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Bridal Material 22 June 2022: Vivan informs Meera that he found an eye donor for her. Meera says donor is so kind and god-send’s angel for her, she wanted to meet her one. Vivan says donor’s sister has sent a gift box for her and goes away for some work. Meera feels donor’s items in box, his scarf, watch and photo and thinks she will see his photo tomorrow.

Dolly brings milk for her. Vivan returns and asks if she checked her gifts. Meera holding donor’s photo says she will see donor’s face after seeing Vivan’s face tomorrow after surgery. Vivan says even he wants to see donor’s face and extends hand to pick photo when photo flies away. They hear dog crying. Dolly says it is inauspicious/abshagun. Vivan asks Meera to take rest now and leaves.

Next morning, Vivan returns to Meera’s room with tea and says they will meet donor’s sister tonight before her surgery. Doctor calls him and informs that donor’s sister is going out of city, so if he can meet her right now. Vivan informs Meera. Meera says she will go to hospital with her parents and anyways there will series of presurgery tests, so he can meet donor’s sister and return before her surgery starts. She asks to return donor’s items to donor’s sister.

Vivan drives car to meet donor’s sister. Doctor calls and informs that donor’s sister already left and will meet him some other time. Vivan calls Meera and informs that he is returning to hospital. He checks donor’s items and reminisces to gifting it to a girl. He then finds photos and panics this cannot happen and he should stop surgery. He speeds car towars hospital, but gets stuck in a traffic jam, asks inspetor what is happening.

Inspector informs a bridge has collapsed and vehicles cannot move ahead. In hospital, doctor checks Meera and takes her to OT. Meera says she wants to see Vivan’s face first after bandage is opened. Vivan runs towards hospital thinking his past cannot haunt him. Meera’s surgery starts, her BP raises. Doctor says normally this does not happen during surgery. Dolly prays god that Meera’s operation should finish without any hurdles.

Vivan reaches hospital. Doctor finishes surgery and congratulates Meera. Vivan meets Dolly and asks where is Meera. Dolly says she is in OT. Doctor comes out of OT and informs surgery was successful. After sometime, doctors remove Meera’s bandage. Meera excitedly waits to see Vivan’s family and panics that she cannot see anything. Doctor checks her eyes and says her eyes are fine and sometimes it takes time for eyes to recover. Meera falls asleep and dreams about a man entering holding gun and shooting her. She wakes up from sleep panicked and shouts she saw someone holding gun and shooting her. Family assures no one is here, but she continues panicking. Doctor asks her to close her eyes and slowly open them.

She closes and opens eyes and gets happy seeing Vivan in front of her, says she will also meet donor’s sister. Vivan thinks his past cannot haunt him via Meera again.

Dolly walks out of hospital holding umbrella under rain when she sees temple woman there and reminisces woman warning that Vivan is a threat for Meera’s life. Vivan also notices her and gets into car with Meera. Meera asks where are her parents. He says they are preparing for her welcome at home. Woman stands and notices them, looking tensed. Vivan drives car. Meera speaks to him, but he doe snot reply. She plays music. He holds her hand and says he was waiting to take his wife home holding her hand. He plays next song Dekho He gets her out of car and sees Meera enjoying rain. He gets romantic and pulls hr towards him. She shies. He gets intimate… Vivan realizes it is his imagination. Meera leans on his shoulder. He sits nervously smiling at her.

Meera sees dilapadated house on the way and shouts at Vivan to stop car, there is someone in that house. Vivan asks if there is ghost there, laughs and says there is no one there. He continues that her mind is racing staying away from him, she has gone kamli/mad and thinks old house as haunted house, with him this haunted house will look like a cool villa. She sees him sweating and asks what happened to him now.


In jail, Sunny’s inmate taunts him how did he come here. Sunny yells he will not spare Vivan Kapoor. Man asks what did he he says, he is also in jail because of Vivan who is enjoying outside with his wife. Sunny says it is Meera. Man says Vivan is married to Paromita who loves her immensely. Sunny thinks he found a muse to harm Vivan.

Meera reaches home with Vivan and sees a man wearing overcoat and hat walking towards her room. She walks behind him and searches him. Man comes in front holding gun and shoots her. She gets afraid. Man removes can and reveals he is Amar. Amar greets her welcome home.. Meera then prays god for returning Vivan in her life. Vivan sees her praying and hopes his past does not haunt hi and Meera. Tujhme Rab Dikhta hai…song..plays in the background.

Dolly meets temple woman who does pooja on her red book and says there is no change from last time, jodis are made in heaven and revealed on earth, over time Meera’s problems will increase. Dolly prays Matarani to protect her daughter as she does not know what sin Vivan did that Meera will suffer, Matarani should protect both Vivan and Meera.

Vivan looking at Meera thinks he did some good deed in last life that he got Meera, but is afraid he may lose Meera after she knows truth. Meeera thanks god for getting things back on track. She turns and smiles at Vivan. Tea boils. Vivan runs and switches off gas. He then hugs her.. Sona Sona itna bhi kaise tu…plays in the background. Meera shies and asks what if someone comes. He says let them come, nobody can separate them now.

He kisses her cheek while she shies more. They part ways seeing Amar walking in. Amar says Meera should not go near fire. Vivan says he will prepare breakfast then and reminds Amar that he tasted his food in Pind. Amar says fine and leaves. Meera asks Vivan to give knife. He gives her knife. She holds knife and imagines a girl sitting on chair and looking at her.

Meera holding knife imagines a girl being shot dead and panics. Vivan shakes her and says she is in her own house and calms her down. Dolly meets temple lady who asks her damad’s name. Dolly says Vivan. Temple lady asks to bring Vivan’s watch for her. Back at home, Vivan pampers Meera and makes her sleep.

Meera dreams of a man wearing hat, overcoat, etc., and walking to her room and shooting her. She wakes up panicked. Vivan rushes to her. She says she saw same hat and overcoat wearing man who shot her again. Vivan says usually they give shock therapy after eye surgery, it is normal, she need not worry. He then thinks he needs to hide hat and overcoat soon.

Dolly steals Vivan’s watch, apologizing god that she has to do this to save her daughter and damad. She reaches temple and is shocked to see temple woman lying on floor in a pool of blood stabbed by someone. Lady says he had come and stabbed her and says her guruma will come in 2 days, she can meet her and find out solution to save her daughter. A man enters temple silently.

Meera walks to Amar and asks where did he fight that hat and overcoat. He says he borrowed it from Dhingra and they get those items in nearby market. Meera reaches market and asks shop owner if he sells this kind of hat and overcoat. Shop owner says yes, someone had bought this hat and returned it just sometime ago. Meera asks to give customer’s address and thinks she will find out who is the murderer who killed that girl in dream

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