Complicated Love Update Friday 22 January 2021

Complicated Love 22 January 2021: Mauli calls Ishaan and shouts at him that she had forbidden him to send the girls to Kunal, the girls have taken Kunal to his old apartment. If he gets a shock, it might take him a longer time to recover. Ishaan was regretful and apologizes Mauli. Ishaan says he will reach there. Mauli tells him she is almost there, she will soon reach back home with Kunal and kids. Ishaan must go to her home.

Kunal calls Mishti and Pari inside. The girls were still hidden behind the sofa. Kunal walks inside. There were photos of him and Nandini on the wall. Kunal’s head bangs. Mauli reaches behind him, and cautiously takes off the photo in her reach. She comes to Kunal and asks what he is doing here. Doesn’t he know he must take medicines in time. Kunal looked confused and asks about Pari and Mishti. Mauli tells him to go downstairs and take the car, she will bring the girls.

In the apartment, Mauli scolds the girls what this all is. Mishti explains that Pari thought Kunal might remember his past by looking at the photo of her mother. Mauli asks what if he got a stroke and his condition worsened. She takes the promise from girls that they will never take any such action again.

At home, Kunal sat silent and thought about the flashes of Nandini. Radhika and Dida discuss that Kunal is awkwardly silent. Ishaan reaches home. Mauli signals the girls to go with him. Afterwards, Mauli asks Kunal to stop thinking much else he might get headache. Kunal says he feels awkward, when he entered the house it felt there was a girl. He wonders who she was, but he feels anxious as it was some recognized face. Mauli asks what kind of girl, there was none at home. Kunal says she had circular, white face; long hair and brown eyes. She wore saree, bindi and Jhumki as well. Mauli asks Kunal if he has ever met this girl before. Kunal was thoughtful about where he met the girl.

Radhika tells Kunal to leave stressing himself, and asks Mauli to give him medicines. Mauli asks Kunal if he knows that girl. Kunal recalls that Nandini was being beaten by Rajdeep. He gets tensed and says may be her husband was still abusing that girl, he insists on Mauli to go and find this girl. Mauli promises they will find and help this girl, but right now he must go into the room.

The next morning, the family met doctor. The doctor was happy and says anxiety is normal, it’s a good sign that Kunal’s mind is recalling things. This shows their medical regime is working rightly, it’s surely a good news. Mauli was happy that soon Kunal will remember everything.At home, Kunal tries to recall the hotel and makes a call. He introduces himself and says he attended a conference in their hotel around five weeks ago, it was about Doctor’s stake on child’s care. The receptionist says there was no conference in her hotel in past six years. The receptionist says may be he is confusing as their hotel is under renovation for last six months. Kunal wonders where he met that girl then.

Ishaan opens the door. Mauli and Radhika stood outside. Ishaan smiles watching Radhika and calls them inside. Pari and Mishti come outside into the hall. Mauli tells the family that they took Kunal to his house, and doctors now expect that he might get well really soon. Pari was happy about her guess. Mauli asks them for a hug. Mauli gives the gifts to girls. Radhika asks them to take her into their room.

In the hall, Mauli apologizes Ishaan. She says she is aware he is angry and sorry won’t work. He was busy with his phone. Mauli snatches it and asks what she must do, should she hold her ears? Ishaan tells her to hold her ears. Mauli holds Ishaan’s ears and says sorry. Ishaan smiles claiming it very smart of her. They hug each other. Ishaan says it doesn’t suit them any fights. Radhika and girls come outside. Mishti demands a picnic. Pari requests to take Kunal for picnic as well.

Ishaan nods at Radhika approvingly. Mauli asks the girls if they liked the gifts. Mishti says they liked the gift but wants a picnic. Pari requests to take her Buddy to the picnic as well, Ishaan says surely her Buddy will join them. Pari was cheerful.
Kunal selects an online dress for Mauli and looks for his credit card in the cupboard. He finds a CD in a drawer. He wonders who keeps a CD in today’s world, he was about to break it but then decides to check for once if it’s of any use. It was Nandini’s recording who requested Mauli to take care of her daughter after she is dead. Mauli and Radhika reach the room; Kunal says this CD is Nandini’s recording, her friend and wants Mauli to take care of her daughter. He says it seems Mauli is hiding a lot of matters from him.

He asks if she sent him to orphanage, he regrets that they could have been her parents after Nandini. Radhika asks Kunal to calm down. Kunal questions Mauli where that child is, she is a minor. He was getting stressed and asks how she could do so. He says till now he thought Mauli didn’t know where Nandini is. Radhika tells Kunal that Nandini is alive, she is fine and her daughter is with her. She recorded this message when she was ill but now she has completely recovered and lives with her daughter. Kunal asks if they can meet her. Mauli was speechless. Kunal apologizes Mauli for shouting over her and hugs her.

Later, Kunal was in the kitchen and prepares green tea for Mauli. He asks how it tastes. Mauli asks how someone can make a bad green tea. Kunal goes to mix milk in it to ruin the tea. They playfully run across the hall. Mauli was out of breath when she gets a call from Ishaan. Ishaan asks why she is panting, if everything is fine. Kunal takes the phone and complains Ishaan about wrong timings as he rarely gets time with his busy wife. Ishaan feels awkward then asks Kunal about picnic with his girls and Kunal’s family. Kunal takes Mauli’s permission. Mauli agrees to go. Kunal wonders why Ishaan didn’t call his number and called Mauli instead.

The next morning, everyone arrive for picnic. The girls were playing with Ishaan. Mishti calls Ishaan as uncle while pointing his mistake. Kunal was alert. Ishaan says he has a cousin named Ishaan, she irritates him by calling him by that name. Mauli calls everyone for refreshment. Mauli and Ishaan share smiles with each other. Kunal asks Ishaan to take a photo of him and Mauli with the kids. He wants to show Mauli that kids suit them, she is never ready for a baby of their own. Ishaan clicks their photos.

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