Complicated Love Update Monday 25 January 2021

Complicated Love 25 January 2021: Right after the meal, Mauli forces the children to play some game while sitting here. Kunal asks to play truth and dare and swirls the bottle. Radhika wasn’t in the game. Pari selects Truth. Mauli was worried what if Pari speaks something inappropriate in front of Kunal. She insists that children only opt for Dare. Mishti dares her to take three rounds of the park. Pari happily takes the challenge. Next turn was Ishaan’s and he opts Truth. Kunal asks Ishaan, Are you in love? Ishaan replies yes, I love someone dearly. Kunal says at least they came to know Ishaan loves someone.

It was Mauli’s turn. Mauli takes Dare. Mishti dares her a ten times Sit Stand, Pari asks for Frog Jump. Kunal says he will give her a better one, and asks her to kiss the man she loves the most. He insists she will have to do it. Mauli wonders how to handle the situation. Ishaan looks down on the floor. Mauli leaves her place and comes to kiss Mishti and Pari’s cheek. The girls were cheerful. Kunal says this is cheating, she was supposed to kiss him. Kunal chases her, then asks if she would love their children more than him as well. Later, girls wish to play cricket. Everyone play cricket together.

Later, Mauli gives Ishaan his plate of snacks. He holds her hand under the plate. Mauli smiles towards him. Sometime later, Mishti and Pari were playing Ring a Ring A Roses with Mauli and Radhika. Kunal notices Ishaan who stood with a tree staring at Mauli with a smile. He wonders why Ishaan is staring Mauli like this.
At night, Radhika was boastful of her own cricket game. She was extremely happy about the day. Mauli agrees that they must continue arranging such picnics, it also gives them a break from work and there is a family picnic as well. Kunal was lost in deep thought. Mauli asks Kunal what he is thinking, if he enjoyed family picnic. Kunal says he enjoyed a lot, but it wasn’t strictly family picnic; Ishaan Khanna was also there. He says Ishaan Khanna is extremely handsome, why he doesn’t settle again.

Though he is married and has daughters; still it’s not easy to bring up two girls alone. He asks Mauli about Ishaan’s marriage. Mauli was irritated and tells him to ask Ishaan Khanna about it. Kunal asks why she is so irritated. Mauli replies she is tired and needs to take rest. Ishaan leaves the room as the girls were in bed. They wake up and enjoy the picnic photos. Ishaan comes to join them. Pari watches a photo and says their family is a huge one, she loves it. Mishti notices Ishaan was upset. Later, Ishaan sat in the hall and thinks about Kunal’s huge family. Mishti comes to Ishaan and asks him to share if something is in his heart. He disliked Pari’s huge family claim, but for her Popsy is the most important person. She hugs Ishaan. Ishaan takes Mishti in his lap, he says thought Mishti accepts him as a father. Dr. Kunal is her real father, even if Mishti selects Kunal he will still continue to love Mishti equally. For him, it’s important that Mishti and Mauli stay happy. The next morning, Radhika asks Mauli if Kunal mentioned anything else about Nandini. Dida suggests about bringing some past memories and situations in front of Kunal again. Radhika says Pari can help them in this matter.

Pramilla goes to answer a door bell. Mauli opens the cake box. Kunal also joins them on table. Mauli reads the note, ‘Thankyou from Mishti, Pari and Ishaan’. Kunal was suspicious why Ishaan sent this. Mauli says they went to picnic upon Ishaan’s invitation and Pari and Mishti must have enjoyed a lot. It’s a sweet gesture. Dida asks Mauli to serve her with the cake. Mauli divides the cake. Kunal eats in an unhappy mood and says this is Mauli’s favorite flavor, Chocolate Mint and has to be specially ordered.

Kunal points out that this is her favorite flavor and has to be prepared on order. Radhika says it’s especially for Mauli, they must enjoy it.
In the clinic, Mauli was now free from work. She decides to speak to Pari. Pari takes the call and asks if she must call Mishti. Mauli says she wants to speak to her. She discuss with Pari that she took her to Kunal’s old house and he felt fine; she now wants to do the same with Pari again. She asks Pari to remind Kunal about something they did in their past times. She says she and Kunal would come for dinner at Ishaan’s place, there Pari must do something for Kunal which might remind him of his past.

It was night. Kunal was in the kitchen and sends Radhika away. Radhika advices him to be considerate when working with fire.
Mauli returns home. Kunal was astonished to see her and complains that she spoilt his surprise, he was going to cook for her. Mauli suggests about going out for dinner. Kunal feels romantic. Mauli says it’s not romantic, it’s an invitation from his favorite girls Pari and Mishti. She shows excitement. Kunal wasn’t ready to go there and decisively says neither he nor Mauli must go. Mauli convinces Kunal that the girls must be upset otherwise. Kunal was annoyed that Mauli didn’t ask her before taking any such action. Pari and Mishti were preparing for a scenario where Pari missed her mother and Mishti behaves just as Kunal did.

Mauli convinces Kunal that she craves for delicious food and Ishaan is a very good chef. Kunal was angry and tells Mauli that Ishaan stared Mauli like lovers do. He was insecure and says they won’t meet Ishaan in future again. Mauli was helpless and wonders what she must do now.
Ishaan drove the girls for dinner. Pari was excited that Kunal will be fine on their return. Mishti asks Pari not to cry in emotions. Ishaan gets a call from Mauli, she apologizes Ishaan from the dinner. She spots Kunal come to the hall, and makes up that Ishaan is really tired and wish to take some rest. After the call, she was tensed what Ishaan must be thinking.

In the car, Ishaan tells the girls that Buddy and Mauli won’t be able to join them for dinner. Pari asks him to take her to Kunal’s house, she has to meet Buddy. Mishti calls Mauli and Dr. Kunal as bad. Pari was crying that her Buddy doesn’t want to have dinner with her. Ishaan makes her up to cheer up. He says may be Kunal is stuck in an important work. Mishti says they are in off mood and must go home now. Ishaan offers to go to dinner as they even changed. He craves the girls with pizza, chocolate mud pie and hot chocolate fudge cake. He assures the girls that Kunal will invite them to dinner when he is well again. Mishti bucks Pari up that they must show they can enjoy even without her Buddy and Mauli. Ishaan cheers the girls for Party.

Mauli comes to the room. Kunal was ready and asks Mauli to go for dinner. He says he said a no for going out with Ishaan and his girls. Mauli says let it be, she isn’t in a mood anyway. Kunal gets serious and asks if she has a problem going with him? Mauli agrees to get ready.
In the restaurant, Ishaan asks the girls for order. Pari was missing Kunal and tells them to order anything they wish.
There, Kunal and Mauli arrive for dinner. Pari looks towards a nearby table where Kunal and Mauli were seated. Pari cheers up and the girls run to Kunal and Mauli.

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