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Broken Bonds 16 January 2023: Kids and Shubra keep calling Kuldeep. Shubra says ever pick call on time Kuldeep. He is in bed with Samaira.

Rishi and Roli are fighting over the swing. Roli says you can’t swing fast. He says I can. Shubra says enough of being irresponsible. You don’t care about the anniversary, okay but at least care about kids. Roli says Rishi if you get home before me I will accept you can swing faster than me. They run through the stairs. Shubra is talking to a neighbor. Shubra says I hope Kuldeep isn’t in a problem. He keeps his promise to the kids. Roli stands outside the house and says yayyy. I won. Where is Rishi?

Kuldeep is in bed with Samaira. She is asleep. He sees Shubra’s calls. He sits on the sofa confused. Roli says what happened Rishi? He says you won so I am eating your chips. They fight over chips on stairs. Rishi falls from the stairs. Shubra runs to him and screams. Shubra says RIshi.. She screams and says open your eyes. Sanjana and her husband take him in the car and they rush to the hospital.

Scene 4
Samaira and Kuldeep are in care. They recall what happened in the bed. Kuldeep recalls Shubra saying today and tonight both will be special. Smaiara says it wasn’t planned. It was a weak event. You get emotional. It won’t affect our friendship. Come on. It’s fine with me. HE says I am not fine with it. I had to be with my wife and family on my anniversary. They were waiting for me and I..

Rishi gets his bruise dresses. Sanjana says give him this syrup he will be fine. Shubra says thank you so much. You had to leave your meeting. I was so worried, Kuldeep wasn’t here either. She says that’s what friends are for. Call me if you need anything. Roli says is it really hurting? I am sorry. Shubra says why are you crying? She says Rishi is so hurt. Shubra says he will b fine. He’s brave. And if you feel bad, then promise me you won’t do the same. She says, promise mama. Rishi says it hurts mama. Shubra says you will be fine by morning. She makes both kids sleep. Rishi says stay with me. She says yes I am with you. Roli looks at them. She says mama my head too.

Samaira says I am sorry. I shouldn’t have insisted you for drinks. He says I am not a kid. It’s my fault that I stayed. How will I face Shubra?

Shubra tries to make the kids sleep. Roli brings food. Shubra says are you hungry? She says I got it for you mama. You didn’t eat anything. Rishi says yes mama please eat. They all eat together. Shubra says both of you sleep now. She says to Roli brush and sleep now. Kuldeep texts sorry I was stuck in work.

Kuldeep is in car. Samaira says it was a mistake. Forget it. Everything is fine. Shubra is your wife. He says I don’t want to talk about it. She says her anniversary gift. Kuldeep says thanks. She says won’t you invite me for lunch? She says won’t you invite me for lunch? He says after all that happened you shouldn’t be coming to my house. He says in fact me coming to your house will make things better at your place. I am coming to your place even if you don’t invite me.

Kuldeep comes in. Shubra is asleep with the kids. He says Shubra. She says kids just slept. Please go out. Kuldeep recalls what happened with Samaira and his promise to Shubra. He looks at Shubra. Shubra says where were you? I called you so many times. He says I.. She says I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do. Roli and Rishi cried. Rishi fell. And he fainted. I called you so many times. I was so scared. She sobs. She hugs him and cries. Shubra says where were you? Roli and I called you so many times. At least text once. What if something happened to Rishi? How would I forgive myself? What was so important that you couldn’t pick up the call.

Are you okay? He says today.. He stutters. HE says I.. I am fine. I kept my phone aside in work stress. I feel very guilty. But I am here with you. She says but when I needed you the most you weren’t here. He says please don’t cry. I couldn’t see your calls. I am very sorry. She says don’t be sorry to me. Even if you don’t keep a promise you make to me. I understand that there must be some reason. But kids.. They don’t understand. So don’t make a promise to them that you can’t fulfill. I don’t want them to stop trusting their father and you have to say sorry to them. But you don’t understand anything I say these days. I wish you did. I hurts. She leaves.

Rishi says in sleep when will papa come? Papa come.. Shubra caresses him. She says in heart you broke your kids heart. You didn’t do right. This isn’t fair. Samaira texts Kuldeep hope you’re okay. See you tomorrow. He sleeps. Samaira says these husbands.. They can’t tolerate wives for one minute but can’t leave her either.

Scene 2
Kuldeep says good morning. Roli says I am mad at you. Shubra says why are you not ready for school? She says Rishi isn’t ready either. Why don’t you scold him? She says did he go to the washroom before me? Open the door. Shubra says he’s in the room. He won’t go to school he isn’t well. Roli says I will be bored. Can I skip, please? Kuldeep says you can stay home but you will have to do something. She hugs him and says thank you. He says you will take care of Rishi. Serve him food and meds. She says promise.

Kuldeep comes to Rishi’s room and says Rishi take medicine. He turns his face to another side. Kuldeep says you are also mad at papa? Roli says he is also a drama queen. Kuldeep says I am sorry forgive me please. Rishi says say sorry to mama. You have hurt her. Kuldeep says I will for sure, I will hold my ears. But medicine first, please. He gives Rishi medicine. Rishi says now your turn, say sorry to mama. He says yes boss. Rishi says in heart please accept his apology aai. I fear when you both fight.


Kuldeep comes to room. He says time is running out. This madam is mad here and that madam will come here. How do I handle it? How do I tell her. Kuldeep says I convinced kids, you apologize too. Please. I won’t do it intentionally on our anniversary. Tomorrow’s presentation took too long. Samaira has to go back to Mumbai today so we had to complete it. Listen, please. Samaira wanted to meet you and kids. She was insisting so.. Shubra looks at him. He says I invited her for lunch. He says I know it won’t be easy for you Rishi isn’t well. I can tell her not to come. She says when you have invited let her come. Kuldeep says she said she will come. I didn’t her. I will call her. She says someone who invites herself won’t listen to your no. Let her come.

Roli says mama is still mad at papa. Kuldeep picks a rose and gives it to her. He says thanks Shubra. I am really very sorry. Shubra takes it. She says you used to do all this before the wedding. When I was mad you would bring me flowers. How did you recall that? He says nothing. Shubra says to the kids someone is coming today. Samaira aunty, she works with papa. Roli take care of Rishi. Go and clean your room. Kuldeep says you have no problem with Samaira coming here? She says why would I have a problem? Don’t worry. Your guest will be served well. Now go, should I make chicken? He says up to you. Shubra says I will make chicken.

Rishi says to Roli keep my stuff in the right place. She says do it yourself. He says you took off to take care of me. Roli says I won’t. Rishi says let me call Aai. She says I am doing it. She picks his bat. Roli says never mess with me.

Aa ji calls Shubra and says your dad was so mad. But we always wanted to see you happy. Your dad is still of stone but I forgave all your mistakes. Her dad comes. Aa ji says it was Sarita.

Roli says he is making me do so much work. She put shaving foam on his hands and Rishi puts it all over his face. Shubra says why did you do this? The smell is so strong. Samaira says it’s coming out as well. Roli says wow you look like heroin. Samaira hugs Shubra. Shurba says please sit. Shubra says I am coning in a bit. Samaira says to Kuldeep relax. She says to the kids you are both so cute. Kuldeep says he fell. Samaira says are you fine now? Roli says you didn’t ask me. Shubra comes. Samaria says sit Shubra. Meeting you after so wrong. Shubra says you went to Mumbai. Samaira says I roamed around the world. Roli says mama never took us abroad. Samaira says this isn’t fair Kuldeep. She gives gifts to the kids. Roli says dancing doll. Rishi opens new bat. Rishi says I already have a bat. She says if I knew I would bring something else. Let me know. Kuldeep says it’s okay. Roli says I really like your dress. Please teach my mama how to dress as well. You are patakha. Kuldeep says where do you learn all this from? She says you said Samaira aunty is patakha. Roli says I will call you cool aunty.

Samaira says sorry Shubra. I made him busy on your anniversary date. Shubra says we are not a newly married couple. His work is most important for him. She takes the drink and says it has sugar. Kuldeep says I drank yours. Shubra says let me get you another one. She takes Kuldeep’s and says it increases love. Roli spills drink on Samaira. She takes out napkin from her bag and Kuldeep’s tie comes out as well.

Roli says this is papa’s tie. MAma gifted him. Shubra is shocked. She picks it and says is it the same tie? she says sorry shubra cooffee spilled on his tie. He forgot it in office. Shubra says let’s eat. Roshi says my ai is the best cook.

Everyone is at the lunch table. Roli says you can eat on my chair. I will sit with you. Samaira touches Kuldeep’s hand while picking bowl. Shubra holds it. Samaira says you are a pefect host. I really liked coming here. Roli says if you were my mom everyone would be jealous in school. Rishi says ny mama is best. Samaira says no one said anything to your mom. He says I am talking to my sister. Kuldeep says that’s not how you talk to elders Rishi. Samaira says I have to go now. Kuldeep says I will see you off.

Samaira says to Kuldeep you have such a good family. what are you worried about? THink about my offer. I will remove this stress from your head. She hugs him. Shubra looks at them.

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