Young Love Update Friday 22 January 2021


Young Love 22 January 2021: starts with Krish talking to Nandini while she is sleeping after being drugged by Kundan. He tells that all their differences will be cleared and asks her to take few steps towards him and he will take few steps towards her. He writes a letter asking Nandini to get ready for a date with her husband Krish. Once he goes, Abhayram comes to room and reads the letter. He says he won’t let them unite irrespective of their tries. He mixes something in coffee which Krish made for her, and says he will do something now, and says he is not weak.

Krish is going somewhere in a hurry. Karuna asks him to have breakfast. He says he is in hurry and goes. Triveni scolds Karuna for bringing a bad wife for Krish, who is drinking coffee in room while her husband went from home hungry.
Nandini wakes up and looks for Krish from the window. She calls him aloud, but he couldn’t hear her and leaves. Naina Bawre plays while she thinks about their romantic moments…..Nandini drinks coffee thinking Krish made it and gets happy. Karuna asks Triveni why did she insult her husband. Triveni says she didn’t do anything and says it is because of that drink. She recalls insulting Abhayram and a fb is shown. Abhayram says it must have happened because of wine. Karuna is shocked and says she didn’t order any hard drink.

Nandini feels her heavy head. Abhayram says who can bring wine in the house, and asks who is modern in the house. Triveni says Nandini. Abhayram says it is not wrong for her. Triveni says Nandini can’t drink and knows her limitations. Abhayram says okay, when she comes out of room, sees her behavior. Nandini comes out of room holding her head. Karuna scolds Nandini and says you will follow the rituals and wear ancestral clothes. Nandini says okay. Triveni also scolds her and asks her to do puja today. Nandini says okay.
Abhayram thinks your childhood will be back to pull ground from under your feet. Later Nandini is sitting for puja. Pandit ji says lets begin the puja and removes the cloth from the photo frames. Nandini is shocked to see Akhiraj and Harki’s photo frame kept for the puja. She recalls her miserable childhood when Akhiraj used to beat her mercilessly and also recalls Harki torturing her to the core. A fb is shown of the same. Nandini gets teary eyes thinking about all that. Abhayram looks at her and recalls his failed attempts to molest her repeatedly. All the past incident troubles her. Abhayram gets up to bring puja thaali and thinks I told you that I will not let you stay peacefully. I will make you do puja of my parents and you can’t do anything.

Nandini is angry. Pandit ji asks her to apply Tilak on the pics. Karuna asks Nandini to apply Tilak and asks why you are lost. Nandini gets up and says sorry, I can’t do this puja. Nandini looking at Akhiraj and Harki’s photo frames and recalls their tortures on her. Kundan says I will bring Puja thaali. Nandini gets up from puja and refuses to do puja, says sorry mom. Karuna says this puja is for Abhayram’s dead parents and says you can’t insult them. She says sometimes I feel that your parents haven’t taught you good values. Nandini says I can’t explain you and asks her to do puja instead. Triveni scolds her.

Karuna says she don’t know what is family and their emotions, and says for this she needs to know about family as she is an orphan. Nandini gets teary eyes and asks her not to pull her family in the matter. Karuna gets angry on her and asks will you do puja for not. She asks Nandini to tell fast. Triveni asks her not to burn her blood.Karuna feels dizzy. Nandini tells Triveni that she won’t hear anything against her family now. Karuna faints.


Krish and Abhayram holds her. Abhayram scolds her. Nandini says mom…Krish shouts and asks Nandini what is the explanation. He says you would have done the puja and says you have made my mom ill. Nandini asks him to try to understand. Krish says okay, I am immature and you are the only understanding person. Triveni scolds her and says you have ruined the entire pond. Krish asks her to get out and says you have failed miserably to take care of mom, and asks her to leave him alone so that he can take good care of her. Abhayram smirks. Krish and Triveni take Karuna to room. Nandini cries. Abhayram eyes her victoriously.

Premal tells Sudha that he did a mistake and is very ashamed of his doings. He asks for a chance and says he will become old Premal. Sudha thinks Premal telling that he loves Rasika and vice versa. He bends down and holds her feet. Sudha asks him to leave her feet. Premal asks for one last chance and says if you don’t give me then I will not forgive myself. He asks can you come to have dinner with me and says I want to proof that I have changed for good. Sudha agrees. Premal thanks her and asks her to get ready. Sudha says I will go and freshen up. Premal sends message to Nandini through Sudha’s phone and switches off her phone. Nandini gets message from her phone asking her to meet her, as she is in big trouble.

Nandini gets worried for her. She hopes Sudha is fine and thinks about her message. Sudha gets Nandini’s call, but she disconnects the call as Premal says that he don’t want anyone to disturb them. He asks her to give her phone and takes it. They sit in auto and goes. Nandini reaches the place where Sudha asked her to come in the message. Premal brings Sudha there and thinks your Disa reached before you. Sudha asks where is the restaurant. Premal says I am thirsty and will bring water from a nearby shop. Nandini calls for Sudha and then the door is closed.

Premal hides and sees his goons going towards Sudha. Nandini asks someone to open the door. Premal thinks both sisters will be killed today, and he will get free from Sudha. The goons hit Sudha on her head and put her in Nandini’s car. Meanwhile Nandini finds a way and gets out somehow. She sees Shivam beating the goons and asks who sent you here. Nandini asks Sudha to open her eyes. Sudha gains consciousness. Premal comes back and asks Sudha how is she? Shivam scolds Premal and holds his responsible for the conspiracy. Premal says I didn’t know anything. Nandini says Sudha will not go anywhere. Premal says we don’t need your fake sympathy and asks Sudha to come with him. Sudha walks with Premal and looks at Shivam. Nandini asks Shivam who is he and why he is risking his life for Sudha. Shivam says for love. Nandini is surprised.

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