Broken Bonds update Sunday 15 January 2023

Broken Bonds 15 January 2023: Bell rings. Kuldeep opens the door. Their friend surprises them with a cake for their anniversary. Shubra and Kuldeep cut the cake. Kuldeep’s mom calls and says you ran on this day with that Marathan right? I gave you a gift on the road in advance. Did you like it? She laughs and says go to tell. She abuses him. Shubra says what did she say? He says abused like this. Slapped for an anniversary. I told you I met her. Shubra says she’s your mother. Maybe this was her way of showing she misses you. He says you know how she kicked us out. Shubra says she will come to us.

Biji drinks. She says our son left us after the wedding. Cheers darling ji. Her husband is dead. She says I miss you. Shubra gives an anniversary gift to Kuldeep. It’s a tie. He says thank you. Their friends say Kuldeep it’s your turn. You don’t have a gift for your wife? Kuldeep says I am really sorry. I couldn’t get you a gift. Shubra says it’s okay. You don’t have to say sorry. Just one promise. You will spend tomorrow the whole day with us. Kids say lunch, movie, dinner. Rishi says we will go to the water park as well. Kuldeep recalls promising Samaira. He says I have an important meeting. Roli says please. He says the meeting is important. I will come home early. Then lunch, movie, and dinner. Rishi wonders what to do to make their day special.

Scene 2
Rishi draws for them at night. Shubra says kids are very happy. They just slept. Kuldeep pulls her closer and says happy anniversary. She hugs him and says happy anniversary to you too. H says let’s go it. Shubra says just coming. She does the dishes. Shubra comes to the room. Kuldeep is asleep, there are decorations and champagne on the bed. Shubra says my life is all wrapped up in the kitchen and kids. She says sorry Kuldeep. Thank you. sleep.

Rishi gives the drawing to Kuldeep. He says I made it for you two. Kuldeep says wow. There’s Roli’s name on it as well. Rishi says Roli cheating again? They leave for school. Kuldeep hugs Shubra. He says make some promise to me as well. Shubra says I am sorry. We will make today and tonight special. He says I will have to come back early then. She hugs him. Shubra says Sameera is also going with you right? He says Samaira. Shubra recalls Kuldeep being mad at her for keeping her mother’s money.

Scene 3
Roli says to Amul papa is taking us out tonight. Pizza burger, ice cream.

Shubra comes home. She asks if dad is home? She asks him to call her mother out. Their house is huge. Shubra sees their cars and recalls being on bike with Kuldeep. She recalls her dad saying she’s dead for him. Her mom cried. Kuldeep took Shubra from there. Ai kept crying. Aai comes. She says Shubra your dad must be back. If he comes he would be mad. Shubra says it was important. She takes out money. Aai says Kuldeep asked you to return right? If he could take care of his wife and kids, I won’t give you money. It’s been 11 years.

He couldn’t even give you a house and you left your parents for this useless man. Her dad comes in. He sees Shubra. Shubra touches his feet. He steps back. He says to Aai I told you so many times to not let her enter the house. Shubra gets teary. He says to the servant to clean the house with gangajal. Shubra leaves.

Scene 4
Samaira asks did you think about shifting to Mumbai? He says my talent isn’t respected here. Shubra gets upset about me leaving the jobs. I promised her I won’t leave this job for six months. She says as you wish.

Shubra meets her friend. She says my own home became dirty with my own feet? I so want to hug aai baa. I so wish baba calls me and asks how am I? 11 years aren’t less. Baba hasn’t forgiven me. Why does this happen? Why do you have choose between parents and life partner. Kids come back home. Shubra wipes her tears. Rishi sees her crying. She says it’s your anniversary. Are you crying? She says dust went in my eye. I am not crying. Rishi says you look sad. Roli says you can’t keep laughing all the time. Shubra says we have to get ready. Rishi says my mummy will look prettier than heroin in the movie. Rishi says in heart aai is sad. I can sense it.

Scene 1
Roli and Rishi do Shubra’s makeup. She recalls how Kuldeep used to her makeup. She laughed at her face. Rishi shows her the mirror and says ai see here. She says like father like son. She laughs.

Kuldeep says to Samaira Shubra gets upset when I leave job. I told her I won’t leave for next six months. He says poeple like living in cages. How do you stay happy in doing what other people say. She says I only do things I like. He says I wish I could do that. She says how old are you? 32. People double your age summit everst. He says I am going to home. She says I will go tomorrow. You won’t go for one drink? He says kids are waiting. She says what about me? You were my biggest fan in college. One drink for old friendship. He says I won’t be able to stay for long.

Shubra gets ready. Roli says you look so pretty. Keep dupatta on one shoulder. Rishi says no on two. She says I will keep i ton one for some time and one both for other time. She wonders why isn’t Kuldeep home yet. Rishi says papa will come don’t worry.

Kuldeep says lovely wine. She says if we were in pool it would have tasted a lot better. He says I would drown. He says this resort is amazing. she says you know my choice. When you have money things become easier. I believe in making my dreams come true. What did you get for your wife? H says I got this saree. He shows on his phone. She keeps hand on his shoulder. Samaira says why saree? He says I always give her a saree. Samaira says did you ever ask her? Get a saree for her. He says she isn’t like you. She is very traditional. She likes saree, sindur, bangles.

Scene 2
Shubra fills her hairline and recalls what aa ji said. Kids fight over the bangles. Shubra says I will wear both. He says I don’t know if I am happy but I feel that I became hasty in the wedding decision. In that age everyone is Romeo. We were happy. But when house and kids responsibilities fell on my shoulders I realized reality is different. They have a lot of expectations from me. But I have some dreams too. He says I have to go. I am late. Samaira says I also have a surprise for your anniversary. Wait here. I will come. Kuldeep walks and falls in the pool. He drowns and screams for help.

Roli says when will papa come. Rishi says let me call. Roli says I will. She calls but he doesn’t pick. Samaira comes out with a gift and sees him drowning. She swims to save him and takes him out.

Roli says papa isn’t picking call but he will come for sure. I am hide darling princess. But let’s go to park. WE can call papa to come there directly. Samaira says okay. Rishi says thank you I love you mama. Roli says I love her more. Rishi says I love her more. She says ai loves both you the most.

Samaira brings Kuldeep out and says seriously? You don’t know how to swim? He says I told you. She says I won’t be there to save you all the time. Are you okay? He says yes. She says get out now. She laughs. They fall back in the pool. Samaira holds him close. They come very close.

Scene 3
Kids and Shubra keep calling Kuldeep. Shubra says ever pick call on time Kuldeep. He is in bed with Samaira.

Rishi and Roli are fighting over the swing. Roli says you can’t swing fast. He says I can. Shubra says enough of being irresponsible. You don’t care about the anniversary, okay but at least care about kids. Roli says Rishi if you get home before me I will accept you can swing faster than me. They run through the stairs. Shubra is talking to a neighbor. Shubra says I hope Kuldeep isn’t in a problem. He keeps his promise to the kids. Roli stands outside the house and says yayyy. I won. Where is Rishi?

Kuldeep is in bed with Samaira. She is asleep. He sees Shubra’s calls. He sits on the sofa confused. Roli says what happened Rishi? He says you won so I am eating your chips. They fight over chips on stairs. Rishi falls from the stairs. Shubra runs to him and screams. Shubra says RIshi.. She screams and says open your eyes. Sanjana and her husband take him in the car and they rush to the hospital.

Scene 4
Samaira and Kuldeep are in care. They recall what happened in the bed. Kuldeep recalls Shubra saying today and tonight both will be special. Smaiara says it wasn’t planned. It was a weak event. You get emotional. It won’t affect our friendship. Come on. It’s fine with me. HE says I am not fine with it. I had to be with my wife and family on my anniversary. They were waiting for me and I..

Rishi gets his bruise dresses. Sanjana says give him this syrup he will be fine. Shubra says thank you so much. You had to leave your meeting. I was so worried, Kuldeep wasn’t here either. She says that’s what friends are for. Call me if you need anything. Roli says is it really hurting? I am sorry. Shubra says why are you crying? She says Rishi is so hurt. Shubra says he will b fine. He’s brave. And if you feel bad, then promise me you won’t do the same. She says, promise mama. Rishi says it hurts mama. Shubra says you will be fine by morning. She makes both kids sleep. Rishi says stay with me. She says yes I am with you. Roli looks at them. She says mama my head too.

Samaira says I am sorry. I shouldn’t have insisted you for drinks. He says I am not a kid. It’s my fault that I stayed. How will I face Shubra?

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