Curse of the sands update Friday 20 August 2021

Curse of the sands 20 august 2021: Gopika returns to Mann who pleads to give him blood as he is very hungry. Gopika provokes him against Siya. Gopika seeing Siya walking in slaps Mann. Siya angrily shouts how dare she is to slap Mann.

Curse of the sands 19 August 2021

Gopika says Mann is misbehaving and insisting her for more food, he is troubling her a lot; Siya should prepare food for him instead of running behind kanhaji. Siya drags Gopika out and pushes her out of house. Mann pleads Siya not to send Gopika away. Siya closes door telling Mann that it is better for him to stay away from Gopika. Gopika smirks and thinks Siya acted on her plan and is her puppet, now Mann will start hating Siya. Siya drags Mann in and locking herself in home temple tells devi maa that she had to take this tough step to protect Mann. Mann shows his evil side and says rasgulla did really bad. Siya hears a sound from Mann’s room and thinks what is this sound

Siya walks into Mann’s room and seeing it dark tries to switch on light and falls down injuring herself. Mann walks to her in evil form shouting she did wrong by sending Gopika away.

Gopika is shocked to see Mann’s evil side and reminisces Dayimaa warning her that Mann is evil child, Ram informing that doctor told Mann sucked Mansi’s whole blood from her body. Gopika thinks Siya will be broasted like a kabab by Mann now. Mann spits fire from his mouth and walks towards Siya. Siya collapses. Jhumri reaches temple and asks if he is fine, Gopika sent her here. Guruji hearing that asks if she is here, then who is with Siya. Jhumri says Mann. Guruji says Gopika tricked and sent her here, Siya’s life is in danger, so they should rush to palace to save her.

Mann reminisces Siya’s love and protection for him and calms down. He wakes up Siya with his evil magic and asks her to calm down and forgive him. He hypnotizes Siya. Gopika standing outside eagerly waits for Mann t come out and give her good news. Gurji with Sumri and Khumri walk in and ask her where is Siya. She says she doesn’t know as Siya kicked her out and she has to stay in lawn now. They walk in and see Siya standing with Mann.

Jhumri asks if she is fine. Siya says yes. Guruji says he will end this evil child and throws trishul towards Mann. Siya holds trishul and shouts how dare he is to try to kill her son. Mallika says she has called police to arrest them. Police reaches. Siya orders to arrest these 2 fake sadhus who barge into people’s house and try to kill their children. Sumri and Jhumri are shocked while Guruji realizes Siya is under evil spell.

Ram returns home and asks how is Mann. Siya says until Gopika is thee, she need not worry. Ram reminisces Siya against Gopika before he left for a business trip and now. Siya says she will go and check Mann and leaves. She sits still in her room. Next morning, Mann gets ready for school. Gopika praises him for hypnotizing Siya and asks if he sucked only a few drops of her blood. Mann nods yes and thinks if he says no, she will ask him to trouble Siya again. Gopika says he will not attend school from hereon and thinks she has to end sadhus before they trouble her again.

Constable informs Guruji and Sumri that they are bailed. They both walk out and are amazed to see Siya. Siya apologizes Guruji and says she had to act yesterday and reveals that Mann is really evil child and Gopika is controlling him, she is his mother and Mohini, chudail has returned.

Guruji asks Siya if Mann had not hypnotized her. Siya says Mann’s love for her didn’t let him hypnotize her, she was acting to find out Gopika’s secret and she found out that Gopika is chudail Mohini. Sumri asks what she has planned now. Siya explains her plan and says she will leave now before Mohini and Mann doubt her. At home, Gopika offers tea to Ram and asks where is Siya. He says even he is searching her and calls her, but she doesn’t pick call. Siya returns to her room and thinks if Mann is Gopika/Mohini and Ram’s son, cries that Ram cannot betray and if he has, she needs to confront him. Ram enters room and hugs her from behind saying thank god she is not angry on him. Siya thinks good she did not question him directly, else he would have got emotionally hurt,

she will find out herself somehow.
Gopika tells Mann that she feels he has not hypnotized Siya. Mann says he did. Gopika asks him to hypnotize her again. Mann calls rasgulla. Siya thinks she will do whatever he says and walks to him. He orders her to wipe her sindhoor and break her mangalsutra. Siya is about to wipe her sindhoor when Mann stop her and asks her to go back to baba/Ram. Gopika scolds Mann for stopping Siya. Mann says he cannot see rasgulla in pain as he had tied rakhi to her and pinky promised to protect her always. He warns her that neither he nor she will trouble Siya. Gopika tries to slap him and says she will see how will he stop her. He punishes her with his evil magic. She walks away with injured hand. Siya sees blood falling from her hand and thinks chudail cannot bleed and if Gopika is really chudail.

Siya organizes shraad pooja for Mohini. Jhumri asks if one can perform chudail’s shraad. Guruji says one can perform anyone’s shraad on this day. Ram reminiscing consummating with Mohini and taking her promise not to return in his life. He walks to Siya and asks what is she doing. Gopika also walks to them with Mann. Siya holds Mann’s hand and asks Ram why is he so hesitant to stop Mohini’s shraad, she wants to find out truth. Gopika thinks Siya found out Mann is Mohini’s son and hopes she doesn’t find out that she is Mohini. She returns to her room and gets tensed seeing herself turning backto Mohini.

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