Curse of the sands update Thursday 22 July 2021

Curse of the sands 22 July 2021: Mohini calls her shadow Chahya, but when it does not return, she gets tensed and thinks it may be a sign of upcoming problem. Dayimaa notices that and walks away feeling a sigh of relief.

In jungle, Vanraj reveals he loves Siya. Jhumri asks if Siya is still alive. Vanraj says forget about Siya and get ready to die. Jhumri shouts to spare her. Vanraj leaves. She shouts once she frees herself, she will find out where Siya is and how to kill that chudail. She uses sunrays via mirror reflection to burn rope and free herself. Back in palace, Dayimaa walks into Rana’s room and sees him hugging Siya/Kali. Rana parts ways and says he was consoling his friend. Dayimaa informs that Mohini’s shadow is missing and it is a good signs, she is happy to see her children happy.

Once she leaves, Ram gets romantic with Siya again. Dayimaa frightens Maya that she should stay away from Kali as she is close to Mohini and may get even Maya killed if she interferes in Kali’s issues. Maya agrees.

Rana takes Siya/Kali to jungle’s shiv mandir and says he feels peace here. Kali says even evils cannot enter temple. She asks if he has ever gone to palace’s temple. He says it is closed. She says temples never close. At palace, Dayimaa asks Mohini why she is looking so tensed. Mohini says her shadow is missing. Dayimaa asks to use her magic and find out. Mohini say sshe did, but could not trace her shadow.

Dayimaa thinks where shadow must have gone. Kali continues questioning Rana if he has entered that temple and if there is any old relationship with that temple. Rana gets severe headache and reminisces promising Siya never to hurt her and to love her forever in that temple. He holds trishul and injures his hand and smears his blood on Kali’s forehead. Kali thinks she wanted her identity in Ram’s life, now she will soon back in Ram’s life.

Siya/Kali asks Rana if he has his past associated with palace’s temple. He gets severe headache trying to remember his past and holding his hand on trishul injures it and smearing his blood on Kali’s forehead collapses. Kali sprinkles water on him and wakes him up, asks if he is fine. He says yes, let us return to palace before anyone doubt them. She takes him to palace and drops him in his room. He sees blood on her forehead and asks how did she get it. Seh smiles and asks him to rest. He asks how can she smile with injury. She says he did this. Mohini passes by and hearing Rana speaking to someone stops. Dayimaa walks to her and asks if she found out where her shadow is.

Mohini says no. Dayimaa says she should find out her shadow soon before it is too late. Mohini says she is right, her powers are incomplete without shadow. She walks away. Kali tells Rana to rest as Mohini and her shadow’s risk are still on them. She walks out of room. Dayimaa asks what happened to her forehead. Kali says Rana smeared it. Dayimaa gets happy and prays for Rana and Kali’s togetherness. She then sees blood drop on floor and asks whose blood is it. Kali says must be Rana’s. Dayimaa checks and thinks it is neither human nor chudail’s blood, some new enemy has entered palace.

Kali returns to her room. Vanraj hugs her from behind. Kali thinks Rana is hugging and asks what is he doing. Vanraj speaks. She pushes him and asks what is he doing here. He asks why did not she return to meet him, he knows what is happening between her and Rana, etc. Rana hears sound and walks towards Kali’s room.

Vanraj tries to force himself on Kali and insists to kiss him. Rana sees that and walks away thinking how is that man related to Kali. Kali slaps Vanraj and warns to go away, but Vanraj continues forcing himself on her. Dayimaa reaches there and warns Vanraj to leave Kali, else she will kill her. Vanraj says she cannot harm him. Dayimaa pulls knife. Kali stops her and says he is her friend and has gone mad, she will explain him. She asks Vanraj to go. He walks away saying if someone else touches her, she will kill him.

Dayimaa consoles Kali. Kali says she is fine and wants to be alone for sometime. Dayimaa informs Kali how Vanraj was cursed to be half human and half animal and is threat for Rana, so Raj Purohith promised to kill his son but has not yet; if Vanraj sees Rana, he will kill him.

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