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Deception June 2020 teasers

Deception June teasers 2020 Naren and Pooja reunite one final time against Angraj, they come out successful and all is well with the Vyas...

Deception May 2020 teasers

Deception May teasers 2020: Pooja has to deal with Naren's split personality and a Psychotic Bella trying to take his life, Meghna is raped...

Deception March 2020 teasers

Deception March teasers 2020: Pooja fights to rekindle the love between her and Naren. She reveals the truth to him, will he accept her...

Deception February teasers 2020

  Deception February teasers 2020: Pooja and Naren to realise their love for each other as the Vyas family face more scandal and betrayal this...

Deception January 2020 teasers

  Anticipate! Here are the first teasers for Zee World new series Deception coming January 2020. A supernatural tale like never before seen... Zee world: Deception...