Bridal Material update Tuesday 21 June 2022


Bridal Material 21 June 2022: Dolly goes to meet temple lady and seek her help. She looks into her red book and says Meera’s problems are because of Vivan, he is threat for her life. Dolly says she must be mistaken. Lady shouts her red book does not lie. On the other side, doctor’s son runs around Vivan and holds his hand. Vivan’s hand turns red with blood from his hand injury. Lady asks Dolly to keep Meera away from Vivan if she wants to see Meera alive.

Meera hears door bell, walks till door holding walls and opens door. She calls Vivan and does not find anyone. She senses flower bouquet and picks it. Vivan enters and gets closer to her. She says she wants to feel good every time the way she is feeling now. They both get romantic. Mile Jo Tum Humko bade naseebon se….song..plays in the background. Vivan gets intimate with her, and she shies. She then realizes it was her imagination.

Sunny reaches outside house, gets out of car and laughs that Meera is habituated to win always, now he will defeat her. He walks in laughing..

Sunny enters Meera’s house. Meera thinks Vivan came and smilingly walks holding walls, shyingly says she decorated room for him and hopes he likes it. Sunny walks near her. She smells alcohol and asks if he is drunk. Sunny speaks. She panics and asks why did he come. He slaps her and shouts not to speak. He drags her away. She pleads to leaver her and go away.

Power goes off. Meera finds vase and breaks it on Sunny’s head. Sunny stands bleeding. She runs to room and locks door. Sunny knocks door. Meera searches mobile on bed, finds it and thinks how to call Vivan, prays god to help her. Sunny walks in breaking door. Vivan on the other side tells his doctor friend, he will leave now, they should let him speak to eye donor once. Doctor says donor has one condition. Vivan asks what is the condition. He gets call and hears Meera pleading him to save her and pleading Sunny to go away. He runs toward home.


Sunny molests Meera again. Meera warns him to go away, else she will punish him. He asks to try then. She picks something and hits him repeatedly. He falls down. She hits him repeatedly saying she warned him not to mess with her. He overpowers again and drags her down again. Vivan reaches home. Meera hears his voice and runs to him. Sunny stands shocked. Vivan slaps him shouting how dare he is to harm Meera. Police comes and holds him. Family also reaches. Police drags Sunny away. Sunny says this is just trailer and picture is still remaining.

Vivan hugs Meera and asks if she is fine and asks her parents how can they leave Meera alone. Dolly says they went to temple to pray for them on Meera’s insistence. Meera says she does not want to bind them. Vivan says he likes to be around her, what if something had happened to her. She says nothing will happen to her until he is with her. He says he got a good news, nothing will happen to her even if she is alone.

Doctor tells his wife if they should inform Vivan that Meera will get eyes of suicide case. Vivan informs Dolly and Amar that he got an eye donor for Meera. They get happy. Dolly thinks her prayers are fulfilled so soon.

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