Blue venom girl update Monday 7 February 2022


Blue venom girl 7 February 2022: Apu telling Malay that she saved him like any other person. He asks if she does not love him. She says no and runs to her room. Mittal family is shocked to see Dev coming out of Kalpana’s house. He silently walks home. Kalpana smirks at Nandita and closes door. She runs to Apu’s room and Apu says she cannot harm Malay to take revenge from his family.Malay reaches home. Nandita comes behind shouting he is trying to marry a girl whose family is not even worth having food with them, he is Mittal family’s legal heir and cannot marry low class girl.

Apu continues crying. Kalpana asks her to calm down. Apu says how can she when she is not her mother and he mother is paralyzed since many years, when she thought she was ill, she had some hope at least.Nandita continues shouting at Malay that she will not let him marry Apu and ruin family name. Malay reminisces meeting Apu first time and walks towards his room. Nandita continues shouting and murmurs she should not let her take her original form. Kumkum says Kalpana and her done have done black magic on Malay and she will call baba for pooja.Kalpana sitting on rocking chair reminisces Apu’s words and Didi bhai’s accident. Dida comes and asks her why is she tensed. Kalpana says nothing and asks where is Tapur. Dida says she left Tapur with her friends and asks again what happened. Kalpana says she told truth to Apu. Dida says that means Apu knows she is vishkanya and looking at her face it seems Apu spoilt her plan. Apu does not know anything about revenge as she got only love since childhood. She should accept Apu’s decision as god’s decision.

Malay looks at Apu’s room and sees ehr peeping from window. Saans albeli…song…plays in the background. Apu hides. He feels sad.In the morning, Malay says he is fine and will not participate in any pooja, why don’t she accept that he loves Apu and not under black magic’s influence. Abhi informs htat pandit came. Nandita asks him to get Malay ready and bring him down. He asks why he. She says when he can hide Malay’s secrets, why can’t he now.Pandit enters home and Kumkum greets him. He starts his drama and asks her to bring Malay for pooja. Malay sends Abhi out and locks door. Baba says he needs Malay’s cloth and performs pooja keeping Malay’s kurta in front. Kalpana also does poojat at her home. Kumkum angrily closes window. Pandit finishes pooja and says evil spirits will not enter this house. Nandita gives him money and thanks him. Kumkum turns and is shocked to see Kalpand and Apu. She tells Nandita that their pooja failed. Nandita warns Kalpana not to enter in. Kalpanasays these words are not spoken at door. She asks if she wants to do black magic again.

Kalpana shows sweets and says she has fixed Apu’s marriage. Malay stands in a shock hearing this.Kalpana telling Mittal family that she has fixed Malay’s marriage. Apu shockingly asks what.. Kalpana says yes and her engagement is after 3 days. Malay stands in a shocked. Nandita asks if it is her trick. Kalpana says if it is, then she can hang her. She invites them all for engagement and asks Malay not to come to her house like he comes hiding now as Apu is someone else’s gift now. She laughs and takes Apu home. Kumkum gives more money to poojari and says his pooja worked and nagin herself is going away. Nandita thinks how canDida asks Kalpana what did she do nnow. Kalpana says she realized Apu need not sacrifice to take revenge from Mittals and says now Malay himself will destroy Mittal family. He will do anything to marry Apu now.

Malay tensely plays with ball at home. He enters Apu’s room and she aks why did he come. He holds her and says he knows she loves him, but is denying. She says she does not love him. He says he can see love for him in her eyes. She says no. He comes down and Kalpana asks why did he come here even after her warning not to meet Apu. During conversation, Kalpana purposefully slips holding Malay and asks why did he push her. Apu slaps him and shouts how dare he is to push her mom and asks him to get out. Malay goes home and tells Nanita that he is ready for marriage and she can select any girl of her choice. Kumkum says it is a good news and she will bring sweets. Malay says he has 1 condition that his engagement should happen within 3 days before Apu’s engagement.

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