Can you see me update Saturday 19 February 2022

Can you see me 19 February 2022: Pihu asks Gopal if her friend comes in 1-2 days, then she will go to her mamma and stay with her, will he come to meet her. He says no as he has to go to some other kid. She says her mother went away for so long. Gopal sadly says she spent at least 6 years with her maa, but he spent only 6 hours. They both see a mother pampering her child and get emotional. Pihu reminisces playing with her mother.. O meri maaa….song..plays in the background.

Pihu comes out with Gopal and asks if he enjoyed. He nods yes. She sees labors shifting furniture and gets happy that her friend has come. She goes to a room and sees a lady Sheetal keeping things in place and asking maid to pick a box. Pihu says she cannot. Labor picks box. Pihu thinks she got fooled. Lady’s husband comes and says he can hear and speaks. He then keeps hearing aid and walks behind lady calling her Sheetal. Pihu gets sad that she got fooled again. She goes down sees a man and his 2 wives Suman and Sarita coming and their drama starts. They call their son Gulguli.

Pihu thinks even they cannot hear her. She searches Gulguli thinking he can hear her. She sees Gulguli sleeping and then hurriedly wakes up breaking vase. Man scolds Gulguli and punishes him. Sarita comes and asks if Suchi came. Pihu thinks Suchi will hear her.Pihu happily runs down thinking Suchi will hear her. She asks Suchi if she can hear her, but Suchi wearing earphones and hearing music cannot hear her. She angrily goes and confronts Gopal that he lied. He says he is Gopal and does not lie. She says she did. Gopal shows a labor stealing gold jewelry and smiles. Pihu does not understand. Sarita and Suman’s sautan-sautan nok jhok continues. Pihu thinks labor will hear her, but even he does not.

Family calls labors to check as their gold jewelry is stolen. Pihu remembers labor stealing gold jewelry and silently trying to leave. Sarita cries it was very costly necklace. Suchi asks her to relax and picks phone to call. Pihu shouts thief is running, catch him. Suchi hears her, runs and throws something on thief and her brother catches him. Suchi pulls out necklace from thief. Suman asks who told her about thief. Suchi says that girl. Family asks which girl. Suchi says that girl. Family says nobody is here. Pihu gets happy that she found her friend, will find mamma also. Suchi nervously thinks where did she hear voice.Pihu’s father informs Suchi that a few months ago her daughter Pihu died in that house in an accident or can say god’s will to get their daughter away from them.

Agent comes and says their turn has come for registration. Father walks towards registrar’s cabin while Suchi gets afraid thinking if she really heard Pihu’s words.At home, Pihu eagerly waits for her papa to return. Gulgule enters and hides in cupboard. Pihu says it is her place, get out. He does not hear her. Suchi enters murmuring she did not hear any voice. Pihu asks why did not she take her to he papa. Suchi says who is it, come in front, she will get her to papa. Gulgule gets afraid hearing her voice and runs out of cupboard. Suchi thinks he troubled her and beats him. Sarita comes and asks why she is beating her brother. Suchi says he is troubling her in girl’s voice. Gulgule says how can he.

Pihu speaks and says she spoke and if she does not take her to her father’s house, she will continue pestering her. Suchi says he spoke again. Sarita says she did not and takes her for lunch. Suchi thinks it is wedding preparation stress.After sometime, family shops for Suchi’s wedding dresses. Pihu comes again and asks when will she take her to her papa. Suchi panics and shouts shut up. Whole family looks at her. Pihu continues. Suchi goes and sits on sofa. Pihu comes again and pesters. Suchi gets afraid and walks backwards and is about to fall from balcony when her brother holds her hand and saves her.

Pihu’s father gets ready for party and asks mother why she is not ready for party yet. Mother says he will not come anywhere, he can go wherever he wants to like he left their house. Father gets angry and says she knows reason, now they will leave this country and go to Singapore. Mother angrily gets up and says he can do whatever he wants alone. He says if she had been a bit alert that day, their life would not have been like this, Pihu would have been alive. Mother shatters hearing that and sits on sofa. She imagine Pihu coming from school and scolding her papa for fighting with maa. She then sees Pihu disappearing.

Pihu continues her mischief and pesters Gopal next when is he letting he meet her maa. Gopal asks her to be silent, else he will befriend her with Gulgule. She sits silently. Sarita calls her psychiatrist brother and asks to come and check Pihu. Suman says she told to tie chilli lemon in front of door, they have to call tantric now. Father scolds them. Mamaji comes and checks Pihu and says she is fine, it is just stress. He gives prescription to Gulgule and asks to bring medicines for Pihu. Piu speaks to her fiance Rishab and asks him to wear her lehanga colored sherwani during engagement. He says he misses her. Their romantic chat starts and Suchi falls asleep.

Rishab’s mother Savita enters and creates havoc. She scolds Suman and calls Sarita. Sarita comes. Savita scolds her and asks to call Pihu. Suman says Suchi is sleeping. Savita starts tongue lashing again. Bahu goes to call Suchi and tries to wake her up. Pihu asks Gopal to send aunty away. Suchi does not wake up. Bahu goes to inform Sarita. Suman’s drama continues. Savita gets more irked and leaves. Sarita scolds Savita. Drama continues.

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