Curse of the sands update Thursday 24 June 2021

Curse of the sands 24 June 2021: Mohini still  trapped under coffin shouts to get her out of coffin. Vivian with Mallika checks ancient book. Mohini addresses him as vilayati kabootar/foreign pigeon and says she knows he and his mother are here, get her out of here.

Mallika yells with her overacting and fake style that chudail is cursed and inauspicious for everyone, she made her slave and bar dancer. Vivan says Mallika that this book is plain and he does not know how to read it.

Mallika says he will soon, so he should relax. Mohini warns that they sold their souls to her and they will see what she can do to them. She punishes them and orders to get her out. They both shout in pain.

Siya, Ram, Durga Dayii, Raj Jyotishji and others start Rajeshwari’s last rituals and chant her name. Siya touches Rajeshwari’s feet and promises her that she will follow Rajeshwari and follow all her duties faithfully, she will be her shadow. She promises to become a mother and give Behramgarh its legal hair and promises like Rajeshwari, she can even sacrifice life for Behramgarh. She walks back towards Mohini’s cofffin.

Vivian and Mallika senses Siya coming and hide. Siya asks Mohini to tell where Dayimaa is. Mohini says she will not. Siya says everything is finished now, she is not afraid of Mohini or anyone now. She sees ancient book on table and picks it thinking Raj jyotishji must have kept it. She senses somone behind pillar and walks towards it. Mallika gets tensed. Siya walks away. Mallika and Vivian relax.

Ram performs Rajeshwari’s last rights and sets fire. Siya takes ancient book out and reads that Rajeshwari’s last rights will be performed in 2019 and thinks it is exact date today. She further reads once Rajeshwari’s last rights are performed, chudail will be more powerful and will be freed. After performing Rajeshwari’s last rights, Ram touches Durga Dayi’s feet. She blesses him and disappears. Rajeshwari’s soul also departs from her body. Everyone chant Raj Rajeshwari ji ki jai. Vivian lifts coffin’s door and frees Mohini. Siya continues reading that chudail can kill anyone. Chudail emerges and says she will show her powers now. She picks knife and slits Siya’s shoulder, acts as injured and then laughs showing she is not injured

Mohini stabs Siya and acts as injured herself and then shows she is not harmed now. Vivian stabs Siya from behind. Siya turns and is shocked to see Vivian. Mallika stabs her from front and says she and Vivian have sold their souls to Mohini and are her puppets now. Mohini taunts Siya that her dear ones betrayed her and she is alone now. She repeatedly stabs Siya. Siya falls down. Ghagra paltan team emerges and dances around them. Siya gets up and runs with great difficulty while Mohini and her puppets smirk. She reaches jungle where Ram is performing Rajeshwari’s last rights. Ram is shocked to see her in a pool of blood and runs towards her, but Mohini emerges there nd stabs Siya again.

Ram stands freeze seeing that and his extremities are chained. He resists to free himself in vain. Ram shouts to spare Siya. Mohini says even he must be wanting this as he performed Rajeshwari’s last rights and made Mohini more powerful. Vivian and Mallika emerge. Ram pleads them to save Siya. Vivian says sorry bro, I will do whatever I wanted to since long ago. Mallika says they have sold their souls to Mohini.

Mohini continues stabbing Siya and says Ram closed her in a coffin, now he will see Siya in that same coffin. She gets coffin via her black magic. Alvidaaa…song..plays in the background. Mohini picks Siya and throws her in coffin. Ram breaks chains and runs towards Siya. Vivian pulls him away and holds him tight. Ram Siya Ram…song..plays in the background next. Mohini then gets into coffin holding knife. Ram frees himself again and holds Siya’s hand. Their bracelets entangle with each other. Vivian pulls Ram again breaking their bracelet. Mohini stabs Siya again repeatedly. Ram shouts nooo.. Siya closes eyes. Mohini closes coffin door and immerses it underground. Ram searches Siya’s coffin.

Mohini reminds Ram that when he was Rana Bhanupratap Singh he promised her to protect her till his last breath, but he broke his promise and started massacre and counts each person Mohini killed including Siya and says until he submits himself to her, this massacre will continue. Ram says he is only Siya in this and every life. He slits his wrist. Mohini shouts Ranasaa no…

Raj jyotishji lights lamps in temple and says today is navratri’s first night and every house is brightened with lamps, but Behramgarh is in dark, he is afraid if chudail sees light, she may attack them. Lamp lights itself. Raj Jyotishji says it is a good news. Siya’s body is seen on bed. Vivian is seen dragging an innocent girl with them and taking her in his jeep. Raj jyotishji fumes that this monster Vivian does not spare any girl. His assistant Bindu enters wearing thick specs and yells she went old, but Siya did not wake up till now. Siya gasps for air in coma state. Raj jyotishji says it has been 1 year since evil has overpowered and prays god to send someone to fight with evil. A man runs behind Vivian’s jeep and trashes his bike riding goons, but fails to catch Vivian’sjeep. He feels said that he could not save an innocent girl again.

In haveli, Mallika does devi maa’s aarti in her usual fake acting. Vivian brings girl and throws her in front of Mallika. Mallika yells he spoilt her aarti, who is this illiterate girl. Girl pleads to let her go as her parents are waiting for her. Devaki Dayimaa enters speaking broken English and scolding Vivian and Mallika asks girl to rush via this room which will take her out of palace.

Girl enters room and seeing a someone sitting asks where is door here, Dayimaa told she can get out from here. Person comes behind her with evil face and sucks her. Dayimaa standing out smirks. Raj Jyotishji tells Bindu that those evils have changed Dayimaa so much. Bindu asks why is he holding Siya’s unconscious body since 1 year, what if evils come to know about it. Raj Jyotishji says he could not till now and will not even in future. Out of evil person 3 person emerge out and evil turns into Mohini and walks to Dayimaa. Dayimaa in broken English asks if her tummies is filled now? Mohini’s ghagra paltan team emerges and at once in broken English shout yes yes. Mohini says her tummy is filled, but not her eyes and asks where is Rana/Ram. Dayimaa says where else in this hot summer night..

Mohini walks near swimming pool where Rana is swimming and he pulls her into swimming pool. She asks what is he doing. He says feasting his eyes and kisses her. She walks out and sits on resting chair. Rana comes out of swimming pool. Servant walks in with liquor bottle and looks at Mohini. Ram punishes him for looking at Mohini. Mohini asks to let him go. Servant’s wife comes and pleads to forgive her husband. Rana breaks servant’s neck and kills him.

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