These Streets update Thursday 24 June 2021

These Streets 24 June 2021: Aru says you are brave. She was shot today becaue of you. He life is more important that your friendship. Shan cries and says sorry puchki forgive me. Reporter says just paying them money? Neel says no no he has agreed to get her admission in Shan’s school. Ravindra has has to nod. Puchki says to Chanda shan was very mad a me. Neel calls Puchki and says there is a good news for you. You will study in Shan’s school. Chanda says is that right? He says yes she will study in Shan’s school. This is a golden opportunnity for Puchki come to school. Chanda wonders if Thaku ma will allow. Puchki is very happy. She says I will come to you Shan.

Ravindra slaps Neel and says I am your father. You asked me all that in front of media. Don’t act smart in front of me. Neel says I don’t. I just converted your charity drama in reality. Ravindra says I had to say yes in front of media but I will make sure she doesn’t get admission there. I will leave those people from Sona kachi.

Thakur ma does pooja. She says you are popular in whole city Chanda. Chanda syas I wanted to talk to you. Puchki got admission in Shan’s school. Beauty says she wont go anywhere. Chana says please Thaku ma. Thaku ma says I will let you take her to school. Chanda says thank you. Thaku ma says just do something. When you take Puchki bring Shan here. If one kid goes other has to come

Thaku ma says Shan will take training from Pathan and will replace him when he grows up. Chanda says what are you saying. Thaku ma shoves her and says how did you even think of sending a girl outside. Puchki belongs to this Bari. she will do everything here and never go out. I gave her father 5 lacs. She leaves. Beauty says you will fall every time you try to fall. Chanda cries.

Shan picks junior. Maid says if madam sees she will be really angry. He says she reminds me of Puchki. Nevi takes the baby from her and says don’t you understand or everyone in sona kachi is duffer? He says I was just playing with my brother. Nevi says he isn’t your brother. Don’t dare touching my baby again. She shoves Shan.

Aru holds him and says is this how you will tret our kids? She says really loving your illegitimate baby? He says stay in limit. She says you will tell me limit? He says open your eyes and see what is happening in this house. She says everything is going wrong since shan came. He says can’t we move on since you had this baby with your sona kachi lover. He slaps her. aru leaves. Nevi says I will never forget this slap. Shan will pay for this he is the reason for all this.

Chana cries and says I know God solves all the problems. Please do something God. Shan is on one side and Puchki on other side. I don’t want to be unfair. Please do something. I promised Arpita I will take care of Puchki more than my son. Who will help me God? I am so alone. Aru comes there. Chanda says you? Aru hugs her. Beauty and Rana see them.

They take Aru and Chanda’s pictures. she says this photo should go in the newspaper. She says now see how I crush the ego of his father.

Chanda says go away. He says I need you. Please don’t leave me. I need you. He says I can’t handle anything. Ever since Nevi got to know she has changed a lot I have changed and lost. She says everything will fix. He says can I live with you Chanda. Can we run away from here? Please? I dont’ wanna go home. I want peace and you. Lets run away from here.

Beauty says this is Sona Kachi. You only get a few hours with these women. No girl can run away from here. Every women who runs from here died and so does her lover. You can ask me what you want. You can live with chande this night. Let me know what you need. Come.. Chanda will give you 4 hours. It will be tour to heaven.

Chanda says go from here Aru. Face your problems. you can’t run from your kids. Why do you want your kids to be like those of Sona kachi? Go from here right now. Never come back here again. We are always from other worlds. Forget that we ever met. Aru leaves. Beauty says she is getting old and stupid. I can get you a younger one. aru leaves. Chanda goes to her room.

Shan gives Nevi a frame and says it will have my and junior’s photo. Nevi breaks it. He says why did you break it mama? She says fix it you can. Shan cries. Shan says it wont fix. Chanda says now you know.. Relations don’t fix either. Don’t ever come near my son. Its his naming ceremony don’t come there. Shan says mama.. He holds her hand. she shoves him. Shan says mama I know you are mad at me. Papa told me everything. You have problem with bari and those people. I will never take their name again. I will prove you I am your son.

Chanda says this shouldn’t happen. I wont let Aru leave his house ever. Chanda says no matter what. Chanda says I will tolerate everything but wont let him leave his house.

Puchki says I have gotten my school bag ready. Puchki says why are you crying? You cry like Shan. He cries like you too. Chanda says we aren’t brave like you. Chanda says your life would be full of happiness. Your bag is really good. Puchki says we will go school tomorrow. Chanda says we will go after some day. Puchki says but why? I wanna go tomorrow. Chanda says we will go after some days. She says okay.
Puchki says I so wanted to meet Shan. Have to do something. She says idea. I can go where he is. I am coming.

Shan says mama I am your son. I will prove that to you. I love you mama. He sits in her feet. He says ma sent me to you and if you don’t look at me where will I go. Why am I so alone when I have two moms. He says I will do what I ask. she says then fix my son. Can you fix his feet? Can you? She says if you want me to forgive you then do it. I don’t have such a big heart. Nevi leaves.

Puchki says to Pathan take me to Shan. He takes her to Shan’s house. He says you are so stubborn you stopped eating. I had to bring you here. SHe says I had to do that drama. Pathan looks at the chefs. He says you will go in with them. Puchki dresses as a chef and goes in.

The naming ceremony is going on inside. Puchki says why is shan nowhere. Ravindra asks Aru where is shan? Aru says he isn’t feeling well so he might not come to the function.

The chef says to Puchki just go and meet your friend and come back to us in the kitch. Puchki looks for Shan.
Chanda comes there in a veil. Pathan sees her. He wonders why chanda came here and that too in a veil. Chanda sneaks inside.

Moushumi says to Nevi here is the new massage woman for junior. The older one went to her village. She sent this one. When she comes back this one will leave. Chanda says so massage will be of your one son only? Nevi says I only have one son. Chanda says you adopted a son too? Moushmi says he is fake. Nevi says you can take off your veil there are only women here. Moushmi says let me take off your veil. Chanda stops her hand. Junior cries.

Chanda picks him and makes him sleep. Chanda says I am not comfortable will taking off my veil but if you want.. Nevi says its okay. They leave.
Chanda says so you are the one who came to this world and ruined my son’s world. Because of you I had to come here. I have to fix what you did wrong. I am sorry but Nevi needs to learn a lesson. I dont’ have another option.

The function starts. Jamai says before our son comes here lets find out the letter he will be named after. Mrs. Shashi is here to guide us with the naming. Mrs. Shashi says the letter would be R, Sh or T. She says Nevi and Aru please come forward. They come forward. She says from R.. They both say different names. Mrs. Shashi says two names.. Decide one.

Puchki looks for Shan. Shan is hidden behind the stairs. He recalls when Puchki asked him why did you name me Puchki. He said because when you were born you were really small. Puchki means someone very close to heart. Puchki throws in Ridhoy. Shan wonders who threw the chit of Ridhoy name. Ravindra says such a nice name. It means close to heart. Everyone claps. Puchki sees Shan. She says I found you. Puchki sneaks.
nevi comes to room and says where is junior. She sees the cradle and screams. No one is there.

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