An unusual tale starlife teasers September 2021

An unusual tale September teasers 2021: Garima returns home and informs Sanjay that she underwent an abortion. Sanjay apologises for his misdeeds. Meanwhile, Samarth is suspicious of Sarika

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Episode 67

Shobha asks advice from her friend, Usha, who advises against accepting Samarth back. Usha tries to make Shobha realise that Vikram loves her but Shobha refuses to believe so. Later, Shobha returns home.

Episode 68

Vikram is happy to see Shobha, but decides to sacrifice his love. Sarika tries to instigate Samarth against Shobha and Vikram. Nani is sad when she learns about Vikram’s sacrifice. Samarth apologises to Shobha and wants to patch things up with her. Will Shobha give Samarth another chance?

Thursday 2 September 2021

Episode 69

Shobha decides to give Samarth another chance for the sake of their children. Meanwhile, Sarika tries to mislead Samarth about Shobha. Later, Sarika tries to provoke Samarth against Vikram. Nani is upset with Vikram’s decision.

Episode 70

Samarth asks Shobha to quit her job and Sharada agrees with Samarth. Sarika also tries to convince Shobha to stop working. Later, Vikram presents the employee of the month award to Shobha. Sarika is certain that Shobha will quit.

Friday 3 September 2021

Episode 71

Vikram becomes upset on learning that Shobha wants to quit her job. Shobha decides to quit her job in order to take care of her family. In the meantime, Samarth asks Sharada to forgive him and accept him. Vikram agrees to allow Shobha quit her job. Binita

Episode 72

Samarth asks Shobha to keep her job and she is shocked by the sudden change in his behaviour. Sarika tries to win over Nani, but her attempt bears no fruit. Later, Shobha asks Samarth the reason for his changed behaviour.

Saturday 4 September 2021

Episode 73

Vikram believes that Samarth is plotting against Shobha and Sharada. Sharada tries to convince Shobha that Samarth is a changed person. Later, Samarth slaps Sarika for badmouthing Shobha. Meanwhile, Shobha is puzzled by Samarth’s changed behaviour.

Episode 74

Samarth believes that Shobha is having an affair with Vikram. Sarika notices that Samarth is hiding something. Vikram advises Shobha to be careful about Samarth’s changed behaviour. Meanwhile, Samarth plans to use Shobha to mend his political career.

Sunday 5 September 2021

Episode 75

Samarth deliberately injures Vikram’s hand. Later, Shobha tends to Vikram’s injury. Vikram gets upset as he learns that Shobha is ready to speak on Samarth’s behalf at the press conference. Will Vikram be able to convince Shobha against supporting Samarth in his political agenda?

Episode 76

Shobha attends Samarth’s press conference and speaks on his behalf. Vikram realises that Samarth is using Shobha to boost his political career. When a reporter tries to probe into the matter, Shobha declares that she trusts Samarth. How will Vikram get Shobha to see past Samarth’s white lies?

Monday 6 September 2021

Episode 77

Binita misleads Garima about Sanjay. Meanwhile, Sharada insists that Samarth take Shobha out on a date. Samarth confronts Shobha and accuses her of having an illicit relationship with Vikram. Later, Vikram finds Shobha deeply distressed.

Episode 78

Sarika fumes at Samarth for foiling her plans. Meanwhile, Vikram discovers that Samarth has misbehaved with Shobha. Vikram regrets advising Shobha to give Samarth another chance. Later, Shobha decides not to accept Samarth.

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Episode 79

Nani stops Vikram from confronting Samarth. The next day, Vikram plans to take revenge against Samarth for mistreating Shobha. He decides to seek the help of a reporter, Rohini. Meanwhile, Shobha tries to reveal the truth about Samarth to Sharada. Will Samarth repent for his misdeeds?

Episode 80

Garima discovers that Binita planned to hurt her and her unborn child. Sarika informs Samarth that Vikram was looking for him. Meanwhile, Vikram decides to expose Samarth in front of the public with Rohini’s help.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Episode 81

Garima tries to inform Sanjay about Binita’s intentions. Meanwhile, Samarth pretends to apologise to Shobha but she refuses to listen to him. Later, Vikram decides to file a complaint against Samarth for misbehaving with Shobha.

Episode 82

Samarth executes his plan to separate Shobha and Vikram. He apologises to Shobha but she refuses to forgive him. Meanwhile, Garima gets depressed as Sanjay refuses to listen to her. Later, Samarth accuses Vikram of sending love letters to Shobha.

Thursday 9 September 2021

Episode 83

Samarth and Sarika manage to mislead Shobha about Vikram. Shobha misunderstands Vikram and believes Samarth. Vikram asks Rohini to cancel the press conference organised to trap Samarth. Later, Vikram and Samarth have an argument. Nani tries to convince Shobha about Vikram’s innocence.

Episode 84

Binita vows to evict Garima from the house. Samarth plans his political career with Tiwari. Nani tries to convince Sharada about Vikram’s innocence but in vain. Vikram wants Samarth’s misdeeds to be exposed. Samarth threatens Shobha and insists that she accept him.

Friday 10 September 2021

Episode 85

Vikram is upset when Shobha misunderstood him. Samarth is confident that Vikram will not be able to prove his innocence. Later, Shobha finds out that Samarth and Sarika misled her about Vikram. She realises her mistake and apologises to Vikram.

Episode 86

Shobha decides to help Vikram in exposing Samarth. Later, Vikram and Rohini decide to organise a press conference for Shobha. The next day, Samarth receives a tip about Shobha planning to expose him. On learning about Shobha’s plan, Sarika serves a spiked drink to her.

Saturday 11 September 2021

Episode 87

Vikram finds Shobha drugged and tends to her. Sarika executes her plan and records a video of Vikram and Shobha. Rohini tries to warn Vikram about Samarth’s plan but in vain. Samarth accuses Shobha of having an affair with Vikram. Sarika and Samarth humiliate Shobha and Vikram in front of the press.

Episode 88

Shobha is depressed due to Samarth’s misdeeds. Later, Samarth blackmails Shobha and asks her to return home with him. However, Shobha decides to leave him. Sharada believes Shobha to be having an affair with Vikram. Garima tries to convince Sharada about Shobha’s innocence.

Sunday 12 September 2021

Episode 89

Vikram and Nani find Shobha depressed and take her with them. Nani advises Shobha to think about her children before taking any drastic step. Later, Nani tries to convince Sharada of Shobha’s innocence but in vain. Vikram regrets advising Shobha to give Samarth another chance.

Episode 90

Shobha gets upset upon reading an article on her in the newspaper. Meanwhile, Garima experiences stomach pain but Sanjay ignores her. Binita wants Sanjay to send Garima back to Sharada’s house. Later, Samarth informs the media that he wants to give Shobha another chance. What is Samarth planning?

Monday 13 September 2021

Episode 91

Sharada isn’t sure whether to believe Shobha or not. Meanwhile, Garima feels that Sanjay does not love her anymore. Nani and Vikram find Shobha missing from the house. Later, Sarika reminds Samarth about their deal. She thinks Samarth is trying to use her. Where has Shobha gone?

Episode 92

Vikram finds Shobha at her friend’s house and tries to console her. Nani meets Shobha and manages to convince her to return home. Sarika feels that Vikram will not accept her. The next day, Sarika calls Vikram and offers to help him and Shobha.

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Episode 93

Sanjay and Garima have an argument. Garima gets depressed as Saurabh and Sanjay ill treat her. Meanwhile, Samarth confronts Sarika upon learning that she has plans of meeting Vikram. However, Sarika blackmails Samarth. She promises to expose Samarth if Vikram marries her.

Episode 94

Garima informs Binita that she won’t return to Shobha’s house. Sharada gets emotional seeing Shobha meeting Jiya. Later, Samarth finds Shobha in the house and confronts her. Vikram agrees to marry Sarika to prove Shobha’s innocence. Samarth learns about Vikram agreeing to marry Sarika.

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Episode 95

Garima returns home and informs Sanjay that she underwent an abortion. Sanjay apologises for his misdeeds. Meanwhile, Samarth is suspicious of Sarika. Garima exposes Binita in front of Sanjay. Binita finds out that Garima has not aborted her baby.

Episode 96

Vikram believes that marrying Sarika and exposing Samarth will prove Shobha innocent. Garima and Sanjay patch things up. Sourav refuses to forgive Binita for her misdeeds. Shobha confronts Samarth for trying to take custody of her children. Sharada is heartbroken upon learning Samarth’s reality.

Thursday 16 September 2021

Episode 97

Binita apologises to Garima and Sanjay for her misdeeds. However, Sanjay refuses to forgive her. Samarth hires a detective to find out the truth about Sarika. Later, Vikram convinces Sarika to help him fight against Samarth. The Income Tax Department raids Vikram’s house.

Episode 98

Shobha seeks Usha’s help to find a solution for Vikram’s problem. Meanwhile, Binita apologises to Garima and asks her to convince Sourav to reconsider his decision. Later, Usha wants Samarth to vacate the house. Vikram, Nani and Shobha vacate the house. Garima asks Sourav to forgive Binita.

Friday 17 September 2021

Episode 99

Sarika decides to trap Vikram by marrying him. Sharada meets Shobha and apologises for not understanding her. Shobha finds out that Usha evicted Sharada from her house. Vikram is shocked when Sarika insists on getting engaged, that very day. After a while, Shobha informs Vikram about Sharada.

Episode 100

Samarth finds out that Sarika is getting engaged to Vikram and decides to stop her. Sarika promises to expose Samarth, if Vikram heeds to her demands. Samarth tries to stop Vikram and Sarika’s engagement. Sarika emotionally blackmails Vikram and convinces him for the engagement.

Saturday 18 September 2021

Episode 101

Nani is shocked seeing Vikram and Sarika getting engaged. Sharada regrets supporting Samarth. Sarika strives to convince Nani to accept her and pretends to be innocent. Nani tries to convince Vikram to reveal the truth. Samarth warns Sarika.

Episode 102

Binita pleads with Sourav to forgive her but he refuses. Garima and Sanjay decide to reunite Binita and Sourav. Meanwhile, Samarth wants to meet Vikram. He reveals to Vikram the truth behind Abhay’s death and warns Vikram to beware of Sarika.

Sunday 19 September 2021

Episode 103

Samarth exposes Sarika but Vikram refuses to believe him. Sharada wants Vikram and Shobha to stay together. Meanwhile, Samarth hires a goon to kidnap Sarika. Shobha tries to convince Vikram to not marry Sarika but in vain. Later, Sarika gets kidnapped while returning from Vikram’s house.

Episode 104

Samarth instructs his associate to kill Sarika. Shobha informs Ketan about Vikram’s decision. Ketan tries to convince Shobha about Vikram’s feelings for her. Later, Samarth stops the goons from killing Sarika learning that she has filed a complaint against him. He tries to make a deal with Sarika.

Monday 20 September 2021

Episode 105

Shobha plans to help Vikram from being trapped by Sarika. Sanjay stops Saurav from signing the divorce papers and wants him to forgive Binita. Sarika prepares for her marriage with Vikram. Shobha meets Sarika and wants her to hand over the evidence against Samarth. Will Sarika oblige?

Episode 106

Samarth is worried after Shobha informs him that Sarika has given her evidence against him. Later, Samarth and Sarika are shocked seeing a video made by Shobha. Sarika and Samarth confess to their crimes in the footage. The police arrest Samarth and Sarika. Vikram thanks Shobha for saving him.

Episode 107
Season finale!

Vikram agrees to marry Shobha, only if she agrees. Meanwhile, Sharada advises Shobha to marry Vikram. Vikram and Shobha’s families are excited as they feel that Shobha will agree to marry Vikram. Later, Shobha shares her feelings with Vikram but refuses to marry him.

A rebroadcast of Waiting for Love replaces An Unusual Tale once it ends.



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