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Twist of fate 18 February 2022:  Lady constable asking Aaliya to go as meeting time is over. Tanu hopes she gets out soon. Abhi asks Constable to give him purse lady’s address. Constable says he doesn’t know. Abhi asks from where I will get her address?

Constable says it will be in FIR register. Abhi asks him to go and get it, and till then he will distract Inspector. Constable says even my life will be like you. Abhi goes to the Inspector. Inspector asks do you want to tell something. Abhi asks Inspector if he feels good to make his sister cry and says she makes others cry, and you made her cry. Constable tries to get the address. Abhi says I have 4 ladies in the house and they will cry. Inspector asks him to go. Abhi comes out. Constable asks him to check his mobile for address.

Pragya thinks this is the reason that his birthday news was not in any news and thinks how did it happen, how can anyone fall down so badly from the height. She calls Inspector and tells that she wants Aaliya Mehra’s number. Inspector says he will send. He then requests her not to take back the case and tells about the drunken drive case. He says if you take back the FIR then Tanu will steal again. Pragya says she will not take back the complaint. She calls Aaliya and asks how did this happen? She says you was efficient enough to handle the business. Aaliya says you are not concerned about us. Pragya says she is curious. Aaliya says you might be happy to see our condition. Pragya says I will find out the reason anyhow.

Aaliya asks her why she called her. Pragya says she has everything other than time. She ends the call. Mitali asks Aaliya not to speak to Pragya like this. She blames Aaliya for her wrong decisions in business and tells that she is in this condition because of her and ass her not to show attitude. Aaliya says if all the mistake was mine, then Vikram and Bhai’s friendship wouldn’t have broken.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s home and thinks what to tell. He recalls Constable asking him to plead infront of Madam to take back the case, and tell her that his wife is innocent and asks for forgiveness. He rings the door bell. Sushma opens the door and says this is my house. Abhi says please hear me. Sushma asks how did you know that I stay here. Abhi says I thought that this is someone else house. He tells that his wife has stolen her purse and asks for forgiveness. Sushma says it was not my purse.

Abhi says I came to the wrong house. Sushma says that purse was of my daughter. Pragya gets a call. Abhi says then I shall talk to her, to take back the complaint and says I will take just 5 mins. Sushma says my daughter is very angry now, and that’s why there is no use of talking of her. Sushma says if you haven’t helped me then also I wouldn’t let you meet my daughter. She says you are a good mechanic. Abhi says mechanic. Sushma says a good person. She says when my daughter is angry, then even I don’t speak to her. Abhi says your daughter is stubborn.

Abhi recalls Constable asking him to tell Madam that he loves his wife a lot and tells that she is innocent and did a mistake. He tells Sushma that his wife is innocent and he loves her a lot. He says we are like two bodies and one soul and says they are together since college, says she was inspiration for him and if she don’t come out then. He says we met after 20 years, and since she went to jail, I feel like I am alone without my soulmate. He asks her to call her daughter and thinks he shall shed some tears. He says my tears got dried since she went and asks her to call her daughter. Sushma says I can’t help you, as she will tell that your wife’s place is in jail. She says sorry. Abhi says your house is big, but not your heart. She says sorry. Abhi is about to go. Sushma thinks to talk to Pragya once.

Prachi thinks of Vikram’s words. Ranbir comes home. Prachi asks how is Dad? If he is fine? Ranbir says yes. He goes inside. Prachi asks him how is Dadi? Ranbir says she is okay. Prachi asks how is Mom? Ranbir says he is feeling tired and asks how was her meeting? Prachi says I talked to Dad after many days and tells that they shall return there. She says you are his only son and shall do what a son does for his parents. He recalls Pallavi’s hatred for Prachi and asks why do you want to go, do you like luxurious life? Prachi gets upset and goes.

Abhi thinks what to tell Dadi now. He says he didn’t do acting well as he has no feelings for Tanu. He hopes that the lady’s daughter comes out. He tells that he has his owner’s thing and keeps earrings on the car. Watchmen come there and ask him to go. Abhi asks him to tell his owner about him. They ask who are you? Sushma tells Pragya that the mechanic came who helped them. Pragya says she doesn’t want to listen. Sushma asks her to listen.

Abhi is about to go and sees Sushma talking to her daughter. He doesn’t see Pragya’s face. Watchmen take him away from there. Sushma tells Pragya that the watchman who repaired their car and the person who saved me from accident, is the same. She says he is that girl’s husband who stole your purse. Pragya gets emotional.

Prachi coming to the terrace and crying standing there. Ranbir comes behind her and keeps his hand on her shoulder. She moves away. Ranbir says I am so sorry Prachi and says if you come to know what Mummy said, then you will understand why I behaved such. He says sorry. He says Mummy wants me to stay in her house and return home alone. She couldn’t see my love and wants me to return alone.

He says she told that I will get luxury life, cars and business, but I want this life where I am happy. He says I am sorry for getting emotional and tells that he loves her a lot and can’t go anywhere. Prachi cries and hugs him. She says I love you too, even I love you a lot. Ranbir says all my world is in my embrace. She says nobody loved me this much, except my mother and you. Ranbir says your mother loves you a lot. She says she is missing Maa. Ranbir asks her to wear saree and specs. Prachi says she miss Maa.

Sushma tells Pragya that the guy who repaired her car and who saved her, is the husband of the girl whom you got arrested. Pragya says husband. Sushma says Gautam was asking me if the culprit is found or not. Pragya asks what her husband said. Sushma tells that Abhi told that he met his wife after 20 years and don’t want to separate from her, loves her a lot etc. Pragya cries. Sushma asks her to tell why is she crying and asks who was he? Pragya says he was my husband and that woman was his wife Tanu. Sushma asks if he is the same guy who betrayed you and asks if they are the ones who tried to kill you.

Prachi tells Ranbir that it seems the rain will start and everything seems strange. Ranbir says you wanted to tell me something. Prachi says she didn’t want to tell him, when he was with his dad. She says I have seen Rhea today. Ranbir says don’t take her name, as everyone’s relation got ruined because of her. He says she instigated mummy and others against you. Prachi says I think I saw her. Rhea is seen running on the road and taking drugs, while some goons are behind her.

Ranbir says our relations spoiled because of her and says even your relation spoiled with your dad. Prachi thinks Papa has a misunderstanding and I wish I could clear it. She calls Abhi and ends the call. She says if you would have been here, then Papa would have been with us.

Sushma says sorry to Pragya. Pragya says she will not cry for him. Sushma says it is good to cry sometimes. Pragya says I don’t understand why I cry for someone, for whom I don’t exist. She says she has returned to India, to show him what I am and not to shed tears for him. She goes. Sushma thinks how was he telling me about Tanu, I thought he is a good husband and tells that she cant believe that such an innocent face tried to kill my Pragya. She says he might have fooled Pragya with his sweet talks and thinks she will punish him and will not let any Mehra family come to her. She says last time Pragya was alone, but this time, her mother is with her.

Prachi comes to the public booth and calls Abhi. Mitali asks Aaliya to pick the call and says Amit gave the call. Aaliya picks the call. Prachi is silent. Aaliya says do you want to talk to your dad, and tells that he is drunk. She says if you want to know that we are in problem. Prachi asks what is the problem? She asks where is Papa? Aaliya says I caught you. She says we have problem due to you and your mother. Mitali makes her phone fallen down. The call gets disconnected. Mitali asks Aaliya not to tell Prachi about Pragya. Prachi calls her again.

Aaliya tells that her dead mother might have cursed her, and not leaving them even now. She asks her not to call again and says he hates you. Prachi ends the call and thinks my mother is alive. Pragya thinks of the past moments with Abhi. Pragya says he had told me that he loves me, now he loves Tanu. Now he became Tanu’s soulmate. She thinks he was betrayal from the start, I couldn’t understand him, thinks I should have known that he was lying to me, thinks even their bhagya can’t unite them.

Prachi comes back to the terrace and thinks why did Aaliya Bua say? She thinks she wanted to tell about Maa. Ranbir comes there and says he wants handcuffs to be with her always. Prachi says I had gone for a walk to have some fresh air. Ranbir says if I don’t see you, I will get heart attack. He asks if she went down to get rid of Rhea’s thoughts. Prachi says whenever I think about her, relations changed, my papa is in this condition and my Maa. Ranbir says your Maa…Prachi says she is alive and will return.

Pragya is in her house. She hears the door bell and opens the door. Abhi is standing and turns towards her. They couldn’t see each other at first, as there is darkness. He then looks at Pragya as the thunderstorm light falls on her face. Pragya also sees Abhi. Abhi gets happy and emotional.

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Prachi exclaims when Pragya was with them they had everything, her father loved her a lot and they were living as a family with the aunt but now there is no one, Ranbir asks her to never think so wrong because they both would always be there for each other.

Tanu in the cell wonders what is taking Abhi so long, he might have got in a quarrel with the police, she however thinks it might not be the case because he just follows the orders of Dadi otherwise doesn’t even care for her, she exclaims he might have met Pragya but then thinks he would have been sitting at some place drinking, she knows they both have become of two different worlds in which one is rich and the other poor, she exclaims that they both cannot be together ever again.

Pragya opens the door, Abhi is standing there, he is not able to believe his eyes, he asks where has she been all the time because he searched everywhere for her, she in anger asks if he was stunned to see her alive, he replies he was shocked but she leaves without listening to anything, Pragya sits into the sofa, he mentions she has changed a lot, he has even changed when Dadi asked him to tidy himself but he doesnot care, he knew she was alive because he knew if she died then would also take him with her, he explains Dadi used to say Pragya is alive to the extent that everyone thought she had lost her mind she in anger standing says that it is because of love because people tend to get mad, he says that Dadi asked him to bring Tanu so he came here and it is destiny, she replies he has come for Tanu, Abhi mentions that she is still the same Pragya who is jealous.

Abhi tries to go near Pragya, but she stops him, he says that he has been away from her for two years but cannot control himself, she asks him to stay away saying that he must not think she can forgive him, for what he has done, she asks him to not cry in front of her for Tanu and not act as if he cares because if he really cared then would have stooped her from stealing, she mentions he must not say he doesnot care, he replies he really doesnot care, Abhi in shock asks why is she talking like there is no relation between them, Pragya replies there is no relation as he is just the husband for Tanu, Abhi asks why did it take so long for her to return, Pragya mentions that someone pushed her so low that it took time for her to stand back up, she is now realizing what he has become, he us just a shameless person, Abhi asks her if she recalls who is the reason because she forced him to marry her and it is all because of her that he is with Tanu.

Pragya is standing when Sushma enters, he mentions he thought when she would return they both would hug each other and talk nicely, Pragya replies that she saw him begging Infront of Sushma, Abhi explains that he thought when she would return they would talk nicely, he hugs her asking what is the matter but Sushma calls the security, Abhi gets furious, the security take him away, he turns to see her but is pulled outside, the security try their best to throw him out, he exclaims he would not leave without talking to Pragya, she will have to clarify, he is however thrown out of the house, he exclaims he would come back to demand the answers, Abhi starts crying standing in front of the gate.

Sushma jee exclaims it is for the better that she did not fell weak in front of him, he would not realize how much she has changed while, he has stooped so low, Pragya starts crying, Sushma jee consoles her.

Abhi reaching the police station asks the inspector what would happen if the complainant did not take back the case, inspector replies now they would take the matter into the court where she would tried and punished, he leaves after getting a call, Tanu calls Abhi asking if he was able to make the arrangements for the bail, the constable asks if he did not tell her, Tanu gets worried, Abhi replies he went to the house of the complainant but was not able to meet her, Abhi questions if she did not see who the lady was, Abhi explains she told him she met her, Tanu tries to clarify but he asks why did she not tell her who the lady was, she tries to say she did not see her, Abhi asks when she was being arrested the lady was with her how did she not see the face, inspector asks what is he doing here because it is not a hospital, Abhi replies he was just informing Tanu she needs to be punished for the crime, Tanu asks how can he say something like this as family is always there to help each other, Abhi replies he did not say he would not help her because Dadi asked him to, he would come back.

Pallavi opens the door, she is shocked to see Abhi standing there, Pallavi questions what is he doing here, Abhi mentions he came because he needs her help because Tanu got arrested because she was stealing, Pallavi asks he still thinks she can help him after all that has happened and she thought he came to ask about Vikram, Abhi rushes in asking what happened to him, Pallavi replies he must not act as if he cares for them because they are not a family, she has not forgotten what his daughter did to their family, Abhi tries to leave saying he doesnot want to talk about it, Pallavi says he must then think of his sister, Abhi is amazed, Pallavi replies that he was the business partner of Vikram but his sister took huge loans in the name of the business and was also involved in piracy causing tremendous loss, had she not corrected everything they would still be the neighbors at the Chawl. Pallavi warns him to not ask for any more favours if they cannot at least apologize for their mistakes, she further asks him to from now on remove the slippers before stepping in the house of a rich person, so the dirt stays out, Abhi sees the mud from his shoes, Pallavi closes the door, Abhi gets tensed wondering what he would do now.

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