Curse of the sands update Wednesday 12 May 2021

Curse of the sands 12 May 2021: Siya picks pen to sign divorce papers thinking if Ram wants their relationship to break up, here it is. Mohini claps and congratulates herself that her sautan is getting away from Rana saa.

Dayimaa enters and says these papers will not change their relationship. Mohini shouts this bawri tokri/Dayimaa always interferes and troubles her, now she has to show her presence to Rana saa and end his and sautan’s relationship. She gets all her aides into herself and runs. Dayimaa continues explaining Siya that divorce papers cannot end her and Ram’s relationship. Ram enters and requests her not to interfere in his personal matters.

Dayimaa says he is Behramgarh’s kunwar saa and his life is an open book, though his 2 generations stayed out of Behramgarh, he has returned back to his ancestral land and his citizens pray him like god, he is a role model and in Sisodia family, divorce has not happened till now and will never happen. Dadimaa enters. Dayimaa tells her that Ram wants to gift divorce to his citizens. She continues her confrontation and says if Ram does not agree, she will end her life than seeing Sisodia family’s destroyal. She pulls knife and tries to slit her neck. Ram stops her and shouts what the hell. Dayimaa gives his hand in Siya’s hand and says their relationship is special and they are an example for Behramgarh, their jodi should be forever.

Mohini tries to enter palace shouting she will end Siya today. When she steps on amantrit holy line drawn by pandits, she falls far away and realizes Dayimaa has done this. Dayimaa informs Dadimaa that chudail cannot harm Ram and Siya now and cannot enter palace. She burns divorce papers and throws them. Mohin fumes sitting in lawn. Diya in outhouse tent thinks if Ram wants her to go away from hi, she will go away, but how will she live without him. Mohini flies burnt divorce papers on tent and burns it. Tent burns.

Siya realizes fire around her and calls Ram for help. Ram runs towards her. Mohini shouts not to go.. Siyaa falls down. A pole is about to fall on her when Ram jumps on her bearing burning pole on his back. He then lifts Siya and walks out of tent. Mohini fumes more and continues shouting. Ram walks into place lifting Siya. Dayimaa dorns black shawl on him, it falls down. Teri deewani…song..plays in the background. Ram’s stepmom picks shawl and tells her son there must be evil spirits in palace. Son says someone set fire purposefully. Mohini lashes herself thinking that because of her, Ram’s back got burnt.

Siya applies medicine on Ram’s back. Ram tries to wake up. She asks to sleep silently and asks why he wants to go away from her. He thinks he loves her a lot and cannot stay without her, but says he does not love her anymore. Siya reminisces their romantic mornings when Ram does not go to office and gets romantic each day.

Dayimaa thinks how can her experienced eyes not sense chudail Mohini’s tricks. Door opens. She walks out and is about to step out of holy line, but stops seeing Mohini standing far away in front of her. Mohini laughs on her asking what happened to her holy line, trishul, etc.., nothing could stop her; if she cannot get Rana saa, she will end even him.. Dayimaa stands tensed.

Mohini tells Dayimaa/Devaki that once Ranasaa/Ram sees her under Kartik poornima’s moon, he will be hers forever both by soul and body; nobody can stop her, not even god or evils. Dayimaa stands worried in corridor whole night. In the morning, Dadimaa informs Dayimaa that Ram promised Behramgarh’s citizens that he will perform karthik poornima’s oootja in open ground instead of palace, she has to change his mind. Dayimaa stops Dadimaa and says praan jaye par vachan na jaye, Khatriya’s promise cannot be broken even by giving life, Ranasaa will fulfill his promise at any cost, Kunwar ranisaa/Siya will protect Ram. Mohini thinks her sautan cannot protect her Ranasaa.

Dayimaa orders Siya to get ready for pooja with Ram. Servants take jewelry to her room. Stepmom with her overacting says it is her jewelry, give it to them. Servants ignore her and walk to Siya’s room. Dadimaa enters and says Ram is legal heir and stepmom is just her son Harshvardhan’s second wife. Stepmom fumes. Her son enters next and says Rani Sarojini is right, Ram is legal heir, but till when?

Jalebi praises Siya’s beauty and asks her to wear royal jewelry and clothes and get ready. Siya imagines Ram getting her ready. Ram imagines Siya getting him ready. Jaanam Dekhlo Mitgayi Duriyaan…song..plays in the background. Once Ram gets ready, he realizes maid got him ready instead of Siya and Siya feels same. Dadima performs their aarti and ties their gathbandhan saying Ram is safe until Siya is with him and he should never untie gathbandhan knot. Mohini fumes that her Sautan cannot look good in front of Ranaaa, removes her jewelry, takes bath and gets ready thinking she is waiting since 500 years for Ranasaaa and tonight they will meet for sure. Dayimaa gathers her team and orders to protect Ranasaa and Kunwar Ranisaa like a shadow.

Ram and Siya walks towards pooja venue holding lamp. People chant Ranasaa ki jai ho…Stepmom and her son pass first. People stop chanting. Stepmom gets angry. Ram and Siya walk next with Dadimaa and Dayimaa. People chant their names again and touch Ram’s feet. Mohini mingles among people thinking it is her good fate to touch Ranasaa’s feet, she was waiting for this moment since 500 years. She touches feet, but gets shock due to gathbadhan.

Dayimaa senses her presence and informs Dadimaa that her doubt was right, chudail is around here to harm Kunwarsaa, but she has made arrangements to protect him, so Dadimaa need not worry. Chudail taunts Dayimaa that whatever Dayimaa tries, she cannot protect Ranaa saa as she is waiting for Rana saa since 500 years and tonight she will get him at any cost. Dayimaa catches her, but she disappears and laughs from behind that she cannot catch her at all, Rana saa will see her face tonight..

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