Curse of the sands September 2021 teasers

Curse of the sand September teasers 2021: The love story of Shiv and Ananya begins, threatening Mohini’s plan to regain her powers, who will be victorious?

Thursday 1 September 2021

Shiv goes in search of house to live in and ended up at Ananya house. Sunada and Ananya both sense the heavy breeze at Shiv’s arrival. Sunanda was happy and enjoys the feeling as she dances with her lit Diya. Ananya is against Shiv staying in the house but Sunada won’t let Ananya ruin her chances.

Friday 2 September 2021

Sunanda convince Kamal to let Shiv stay and makes her move to confirm if Shiv is Mann. This makes Shiv restless in his room. Sunada plans to take Shiv blood with a needle and soak in a sand but goes wrong as Ananya was also pricked with same needle.

Saturday 3 September 2021

Shiv and Ananya are always bumping into each other which leads to arguments and fight. Sunanda thinks Shiv is turning into a head ache as their fights and care can turn into love. She plans to end the love story of Shiv-Ananya.Ananya and Shiv keep having nightmares.

Sunday September 4 2021

Shiv says he must fight himself, and protect himself and Ananya from the ill shadows of the witch. Ananya finds a way of sending Shiv out of the house but was shocked to see to goon’s holding everyone hostage. The robber holding Ananya slaps her, but Shiv had intervened to receive the slap instead. Ananya was moved.

Monday September 5 2021

Ananya brings an ointment for Shiv as he was badly beaten by the goons. Sunada sees this and request Shiv to stay away from Ananya.Shiv and Ananya spend whole night awake, thinking about each other and were both restless. Radha plans to frame Shiv but Ketki rescued and claimed he is their son in law to be.




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