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Curse of the sands 5 July 2021: Siya does Mohini’s manicure and is about to cut her black evil nail when Mohini pushes her and says not this baby. Siya thinks she will use Vanraj’s strategy to get Mohini’s evil nail. Jhumri cries in front of Bindu that Vanraj broke her heart ruthlessly.

Bindu asks what did he say. She repeats what Vanraj told. Vanraj meets Kali/Siya as gardener and explaining his plan gives her chemical bottle hidden in flower basket. Rana walks to Kali and asks if she is having affair with gardener. Kali starts her drama and he walks away yelling.

Kaali then tries to return into haveli holding flower basket when Ghagra paltan team stops her and asks what is hidden in flower basket. Mohini joins them. Kaali starts her drama again. Mohini asks her to keep quiet and checking flower sends her in. DK thinks Kaali acts suspicious and she needs to find out what she is up to.

Kaali picks Vanraj’s given bottle and reminisces him telling it has strong chemical which will not harm chudail but will kill human; she has to pour a few drops on Mohini’s finger ring and when it touches nail, nail will come out and Siya can hide it soon. Siya drops chemical on ring when it falls down and burns table cloth. Ram enters and keeps liquor bottle on it. Siya drops chemical again and it falls into liquor glass. Siya runs down and drops glass. Rana yells at her and forces her to pick broken glasses from her mouth. Siya does it crying and thinks he became so ruthless..

Siya adds Vanraj’s given chemical in Mohini’s ring and keeps it on her dressing table. She hides seeing Mohini coming in. Mohini senses somethihng suspicious and thhnks where is ghagrapaltan team. They emerge. She asks them to get her ready. DK starts her drama and praises Mohini that she is looking very hot and if she goes in front of Rana, he will forget that he took sautan/Siya’s name. Mohini gets angry. DK apologizes. Mohini picks ring and senses something is wrong in it today. DK in mirror notices Kaali/Siya hiding and dragging her out complains Mohini to check what her favorite nazar battu is doing.

Ghagra paltan/GP team asks if she came to steal. Siya says she did not steal any make up item and continues her drama. Mohini gifts her ring to Siya and asks her to wear it. GP team says Kaali does not deserve costly ring. Moini insists siya to wear it. Siya wears it and runs away unable to bear pain. Poison starts spreading her body and she runs down.

Vanraj senses Siya in trouble and tries to leave home when Jhumri stops him and asks where is he going leaving her alone, why he is remembering kunwar rani saa, etc. Bindu also starts her drama and stopping Vanraj asks to tell where is he going. Vanraj thinks Siya is in trouble, but he cannot help.

Siya crawls till living room and falls dead. Inebriated Rana walks to Siya and wakes up shouting what is she doing here, she is really weird. Siya starts her drama seeing him. He walks away yelling. Siya sees one more knot missing from her protective thread and thinks she lost one more life. Rana walks near Mohini’ room and knocking door says he is very hungry. Mohini asks him to go and ask servant. Siya hears that and preparing food for Rana invites him, but he walks away seeing her black face.

Siya sees Mohini asking DK if she got what she ordered. DK gives her medicine and says she should mix it in Rana’s drinks and he will fall unconscious and will not know what is happening, she can consummate with him then.

DK gives medicine to Mohini and asks her to mix it in Rana’s alcohol, he will lose his conscience and will not know whom he is spending time with. Kaali/Siya watching him via door thinks what are they discussing. Ghagra paltan/GP team says now Mohini needs to ward off nazar and calls Kaali. Kaali walks in and asks Mohini if she called them.

Mohini asks why is she holding helmet. kaali says Rana does not like her face. Mohini says so see, she cares for Rana so much. GP team asks Kaali to perform Moini’s nazar. Kaali does. DK asks her to revolve around Mohini. Siya does and asks what is special today. Mohini says she will consummate with Rana and unite with him forever. Siya stands shattered hearing that. DK asks her to consume chillies. She bites chillies saying she can bite whole chilli tree for Mohini.

Vanraj waits for Siya’s call. Siya calls him and insists to meet her right now. Vanraj leaves home. Bindu asks Jhumri who is new girl in Vanraj’s life after Siya. Jhumri shows her how she painted Vanraj’s slippers to follow him. Vanraj meets Siya who informs that Mohini wants to consummate with Rana and asks how to stop it. Vanraj says let it go as if chudail and human consummate, not even got can separate them. Siya asks how can she let her husband sleep with anyone else.

Their argument continues. Siya says she does not need Vanraj’s help from hereon and alone she will take her revenge. Once she leaves, Vanraj turns and sees Jhumri standing. Jhumri cries that he is madly in Siya’s love and has gone blind, etc..

Siya tries to return to haveli, but GP team stops her and says nobody can enter palace today and asks her to go and pray for Mohini. Siya goes to temple and cries that she needs devimaa’s help as her suhaag is in danger. She continues her prayers and says she knows that god helps whoever helps herself/himself. She promises that she is ready to give her life to stop Rana and Mohini’s union and god will help her.

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