Curse of the sands update Saturday 26 June 2021


Curse of the sands 26 June 2021: Siya emotionally hugs Ram/Rana. Ram touches her sensuously and starts molesting her tearing her dress sleeve. Siya is shocked and asks what is he doing. He pushes her and tries to force himself on her. She pushes him and runs. He follows her.

She falls down. He walks towards her. She pleads to get into his senses. He pulls her leg and forces himself on her again. Vanraj enters and pulls Ram away. He then drapes Siya’s veil over her and tells Siya that he told her that her Ram has changed to Ravan. Ram attacks him, but he overpowers Ram and trashes him. Siya gets concerned for Ram. Ram kicks him back. Vanraj attacks him again and is about to throw wooden log on him when Siya pleads to spare her Ram. Ram senses opportunity and hits Vanraj from behind. Vanraj collapses.

Siya holds Ram’s collar and shouts if he is in his senses. He drags her. Vanraj gets up. Siya picks axe and warns Ram to stay away from her. Ram warns Vanraj that their fight has not ended and walks away. Siya worried seeing Vanraj’s head bleeding wipes it from her dupatta. Vanraj’s injury disappears. Siya is amused to see that. Vanraj says it was just a scratch and vanished. Siya asks why did he bear injury for him. Vanraj says they should leave from here and then speak.

Guards drag Dadimaa back to jail and ttie her to pillar. Dayimaa’s head is kept in bird cage. Dadimaa says that night, not only Durgeshwari’s body was burnt, Ram and Siya’s relationship also burnt. Dayimaa says everything is finished now. Dadimaa says no and reminisces seeing Ram and Siya’s name in ancient book.

Dayimaa prays god to protect Ram and Siya. Mohini gathers guards and asks where is Rana and kills them all. Fake Dayimaa asks her to control herself in broken English. Rana returns. Mohini hugs him and asks where was he, how did he get injured and pulls him with her to treat his injury. Ram asks to leave her alone.

Rana meets Vivian and asks him to find a girl he saw in jungle. Vivian asks what about Mohini. Rana says Mohini knows he is only hers and would not him enjoying with some random girl, so he should go and find out who that girl was. Vivian informs Mohini in return. Mohini says she wants to see who the girl is and why Rana is so keen for that girl and how could she enter Rana’s room breaching such a huge security.

Vanraj takes Siya back to Raj jyotishji’s place. Bindu yells it is good that Siya went away from their house, she is a big problem for them, etc. Siya gets disheartened hearing that. Her daughter Kajri joins her and says she is right. Vanraj holds Siya’s hand and takes her in.

In palace, fake Dayimaa provokes Mohini that she made Ram an evil Rana to control him, but he has gone out of control and is using her just to satisfy his lust. She continues provoking Mohini and says now Rana is behind another girl.

Siya continues defending Ram/Rana in front of Raj jyotishji and Vanraj. Raj jyotishji starts story when Mohini buries Siya in a coffin alive. He searches her and calls Vanraj. Vanraj emerges and getting his sharp lion nails digs ground till they find Siya’s coffin. They pull out coffin and open it. Vanraj checks Siya’s pulse and says she is alive. They bring her to Raj jyotishji’s house and treat her. Siya thanks them for saving her life and says her Rana is possessed by Mohini’s black magic and cannot be so evil, she will go to him and confront him. Raj jyotishji says she cannot enter palace without Mohini’s permission and only her Ghagra paltan team and her close aides can enter it.

Rana orders Vivian to bring all the girls present around Behramgarh. Vivian brings a few girls. Rana checks them and shouts the girl he is searching is not among them and orders to send back all these girls and find the one he is searching. Mohini walks to him and tries to calm him down with her sensuous act. He asks her if she will marry him. She stands silently.

Vanraj fumes that he will kill Mohini and end all the problems at once. Raj jyotishji says Mohini has become very powerful and nobody can touch her, only way is only god can end her. Vanraj says Rana killed his sister to satisfy his lust and he could not do anything.

Mohini tells Rana that she will hold his hand and when he imagines girl’s image in his mind, she will draw her pic closing her eyes. She starts drawing image and stands shocked when she completes it.

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