Curse of the sands update Saturday 21 August 2021

Curse of the sands 21 August 2021: Gopika/Mohini thinks if her shraad pooja is not stopped right now, her real face will be revealed. She walks towards pooja venue. Mann thinks maa/Gopika must be having trouble because of this pooja, so he tries to interrupt it with his evil eyes. Siya senses that and asks Mann if he wants to meet Mansi. He calms down and says yes. Siya tells panditji that Mann does not have a mother and Mohini didn’t have a child, so Mann will perform Mohini’s shraad. Ram says Mann will not perform Mohini’s shraad. Guruji says he can perform his mother’s shraad though along with Mohini’s shraad. Siya asks if Mann will be affected by this. Guruji says no, she has to make Mannsit for pooja.

Gopika thinks Siya will not stop pooja, so she has to do something. She wears Mohini’s clothes and jewelry and wearing veil walks to havan venue. Siya and Ram are amazed to hear Mohini’s anklet sound and then she walking to her. Gopika holds Ram calling him Rana and starts dancing on Hoton Me Aisi Baat…song… Ram reminisces Mohini and time spent with her. She removes her veil and Siya is shocked to see Mallika instead. Mallika acts as possessed by Gopika and speaks in her style. She asks Siya if she is shocked, etc.., and asks Rana to reveal their secret to everyone. Siya asks what secret. Ram says she is not mom but Mohini, thinks he has to reveal the secret he is hiding from Siya since years. Siya insists what is it. Ram reveals that he had consummated with Mohini for a night to save Siya’s life. Mallika says it is not easy to kill a 500-year-old chudail and she can be killed only by herself. She reveals that Mann is her and Ram/Rana’s son. Siya shatters hearing that.

Mohini in Mallika’s body continues that Mallika will also burn alive along with Mohini’s shraad. She jumps into havan fire when Ram and Siya shout in fear. Mallika laughs burning in fire. Gopika cries and then laughs reminiscing ordering Mallika to act as Mohini and jumping into havan to free Mohini’s soul forever. Siya and Ram cry seeing Mallika’s dead body. Gopika thinks Sautan will have to decide whether to accept Mann or ransack him.

Siya cries reminiscing Ram telling he consummated with Mohini to save Siya’s life. Ram enters and says her performed mom’s last right properly and holds her hand. Siya warns him to leave her hand. Mann walks in and asks what happened rasgulla. Siya scolds also him to not touch her and get out of her room. Mann sadly walks to Gopika and complains that Rasgulla spoke to him arrogantly. Gopika brainwashes him against Siya that she is really bad always and insists to kill her. Mann says never. Gopika says before Siya could harm them, they should kill her. She says all her words came true like Siya will slap Mann and will kick Gopika out of house, they have to kill her she harms them.

Siya calls Guruji and asks if he made all the arrangements. He says if Devimaa’s blessings are on them, they will end evil today. Ram asks what is happening. Siya asks Guruji to start his process. Gopika continues provoking Mann and he shouts maa. Jhumri and Maya rushes towards Mann. Ram asks Siya why don’t she hear her son’s plea. Siya says he is an evil child before her son. Gopika asks Guruji what is he doing. Guruji says they came to end this evil child and creates a kumkum circle around Mann. Mann turns into evil child. Ram and others are shocked to see that. Siya asks if they got evidence now. Gopika says he is a kid. Siya asks not to fall in all this, maybe Mohini is controlling even Gopika, she will end evil child today.

Ram says she is doing wrong. Siya warns not to interfere as Mohini has left her evil side in Mann, she will end his evil side today at any cost. Ram pleads Siya not to do that. Siya says she will surely end Mann’s evil side and then will end their relationship, she can see that he knew about the upcoming situation and his fatherhood is writhing to save his son.

Man pleads to save him. Guruji warns Gopika to go from here as he will control this evil child now. Ram walks towards Mann and tries to break barrier, but stops reminiscing Siya’s warning. He says Mohini betrayed them all and because of her, his family life is shattered, he cannot save his son now. He continues that Mohini had become biggest enemy of humanity and had to be ended, if he saves Mann, a father will win, but a good husband will lose, so Mann has to bear a bit of pain for his betterment and it is his fate. He asks Gopika to go to her room and walks away wiping his tears while Mann continues pleading him for help. Gopika thinks what kind of father he is to leave his son in danger, if Mann is finished even she is finished and has to do something.

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