seeing Bela everywhere. He sticks closer to Pooja to rid off her memory. Meanwhile Bella goes to her old home and recalls all the traumas of her past. She vows to never give up her quest of killing Naren and Parveen’s parents for what they did to her.

Thursday 7 May 2020
Episode 63

Supriya loses patience with her family and threatens to leave.

Friday 8 May 2020
Episode 64

Meghna, the adopted daughter of the family is making her arrival in years amidst mixed feelings. Pooja cant wait to meet the the name that everyone keeps mentioning in the house.

Saturday 9 May 2020
Episode 65

Pooja has a premonition of danger ahead, what could this mean? She has nightmares about Meghna being tied up and kidnapped, she wakes up and goes to her bedroom to check on her.

Sunday 10 May 2020
Episode 66

Inspector is already doing the investigation to Meghna’s attack, Rahul seems to be the main suspect because of his missing button that was found in Magna’s clothes.

Monday 11 May 2020
Episode 67

Pooja finds Meghna as she is about to leave the country courtesy of Mr Goenka.

Tuesday 12 May 2020
Episode 68

Meghna gives another hint that she had scratched the rapist at the back, all the men are asked to pull off their shirt and Anuj is declared the culprit because of marks found at his back. Anuj tries to find an alibi but Shivani brings the report of the location. She tells that Hardik, Danish and Naren were in resort, but Anuj’s location was shown in Vyas Mansion. Anuj is arrested and taken to court for persecution. Anuj is now the suspect in Magna’s attack.

Wednesday 13 May 2020
Episode 69

Surbhi see’s the face of the culprit who keeps killing and raped Meghna. It is none other than hardik.

Thursday 14 May 2020
Episode 70

Neelima can’t believe that her husband of so many years is so cruel, she goes to her room and tries to kill herself.

Friday 15 May 2020
Episode 71

Supriya lost son, Angraj makes an appearance.

Saturday 16 May 2020
Episode 72

Rahul and Angraj seem to have come together to destroy Naren.

Sunday 17 May 2020
Episode 73

Anuj is keeping his eye on Angraj and the party, this could be his last day breathing.

Monday 18 May 2020
Episode 74

Naren kills Anuj and Anuj kills Angraj. The misconception leads to Naren and Pooja separation.

Tuesday 19 May 2020
Episode 75

Supriya blames Pooja for her sons death and comes together with Neelima to make sure that she loses the elections.

Wednesday 20 May 2020
Episode 76

Pooja is hospitalized.

Thursday 21 May 2020
Episode 77

Pooja runs away from the hospital.

Friday 22 May 2020
Episode 78

Pooja tries to warn Naren about the danger ahead but Naren is being stubborn and ignores her.

Saturday 23 May 2020
Episode 79

Pooja realises the only way to protect Naren is to lie to him once again.

Sunday 24 May 2020
Episode 80

Naren is kidnapped by Rahul and Angraj, he hires a plastic surgen and steals Narens whole life acting like him.

Monday 25 May 2020
Episode 81

Naren believes that the whole brutal experience is what Pooja had planned to destroy him.

Tuesday 26 May 2020
Episode 82

Angraj is finally leaving like Naren, only Pooja notices he is not Naren but she plays along and tries to find the real Naren.

Wednesday 27 May 2020
Episode 83

Naren is losing a lot of blood and has to be rushed to the hospital, but this is part of his plan to escape all that Angraj is doing to him.

Thursday 28 May 2020
Episode 84

Naren has escaped and he and Pooja come up with another plan to defeat Angraj.

Friday 29 May 2020
Episode 85

Naren has amnesia and forgot that he was once married to Pooja.

Saturday 30 May 2020
Episode 86

Angraj buries Naren and goes back to marry the love of his life Pooja.

Sunday 31 May 2020
Episode 87

Naren has woken up from the dead with the help of the plastic sugeon, he goes back and makes all those who made him suffer pay for Pooja’s tears.

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Extended teasers for Deception 

Bela prepares pan sprinkled with poison. Naren tastes it and starts behaving like Parveen, he wears his kind of clothes and speaks his accent later brings strange sarees for Pooja making her confused.

Naren is acting all strange, Neelima tells Rahul that pr*stitute blood is speaking and says his mind is corrupt. Rahul says not mind, but heart and tells that the matter is serious. Later Naren forces Pooja to have milk but she refuses and snaps back at him. Naren comes to his senses and recalls eating Bella’s Pan cake.

Once again Bella lures Naren with her cake. This time she almost succeds in creating a rift between Pooja and Naren. Bela tries to feed pan to Naren with knife. Pooja comes there and is shocked to see them closer. She makes Bela get up and throws knife with pan, and slaps her hard. Naren gets up and gives a tight slap to Pooja. He then realizes and goes behind Pooja. Pooja says she don’t want any clarification. Naren declares that the heart of Parveenis drawing his closeto Bela and he will take it out if it will stop hurting Pooja.

Naren is acting crazy again, the family see him wrestling with the servants outside, later he disrespects the priest and the prayers and then goes on to fight Rahul, asking him to vacate his room. The whole family is surprised even as Bella keeps calling out to him and feeding him more pan.

Bella has Naren under his control totally now. Naren is trying to break free but is too drawn by her ladoos. She manipulate him: Bela asks him to scare and loot her inlaws and asks them to give all jewellery which they have. Naren refuses to do but Bela threatens to burn all ladoos which she has. Naren agrees and holds them on knife point. He asks them to give all jewellery and precious things. Meanwhile Pooja is trailing for him and almost catches him.

Bella makes one more request from Naren that he kidnaps her in-laws. Anuj and Rachel meets him while on the mission, he acts strange to them again, finally he succesds in kidnapping them. Bella kills them both and goes for Naren’s heart, however Pooja comes intime to rescuevhim and bring him back to his senses.

Pooja refuses to believe that Bella is controlling Naren but he is acting of his free will. She threatens to leave him. Pooja and Naren are to go to Madhupur for their anniversary celebration.

Rahul plots with Bella to capture the bus and kidnap Naren. Bella plots with some monk who decide to castrate Naren as his punishment. However Rahul gets trapped in it. Pooja has visions of Naren stabbing her. There’s a magical spell cast in everyone but at the end Pooja and

Naren gets to know the danger his family is in and goes to save them. Harish calls the police. In the scuffle, a fire stars and Naren saves Bella’s father leaving everyone astonished.

Bella changes her ways and apologies for her behavior, she is arrested by the police and the vyas family seem happy again. Surbhi’s baby shower is celebrated but Rahul gets a call that unsettles everyone, what new trouble await the vyas?

Neelima disgraces surbhi and disrupts the party after learning that she is expecting a daughter and not a son. Also Meghna, the adopted daughter of the family is making her arrival in years amidst mixed feelings. Pooja has a premonition of danger ahead, what could this mean?

The vyas wait in anticipation for Meghna would be inlaws, the Goenkas who also happen to be Naren political ally. Unfortunately they break the alliance after finding out she is blind. Kunal is adamant to continue the wedding but Meghna insists on their blessings. Pooja and Naren try to convince them by promising them a land, they agree but with sinister motives.

Meghna Mehendi ceremony is riddled with problem that pooja’s premonition seems to be coming true. Her chunri catches fire and the Haldi cream itces her. Supriya declares it inauspicious.

Pooja can’t stop asking the men to change their black sherwani but Naren allays her fears. Later Mrs Goenka cleans Kunal’s name from Meghna hand. They ask their son to sign the papers Pooja and Naren sent.

Meghna is raped before her wedding can happen and the vyas family is thrown in shock. Could it be all part of the Goenkas plot?

Harish and neelima insists on getting Meghan married despite the incidence but Naren and Pooja stand against it. Harish says if this news goes out then Meghna have to face humiliation. Naren says I won’t let anything change in her life. Later the police arrive at the vyas mansion for investigation and the wedding is called off.

Naren is ready to put his political career in line to see that Meghan get’s Justice, however the police inspector accuses all the male in the house for raping her. Rahul becomes the major suspect as his sherwani button goes missing.

Meghan gains consciousness and reveals a shocking truth. Rahul is acquitted of the crime after Pooja and the CCTV shows him as innocent. Meanwhile the Goenkas invite the media to create more scene and at the end Naren is accused of raping Meghan as his citrus perfume was used by the rapist.

The family is divided on believing Naren innocence expecially as he keeps it a secret on where he was at the hour the crime was committed. Later Surbhi sees the citrus perfume in their room and goes to tell everyone that Rahul is the culprit, now rahul and Naren become the two suspects.
Shivani says all relatives are trying to fool police, says Pooja tried to save Rahul and now Surbhi tried to save Naren. She says it is both brother’s doings and asks constable to arrest both of them. She asks lady constable to call media and asks them to click pic, as two sons of Vyas family are arrested. She is about to take them, when Pooja realizes something and stops Shivani.

In a twist, Pooja sees Meghan anklets in the vyas mansion, she says they had returned it to the Goenkas, which means the rapist might have brought it along from the Goenkas. Sarita is called and she instead accuses the Vyas of theft. Still not satisfied, Shivani withhold and tortures naren sonhe can say where he was at the hour the crime was committed but Naren refuses.

Mr Goenka signs Meghna hospital papers lying to the nurses that she is still his daughter in-law, however later he threatens her and asks her to return to London. Sarita questions Kunal is he was the culprit behind Meghna’s rape, he is adamant to say. While on their route to the airport, Mr Goenka leaves blind Meghna in the middle of the road.

Just when Shivani, the vengeful police inspector is about to shoot Naren dead, Pooja comes with another proof that point to Kunal as the rapist as he had bribed the gatemen to bring the anklets to the vyas house. However in a turn of event, Meghna declares him innocent as she insists that she knows his touch because they had been intimate before. Everyone is repulsed but Kunal is saved.

Meghna gives another hint that she had scratched the rapist at the back, all the men are asked to pull off their shirt and Anuj is declared the culprit because of marks found at his back. Anuj tries to find an alibi but Shivani brings the report of the location. She tells that Hardik, Danish and Naren were in resort, but Anuj’s location was shown in Vyas Mansion. Anuj is arrested and taken to court for persecution.

Pooja sets out to defend her brother against the worng accusation he is facing. In the court room, Satish tells Kusum that he has convinced a lawyer with much difficulty. Anuj is brought there, and asks where is Pooja?Pooja is in the car and thinks Anuj can’t take wrong promise and thinks whoever is the culprit must have gone to nearby tailor.

The tailor is ready to testify in court that Anuj is innocent and he wasn’t the man who had come to meet him to sew his torn shirts. However Pooja is attacked on their way to court and the tailor kidnapped. Anuj is sentenced to prison as no evidence proved otherwise, Pooja is devasted. Anuj tells Rachel to tell their baby that he is innocent. Pooja tells Anuj that she won’t let anything happen to him. Anuj is upset with her. Rachel asks Pooja why don’t she believe him when he swear on their baby. Naren promises to do something.

Naren and Pooja visit a private investigator Ajay to track down the tailor and the culprit who kidnapped him. He also reveals to her that he had been trailing Supriyaand Harish real son at the time when the rape happened and that was why he couldn’t reveal his whereabouts to the police and family. Meanwhile Anuj is being tortured by Shivani and forced to sign a confession letter acknowledging his guilt.

Pooja visits the tailor to testify in court to prove Anuj’s innocence. The tailor agrees to do so, which makes Pooja happy. The court commences the proceedings against Anuj. Meanwhile, an anonymous person attacks Pooja and kidnaps the eyewitness. Subsequently, Pooja gains her consciousness and narrates the whole scenario to Naren. Upon hearing this, Naren realises that Anuj has not raped Megna. Later, the judge sentences Anuj to life imprisonment.

The private investigator gives Naren and Pooja a CCTV footage that proves Danish as the criminal and Anuj innocent. Anuj is released and Danish arrested despite his plea of innocence. Later Kunal insists on marrying Meghan despite the scandal, however Meghan refuses to accept his proposal again stating that she can’t give his family a bad reputation. She also insists that Danish is innocent and only after he is released before she can get married again.


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