Can you see me update Friday 18 February 2022

Can you see me 18 February 2022: Pihu/alive Bhootu plays with her mother and plays hide and seek in whole house. She tries to hide in trunk and then on bed and asks Gopal/Krishna ji’s idol where to hide, hides behind curtains. Mother comes and notice her and acts as searching her. Pihu comes out and says those laddoos are hers. Pihu wakes up in the morning and greets good morning to her doll Mishti and calls mamma. She thinks mamma is playing hide and seek and searches her in whole house, calls mamma where are you, please come I am very hungry.

She looks at watch and counts it is 11 p.m., that means mummy is in office. At office, mamma Anandita is busy in work when colleague brings file and drops Pihu’s photo and apologizes.Pihu stands in front of Krishna ji’s idol and says he does world’s best job by standing in a particular pose and does not even have to brush his teeth and does not get scolded by his parents. She eats prasad ladoos and thinks mamma will bring her doll pencil. She leaves early informing colleague that she has to take Pihu to birthday party today. Neighbor children break window glass while playing cricket. Pihu runs out and scolds them. One of them asks to bring ball now.

Another kid says he will not go into that house, it has bhooth/guests. They all ask senior boy to go in. Boy afraidly says they will go in the evening and even catch booth, right now they will go and get ready for Priya’s birthday. Pihu also excitedly attends birthday party. Her friend asks if they did not bring gift for Priya. Friend’s father gives a big gift box. Senior kid takes gift, runs and gives it to Priya. Priya’s mother lights candles on cake. Pihu gets afraid and goes into flashback where she and her mother pray god on janasmati and asks her to not go anywhere. Pihu silently gets up and goes to kitchen. She climbs chair and checks dish on stove.

Her mother comes and she runs, seems fire caught her dress. Out of flashback, Priya feeds cake to all friends except Pihu. Pihu sadly returns home. Senior kid plan to capture bhooth in a bottle.Pihu’s mother buys doll for Priya and rushes towards home asking driver to speed up as she has to attend her daughter’s friend’s birthday party. At home, Pihu’s friends enter at night and run away when they hear mouse sound. Doc treats senior kid while pihu sits next to him. Parents warn children not to go to that house and decide to call tantric to ward off bhooth.

Tantriks start pooja at Pihu’s house. Pihu gets afraid seeing havan fire and pleads to set it off. She runs around home and get afraid tantriks keeping lamps all around. Pihu panics and runs all around house and is about to collapse when Bal Krish ji holds her. House is seen dilapated like a bhooth bangla.Bal Gopal plays bansuri. Pihu wakes up and Bal Gopal asks if he is fine. She asks why he wears fancy dress each day. Gopal asks even she wears white shirt always. She says people are telling there is a ghost/bhooth in our house, what is happening here, even mummy is not coming home since many years, all her friends are ignoring her.

Gopal says she can see everyone, but nobody can see her. She asks if she is bhooth. Gopal takes her out and shows the incidents where she was with her friend but invisible to them.Pihu cries he means she is bhooth. She calls mamma and searches her all around, but does not find her. She enters kitchen and sees it in a dilapated state. Gopal holds her hand and shows her flashback where she tries to check what is cooking in kitchen and her dupatta catches fire and she burns. Her parents cry seeing her burning and then her shanti pooja where her parents are mourning in front of her photo. She is shocked, bites Gopal’s hand and runs towards her parents, but falls on empty sofas.

She pleads Gopal to tell what happened in kitchen, if she has become bhooth. Gopal says she has become pari/angel. She pleads to take her to her mamma. Gopal says some issues are not under control of god. She continues pleading to take her to her mamma. He says her mamma will come to meet her soon.Pihu looks into mirror and does not find her image, cries if she has really become bhooth. Gopal comes and she asks why she became bhooth. He tries to cheer her up and asks if she needs laddoo. She says no. He gives her banana and she eats it. She says she wants to play hide and seek and insists him to play with her as her friends cannot see her. He says he has a lot of work.

She says statute and he stands like a statue. She continues her commentary and runs to hide.Pihu’s mother reaches near home, gives gift to driver and asks him to give it to Priya from Pihu’s side. She then enters home. Mai teri maaa…song..plays in the background. She imagines feeding Pihu and playing with her. Mother realizes it is her imagination and cries. Pihu hides into cupboard from Gopal. Mother walks to her room. Pihu thinks Gopal came. Mother asks why did Pihu go away from. Pihu is surprised and emotional hearing mamma’s voice. Mother runs out.

Pihu runs behind her, but Gopal holds her. Pihu angrily throws things and asks Gopal why he comes in front of her, even he should go away. Gopal says like her, even gods cannot be seen by everyone. She continues her anger. Gopal says a friend will come to meet her. A lady is shown yelling that she hates kids, because of them, her company’s employed maids cannot work anywhere. Pihu excitedly asks which friend is coming. Gopal asks to wait and watch.

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